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People in our community play different roles - readers, writers, betas, lurkers, mods - and it seems that tensions arise sometimes without our really thinking about them. We all love pilots and enjoy this comm, or we wouldn’t be here, and I think we all want this to be a welcoming, inclusive place. So today, I’m declaring this a safe space to talk about these issues.[Poll #1849710]

And then some questions: how did you chose how to identify yourself? Has it changed over the course of your time here? Do you see one POV or another as dominant in our conversations? Are there other kinds of conversations or POVs you’d like to see us include more of?

(Hopefully it doesn’t need to be said, but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS are allowed during this conversation.)
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So, in about 15 minutes (more or less) we are scheduled to watch The Farm. Since in the last weeks there was a very low interest in these rewatches I decided to do a poll concerning them. The question is[Poll #1836980]

Depending on the results I'm going to consult with the people in charge and decide what we're doing from next week

And because I made you work, I'm leaving you some pics. We have Kara (not really dressed but that's usually a good thing) and a very shocked Lee (even of he doesn't know the reason for Kara's lack of shirt)

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Pardon this slight interruption to your regularly scheduled programming...

A while back I was thinking about the fact that most pilots fic these days seems to be either really short stuff (up to 5000 words: comment fic and one-shots) or long stuff (50,000 words and up: ongoing multi-chapter WIPs) and what we're lacking is the medium stuff of about 10,000 to 50,000 words.

Hence I'd like to propose we have a Medium Bang--similar to the fandom Big Bangs but on the smaller scale of that 10-50K range! So who's interested? We could also have an artwork component, if there was enough interest, and/or a theme or a prompt component? Any ideas? Put em in the comments!

[Poll #1768647]
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Greetings and salutations, 'shipper nation! This is Amy, known on your internets as [Poll #1639725]Feel free to use the comments of this post to debate the merits of a do-over (seasons 4.0/4.5? They don't exist) versus the completionist watch-the-rest-of-the-series-because-even-bad-endings-matter POV. Or anything else rewatch-related you want to bring to the table.
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Hi, all. Just a quick mention that the rewatch is tonight. I did see [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper's post this morning, though, and figured I should ask what you guys WANT to watch tonight. We don't want anyone out on a ledge!

Please only vote if you think you might be able to join us. Thanks!

[Poll #1607556]
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Hi everyone!!

I know that there's many of you that will be going to D*Con this year, but I'm broke and can only go as far as I can drive....which means Comic Con!!!!

This poll is for anyone here who will be there too.....

[Poll #1589966]
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Hi Everyone!

It's been nearly three months of the DPP here at No Takebacks and I thought maybe it was time to do a little check-in on how we're feeling. Everyone's been doing such a fantastic and creative job conducting the train, and we have our schedule filled to the end of September for more great posts. But it can be difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas for each day, and I thought it might be nice to give our future DPP drivers some feedback on what things will keep participation and enjoyment levels high. Some days maybe a pretty pic of kissing pilots is all we need, other days a long analysis about the thousands of reasons why they were eternal, epic soulmates is just what Doc Cottle ordered.

I don't know about y'all but BSG content and Pilots posts are pretty fleeting on my flist these days, so it's nice to know we have this comm to look forward to every day. However, I don't want anyone to feel burned out by it, as it would be great to keep this going a long time. So please respond to the poll, but also more importantly share your thoughts in the comments about how you'd like the DPP to develop!! Thanks!

[Poll #1578020]
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Wednesday is POLL DAY!

[Poll #1545480]

(The word "undies" was supposed to be stricken out. Frakkin' LJ won't let me edit the poll)

Btw, thanks for the awesome contribution to yesterday's post. You rock, people! ♥
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So, there was some talk in [Poll #1502473][Poll #1502473]

It was supposed to have something struck out and it didn't do it. BAD LJ. NO SOUP FOR YOU.


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