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Alright dudes.  Apparently you all like discussing You Can't Go Home Again and/or the show's wonky timeline.  But for our next installment we'll be returning to my all-time favorite episode (I don't care if it's a two-parter, it still counts as one).  You Can't Go Home Again may be my most-watched, but this one is my desert island pick.  That's right, we're talking about KOBOL'S LAST GLEAMING.

Kara: Do you want something from me?
Lee: Not a thing.
Kara: Because I don't owe you anything.
Lee: No you don't owe me anything. Because I'm just a CAG and you're just a pilot. A pilot who can't keep her pants on. Oh, it's just like old times, Kara. Like when you got drunk and you couldn't keep your hands off the major--
Lee: Why'd you do it, Kara? Just tell me why.
Kara: Because I'm a screw-up, Lee. Try to keep that in mind.

"Would you miss me?" )
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Greetings friends, Romans, and fellow shippers. For the DPP this week, we'll be doing something a bit laid-back (that's how I roll). Lately, I've been engaging in some serious nostalgia. Now that we've just finished the first official shipper rewatch on this, the shipper rewatch comm, I thought we might take the time to just reflect and appreciate some of the fine episodes in this very fine show.

We talk about fanon a lot around here (and many of us tend to live there these days) which is all well and good, but this week we're going CANON-COMPLIANT. For the most part, anyway. Slight deviations are allowed. So here's the sitrep: every day will be dedicated to a certain episode or arc. I have chosen seven (at least one from each season) that I like a lot. Hopefully, you all like them too! So each day I will post a bit about the episode--some pictures, a video, quote or two, you know--along with a fic rec and maybe even some other fun stuff if we get really crazy.

[I do have episodes planned for the rest of the week, but they're not set in stone so let me know if there's one you REALLY want to talk about.]

Today we begin with one of my all-time favorites, YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN. 

Lee: I need to know something: Why did you do this? Why did we do this? Is it for Kara? For Zak? For what?
Adama: Kara was family.  You do whatever you have to do.  Sometimes you break the rules.
Lee: And if it was me down there instead?
Adama: You don't have to ask that.
Lee: Are you sure?
Adama: If it were you, we'd never leave.

"This thing is flying with some serious attitude." )
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Hiya Shipper Nation!! Thanks for the great turn-out at yesterday's friending meme. Please continue to drop by the party over there. The punch and pie runneth over and we have awesome people in this fandom.

Today I've got a matching game planned.

Read more... )

ETA: Word List, 2 words per episode: zip and unlogged, sparring and boom, solo and cockroaches, flaws and radical, smarts and cliche, mark and drugs, receipt and dipstick, pomp and drink, soft seal and transponder thing, wrists and hygiene, fireworks and tunnel, dilemma and sweat, super-secret and project, been and thousandth

***Flaws, smarts, and dilemma were the only ones from the first list that no one has figured out yet, so I will add some context.  "Flaws" is Kara to Tigh, "Smarts" is Lee to Kara, "Dilemma" is Kara and your hint is that if I tell you to whom it was said, you will all get it immediately.***
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I have had sooo much fun the past few days and have been excited to see and read everyone's contributions to the DPP.

The SitRep:

99 Bottles of Ambrosia: We're stopped at 85 and almost to the drunk and sloppy finish line. C'mon and have a bottle!
Wedding Bells: Have you check out the pilot's wedding registry at the IKEA ship? If not, you should!
Marital Bliss and an Unexpected Note: Pilots honeymooning, noise complaints, Kara in hack (again), Lee to her rescue and Papadama making sure the fleet's best assets give him some peace. Gotta read this one, folks.
It Was Only A Matter of Time: Pilots having adorable babies and a strong need for BABY!FIC. SOMEONE WRITE SOME BABY!COMMENT!FIC please!

Today, we're gonna let the cracky goodness bubble along while we think music. There have been a lot of posts related to pilots songs, but I've decided that I need a definitive No Takebacks Pilot Mixtape and I need your help to make one.

What songs to you want on the No Takebacks Pilot Mixtape? )
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Hi you all fellow K/L shippers! I know it is a little bit late, the season one rewatch is already over! But it’s never late to share some pilot!love and bask in their S1 cuteness, hotness and general awesomeness. So I made a season one kara/lee picspam/wrap-up post full of pilot!love because… well:
1) S1 pilots are too wonderful and hot and adorable for words.
2) Their prettiness and beyond obscene chemistry is... guh. I could drool over their pictures all day.
3) I miss them SO MUCH it hurts.
4) I can’t get over them, it is humanly impossible for a gal like me to find a more compelling 'ship.
5) In conclusion, Kara/Lee is the OTP of the OTPs. They owe my heart and always will. Period :)

By the way, I intended to post this here on [livejournal.com profile] no_takebacks , but the thing ended up being huge and I posted it on my LJ instead. Anyways, you are welcome to come and share the love!!! :D :D

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Hey, everyone! Hope you've been enjoying the recs. To make life a little easier, I thought I'd post a roundup of all the fic rec posts for Season 1, as well as a few recs that were either hard to classify as associated with any particular ep or that spanned the whole season.

Season 1 fic rec links )

Bonus recs )
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Well, another week down, and with it, another ep. KLGII marked the first of what we all know was far too many hours without our favorite pilots sharing the screen. Still, the rewatch Monday night was lots of fun (as always), and a few of our fandom's lovely writers even entertained us with some great AU Kara/Lee comment!fic. I only hope that continues as we launch into S2 next week.

Anyway, until then, have some fic recs. :)

Plan B by [livejournal.com profile] taragel (rewatch afterparty comment!fic)

Make It Your Best Lie by [livejournal.com profile] bantha_fodder and [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust

A Year Without Lights by [livejournal.com profile] daygloparker

You in the Air by [livejournal.com profile] elly427

...And why does it always seem to be the case that I can think of tons of fic relating to an ep--right up until I need to rec it? Ha ha, oh well, what can you do. Please do add your own favorites to the list!
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All right, y'all, it’s past time I got this particular post off the ground. KLGI and II sparked a crazy amount of fic, as season finales are wont to do, so let’s show our appreciation for all those marvelous stories (and their authors) by reccing the hell out of them now, shall we? This week's post is focused more on what we learn in KLGI specifically, but if you've got a KLGII fic you're dying to rec, go for it--the lines can be pretty blurry, I know.

Course Correction by [livejournal.com profile] elzed

Overheard by [livejournal.com profile] leda13

The Strange Dividends of Parapraxis by [livejournal.com profile] daphnaea

Terms by [livejournal.com profile] sloanesomething (warning: the dark and twisty angst is strong with this one)

Burning Driftwood by [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust (This one actually doesn't contain any spoilers, but I think it fits well into the post-Leegasm time period)

Music in the Sun by [livejournal.com profile] voleuse (50 sentences)

Lists by [livejournal.com profile] elly427 (another spoiler-less fic, but one I again think fits well here--and hey, PWP is worth a rec anytime, yeah?)

And that's all I got, at least for now. Undoubtedly I've missed a billion awesome fics, so as usual, please feel free to add to the list!

Until next week... :)
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I made a picspam of two lovely Pilot scenes from Colonial Day a while ago and since we rewatched the episode this week, I thought it'd be a good idea to post it. ;)

Colonial parties, hygiene problems and once in a lifetime opportunities in...

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I know I'm jumping the gun a bit here, since we haven't even re-watched the ep yet, but guys--it's Colonial Day!!! Arguably the kindest episode to Kara/Lee and pilots shippers, and definitely one of those episodes that sparked a ton of great fic. So before joining in on the rewatch liveblog tonight (10pm EST--you know you want to be there!), please feel free to help me get the party started early by recommending your favorite Colonial Day Kara/Lee fic here! The goal of these posts is to create as comprehensive a list as possible of fics relating in some way to each episode as a sort of archive, so all recs are welcome.

I have read *so many* amazing stories set in this time period, but here's a sampling (mainly snerched from [livejournal.com profile] whatimages's rec list, actually, because wow is it a good one):

Colonial Day
A Tyrant Spell , by [livejournal.com profile] voleuse, and their sequels Steal a Flowering Branch and The Sea Circle

Not Frakking by [livejournal.com profile] somewhereapart

Clean by [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon

Lips That Would Kiss by [livejournal.com profile] plumunited

Colonial Day/KLG speculation
Only Words by [livejournal.com profile] carricksdoor

Post-Colonial Day and/or Pre-KLGI
Contrecoup by [livejournal.com profile] mercurial_wit (aka [livejournal.com profile] fahye)

Battle Tactics by [livejournal.com profile] misdeed

A Garden Enclosed by [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon

One more note: After the rewatch of KLGII wraps up, expect a S1 roundup post with links to the fic rec posts for each episode. I figure that might be handy. :)
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 Ok, kids, we're 3 minutes away.  Synchronize your DVD's.......
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Ok, y'all-- I fail at keeping up with the rewatch lately... but GUESS WHAT?  WE'RE BACK ON, MY FRIENDS!!!  Below is a picspam live blog of one of the less exciting episodes, Litmus.  (Definitely not exciting from a shippy perspective...)

To the rewatch!!! )
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Hi, everyone! Sorry this post is coming at you a bit late, but let's get rec'ing! After all, there are lots of great fics set during or after AoC/YCGHA (or at least featuring spoilers from the eps).

So, to just get us started:

The recs )

And now, please do rec your own favorites!

Also: As I come across them, I do go back and add fics relating to previous eps to the lists. So if you think of any yourselves, or are just looking for more fic to read, be sure to check out those fic rec threads again. :)


Aug. 8th, 2009 03:29 pm
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A while back I made some picspams of Act of Contrition and You Can't Go Home Again (with a bit of Six Degrees of Separation).

You can check them out here and here if you'd like to. ;)
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Hello everybody! So this is the double post I promised. In the end, it’s turned out to be a little bit dense, wordy and meta-ish (what a surprise!). But don’t worry, I have included all the pilot cuteness you are looking forward to, and some pretty pretty pics of our favorite duo. I am leaving on vacation tomorrow, so maybe it will take me a little while to answer your comments… I’ll do it as soon as possible though. But please, don’t hesitate and discuss! This arc is one of my favorites for many many reasons, and I’d love to read your insights :). So... Let's get started!

“Act of Contrition”
and “You Can’t Go Home Again” is the sort of story arc that set BSG apart from other sci-fi TV shows, and two of the best episodes of S1—especially the first one. It is, in short, a wrenching and intimate character drama about people we come to genuine care about and empathize with. This is also the episode that made me definitely fall for Kara Thrace. Until that moment, we’d met Starbuck the maverick pilot, with all her rough edges, smirks and bravados. AoC portrays a full-fledged human being and shows us the first real glimpse of Kara, the woman hidden behind that hotshot pilot with such a peculiar nickname.


You are the worst CAG in the history of CAGs... )
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After that wonderful Bamcep picspam, fic almost feels like a letdown...almost.  Here is another  story from the lovely hackaddict that takes off from Bastille Day.  I know there are others referencing this episode out there and thrace_adama is also searching the archives, so check back for updates!

Timing is Everything by hackaddict

This fic goes AU immediately after Kara takes the shot on the Astral Queen.  Instead of just missing Zarek, she accidentally shoots Lee instead (gasp!).  He lives, but as a result is unable to fly (double gasp!).  Lots of angst and emotions for our pilots to resolve in this one.
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Hello Pilot lovers! I'm helping out with the picspam this week. ;) I'm so sorry for being so late. My brain wasn't (isn't) working as it should, I wish I had been able to come up with something better.

Bastille Day is full of arm!porn, which turned out to be a focal point. And don't expect much seriousness, you won't find it. ;P

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Please for give my tardiness, y'all. RL has been off the charts insane this week, and I haven't had time to devote to the meta-poetry-fic. Instead, I'm pulling a page from the eighth-grade playbook and throwing out some discussion questions.  I love this episode for many, many reasons.  (Not the least of which is the one we're looking at below.)



To the discussion!!! )
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Stories that specifically reference this episode are had to come by, but here's a good one by hackaddict, who has written a variation of every story under the sun (yay!).  

Possibility: Quarantine

Kara impetuously drinks a sample of the water that Boomer found before it was tested, and Lee grabs it from her and drinks the rest so she doesn't finish it.  Both of our dear pilots end up getting sick and stuck in quarantine together, which means lots of time for them to have all kinds of 'the talk' -- about Zak, about their relationship, and about guilt and blame. It waxes pretty metaphysical and is a great window into Kara and Lee's early mindset about each other.  My favorite line is Kara's to Lee: "I wouldn’t die for you, Lee, because I’m too busy living for you.”
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Ok, y'all, I tried really hard to bring the thinky thoughts this week, but sadly, I am coming up short.  The lack of pilots in this ep leaves me a wee bit uninspired.  So in the immortal words of my co-conspirator, Tara, when in doubt, bring the funny.

Here there be silliness!!! )


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