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Tonight is the rewatch of the Miniseries, we'll start right around 9pm, so don't be late.

It's all about remembering when we first started falling in love with this great series and also Lee and Kara, Apollo and Starbuck.

We can chat right in this thread, or we can chat on Twitter, whatever everyone prefers.

Should be lots of fun haven't seen the miniseries in a few years.
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There is definitely some interest in the Mini Series rewatch. Now the trick is figure out when to have it. Also I'm wondering do we want to do a one night rewatch of entire Miniseries or do we want to break it in half, like it was done originally.

I want to do it on December 8th and maybe the 9th if we want to split the miniseries in half.  I've put up a couple of polls to get a feel for when people want to do it. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments section.

December 8th is next Sunday. So I put up times throughout prime time on Sunday night. Also post in comments to let me know if there is more than one time you'd want to watch it. Let's see if we can get some kind of consensus.

[Poll #1945918]
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We are quickly coming up on the 10th Anniversary of the Mini Series (Can you believe it?). It originally aired on December 8th and 9th in 2003 on Syfy.

I was just thinking maybe we could do a rewatch of the Miniseries right on the day of the anniversary? Falls on a Sunday night, Monday night, so that may be feasible.

Just floating this out there to see if there is any interest on here, if so then we could nail down the details.

Minseries was awesome, and I think it's 10th anniversary should be remembered.
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Less than 1 hour to the rewatch of UB. 

I really hope you join us. Beer or stuff and tssues are always welcomed at this so please come prepared.

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Useful information:
- We will use this thread starting with this episode
- Today we are scheduled to rewatch Torn and A measure of salvation
- Starting hour for today - 7 pm GMT
- If somebody wants to join us leave me a DM and I'll add you to the circle of discussion regarding the next rewatch.
- If everything runs ok in 2 weeks we'll do Unfinished Bussiness. I guess that this will be the episode that might interest most people so .....

So, it's time for angsty pilots

And because on the last thread I was lazy and didn't had pics and because we do have to have our little pleasures...
and even Kara approves
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Less then 30 minutes before Season 3. Will not mention  the part about being almost a week late :) 

Too hot for me to be able to go and look for pics - maybe later. 

p.s. When you are here just give a sign. 
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About 15 minutes until LDYB. Because of the lack of pilots we decided to skip Downloaded and jump directly to the end of S2. So, this is it. I tried to find a happy, shippy pic from these episodes and I failed. So, you will have to deal with only having these two.

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About 20 minutes until his week's rewatch. As always everybody is welcome to join us. I promise you that we are friendly and a little (more) chatty.

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As I was saying last week our schedule is a little strange these days. And because we are a tiny bit behind it we will watch Scar. Please come join us in a couple of minutes.

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Hi guys, after a short break in schedule (which I admit was due to my crazy RL) we are back with the rewatch.

Tonight (at the usual hour - in about 20 minutes) we'll try to watch Epiphanies and Black Market.

On another news, since we are a very small group of people still doing this usually the discussion about the details of every rewatch is done through DMs. So, if anybody wants to sort of be added to this discussion group  just leave a message here and next time we'll ask you too if the date/hour works.


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Ok folks, I have to admit that I'm to blame for missing the rewatch on Saturday. Or to be honest my internet being dead. So, we postponed it until today. Anybody who wants to join us for Ressurenction Ship 2 (and maybe Epiphanies) is welcomed.

Since this is done in a sort of a hurry I'll skip the pics. (Probably will add them later).
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Half and hour and then it's time for


and of course it's always time for

p.s. sorry for last week.
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About 30 minutes for Flight Of The Phoenix.
As per usual I'll leave you until then with a couple of pics. Be sure to get your DVDs and be ready to press play.

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So, in 30 minutes it's time for Final Cut. By now I should be in my hotel room in Graz -hopefully their wifi is really working and I'm online and  ready to watch with you. If not I hope that you enjoy it also for me.

Until then I'm leaving you with some more pics because - WHY NOT?

and of course

ETA: I managed to get to my hotel - it's raining like crazy here and I only have high heels and suits for the conference not gear for this BUT I seem to have a pretty decent internet connection and I'll be present for the rewatch. Who is joining me?
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Ok - if this works (and I have no reason to believe otherwise, in 6 hours it's time for Final Cut aka episode 8 of season 2. Personally, at this hour I'm probably in some train in between Vienna and Graz. I hope to be there for the rewatch because who wants to miss this

Read more... )
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Ok, as I was saying you earlier by the time that this is posted I'm at a wedding so I will not join in. BUT that doesn't mean that we don't get to enjoy the great-great double episode HOME.

Now, I'll leave you with a couple more pics and the promise that I'll at least try to come back 2-3 minutes before the rewatch to jump start the thread. Btw, this post is supposed to become active 30 minutes before the rewatch.

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In less than 6 hours we (actually only you because I'll be at a wedding) will get to rewatch the great double episode that is HOME.

In other news, after the poll last week from the 5 votes we got 3 to leave it as it is and 1 to keep it but maybe at a different hour. I apologize to that person that I didn't got the time this week to discuss a more apropriate hour. I promise to do that before next week and have another poll with as possible change of hour. I'll add that because of time zones and stuff I can't move it later (it starts at 11 pm on my local time as it is). Without further words (but a lot of envy) I'll leave you with a pic.

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Apologies for my tardiness, work is a bear today!

This is your rewatch post for Home parts 1 and 2! Two hours (less commercials) of high quality pilot viewing. Go for it!
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So, in about 15 minutes (more or less) we are scheduled to watch The Farm. Since in the last weeks there was a very low interest in these rewatches I decided to do a poll concerning them. The question is[Poll #1836980]

Depending on the results I'm going to consult with the people in charge and decide what we're doing from next week

And because I made you work, I'm leaving you some pics. We have Kara (not really dressed but that's usually a good thing) and a very shocked Lee (even of he doesn't know the reason for Kara's lack of shirt)

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In about 4 hours and some change we'll try to rewatch episode 5 of season 2  - The Farm. I say we'll try because in the last couple of weeks it was kind of tricky with everybody's schedules not matching and all. Because some crazy RL stuff I'll have to apologize and leave this post picture-less for the time being.

I hope you will be there for this one!


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