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Okay, so we know about geeking out, we know about the fan tracks, we know about the costumes, now we just need to put it all together.

Go forth and write me con fic!

Leave a prompt!

Link to an old con fic!
(no, really. There's one out there and I can't for the life of me remember what it's called)
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Good job guessing yesterday y'all! Today, I thought it might be fun if we took a look at some recent headlines that included the words "Starbuck(s)", "Apollo" and "fra(c)king" and repurposed them as pertaining to our pilots. :D

For example, of the prompts below, Starbuck turning into a tech company, could lead to a story about Starbuck being a cylon. :D It may take a bit of a twisted mind and some ingenuity to make some of these fit, but I thought it'd be fun to see what discussions, fic prompts, graphics or actually ficlets you might come up with based on these. Bonus points if you actually use additional details beyond the headlines from each news story as well! Feel free to find and link your own news articles that would make good pilot tales/discussion as well!

Is Starbuck Quietly Turning into a Tech Company?

Starbuck Given Year of Probation

How Starbuck Got Its Name

Starbuck to open first tea shop in Washington

Canadian hit Starbuck to open Munich Film Festival

Sandusky House Director Starbuck to Speak at Civil War Roundtable

Apollo Group Shares Surge After Hours

Apollo, Chief Remain in Limbo

Bieber’s Hot Show Melts Down Apollo’s Power

Buddies Rally Falls Short Against St. Cloud Apollo

Long Position in Apollo, Heaven Sent

How Much for Frakking?

University Will Not Investigate Frakking Institute

Groups Caution Against Frakking

A Frakking Rule Reprieve

Increased Frakking, Drilling Leads to Growth
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Good morning!

Today's post is for ficlets about threesomes. Not necessarily the sexual kind (although you can write those if you want) but three-way dynamics, Kara and Lee and one other person of your choice. It can be a conversation between the three of them, the third person's perspective on the Kara/Lee relationship, Kara and Lee rescuing someone, whatever. Or a kinky threesome, if that's what you're in to.

Please leave in comments a third person and a prompt, then respond to prompts with ficlets.
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For today's topic, we're going to explore AUs and pilots.

Imagine Lee and Kara on Earth, in modern times, and the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons, or Galactica had never happened. What do they do on Earth? How do they meet? Is it the same familiar, angst-ridden to get their act together, or is it easier because, this time, Zak isn't in the way?

Maybe it's the same universe that BSG introduced us to, but the Cylons never attacked the Colonies, or they tried but were unsuccessful. How does something like this change Lee and Kara's story? Would something like this make it easier or harder for them to be together?

Today is going to be formatted like Tuesday's DPP-- fic recs & discussion in one thread, prompting/writing in another. Of course, feel free to do a little of both, or step (or dive) into the writing pond even if you aren't a writer-- fic doesn't have to be very long, drabbles are always welcome!

Have at it! Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Have you ever wondered what would change if Lee had done this or Kara had done that? That's what we are going to do today: flip canon on its head.

Bear with me, because this is going to do a few ways (which probably will make more sense in my head than here). I'm going to open one thread for prompting & fic writing for those who are authors. I'm also going to open another for those who want to just discuss these canon changes and/or for people who have fic recs. You can also do all of the above-- don't feel limited because there are different threads.

Possible scenarios under the cut )
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Happy Caturday, everybody, everywhere!

It's been a great week here at N_T. I've smirked, laughed, and cheered my way through a lot of amazing comments. You get two more days of my poking and prodding before the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove takes command.

Previously on N_T:

In case you missed it, yesterday's comments included a thread on Kara as the Muad'Dib from Frank Herbert's Dune. That got me thinking about other crackfics and crossovers. So, shippers, today I ask you to tell us:

What are your favorite crackfics/ crossover fics? Are there any crossover/ crackfics that you want to see out there and haven't? What do you like about crossover fics as a writer or reader?
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Previously on No_Takebacks )

Today I thought we'd try the fic prompting/writing again. Today's theme is body parts. Fic can be any length, but has to include the body part named in the prompt. If leaving prompts, please try and make it more specific than just a body part by tying it to a certain pilot. For example, Lee's fingers or Kara's knee.

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I'm back at the wheel of the DPP bus again this week and I thought we'd kick off with a writing challenge to brighten up your Monday, on the theme of Celebration.

Fics can be any length, the only condition is that the fics have to be based at or around some sort of celebration. Feel free to leave prompts with ideas for celebrations in the comments :D

Possibly the biggest celebration in BSG's run

As LJ is playing up again today, this post is open all week, so don't worry if you can't comment properly today. Join in whenever you can :)
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Previously on DPP:
Monday: Dialogue - The play's the thing. Prompts are open, but no takers
Tuesday: Icons - There are some gorgeous pilots icons there for us all to share in, so please leave some love for the creators, and possibly make some of your own

These posts are open all week, so if you feel a burst of creativity hit, please do go join in.

Today's DPP is "What were they thinking?". It's another writing challenge, but this time instead of focusing on dialogue, I'd like you to write me a drabble about one or other pilots' thoughts in a situation. Get inside their head. What are they thinking or feeling? Really I think what I'm after is the internal monologue, a sort of polar opposite to Monday's challenge.

There's no limit on words - it can be as long, or as short as you like. Feel free to leave prompts as well - maybe there's a certain canon situation that you've always wanted explored. If you're feeling really specific you can ask for it to be from the POV of a certain character. Also feel free to include a screencap of the moment or scene you'd like explored. Recommendations for existing fic are also always welcomed :)

Kara's face is awesome here. I've always wondered what was going through her mind during this scene.
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It seems to be my week to drive the crazy DPP bus again, and I've decided to make this "Creativity Week". So bring your creativity and shake the weekday blues away. I've got three writing days planned, and two image days so I'm hoping that there will be something that everyone feels they can participate in. If nothing else, then please show your love for the things that are (hopefully!) being created.

Today, The Play's The Thing1. I want you to write me fics that are structured as a screenplay (click on the link if you're not sure what I mean). For this you can do as much or as little as you want to do - just dialogue, or dialogue and directions.

As well as responding to prompts, I'd like you to leave some. In the prompts I'd like you to include characters, a situation and the location. Handy copy paste guide for you below.


And an example:
Characters: Lee, Kara, Zak
Situation: Pyramid Game
Location: A Park

* Your fic has to be in a playscript form
* Your fic has to include pilots, or people talking about pilots
* Leave warnings if it's R or NC-17 rated, or includes difficult themes
* It can be as long or short as you'd like. One tiny scene to a full blown epic :) All are welcome
* Have fun!

1Acknowledgements to Will Shakespeare

Kara tries out her lines on Lee
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The pilots are playing "Never have I ever" game.

Settings: Between Rapture and Take A Break From All Your Worries (3.12-3.13). 

Background: Galactica pilots haven't had a break for weeks and they have all been absolutely exhausted from the food shortage, radiation storm and mining on the Algae planet. On top of that Starbuck (who can't fly because of her burnt hands) has been a complete mess and has been driving everybody crazy. The CAG's been completely avoiding her and unwilling to deal with her. No wonder everybody is sick of both Starbuck and Apollo and the weird tension between them. Finally the XO orders most of the pilots off-rotation for the next 48 hours so it doesn't take long for a kick-ass party to be started in the rec room. After many hours, the fun's been dying down and there are only eight people scattered around. The only thing left to drink are six bottles of the infamous "Head Hammer", a batch of the Chiefs homemade brew, which not only tastes terrible but gives the absolute worst hangover ever. No wonder that everybody avoids it like plague so Starbuck suggests to play the "I never" game with it. 

Players: Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Helo, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally and Hot Dog
1. Pick a player and start with “I’ve never…”. Label your comment with the call sign of your player.
2. Let someone else respond to your “I never”. In a minimum, the response should tell us who (if anybody) had to take a shot.
3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player.
4. Let’s see which player will be the most drunk at the end of the night.
General rules:
1. Stay in canon but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about Hot Dog’s love life etc.
2. Your “I never” challenges and responses could be as short as a sentence (e.g. Helo: “I’ve never been to Virgon”; Response: Athena and Apollo drink) or as long as a drabble/ficlet (banter, banter, banter…).
3. Only one response per each “I never”.
If playing for Helo, Athena, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally or Hot Dog:
You want to get the CAG and the flight instructor as drunk and embarrassed as humanly possible while avoiding getting smashed yourself. It’s up to you player whether he or she wants to ruin someone else in the process as well. Try to get into your player’s head and think about what they could have known or guessed about Kara and Lee.
If playing for Apollo or Starbuck:
Well, that’s entirely up to you. Will they realize that the kids are trying to get back to them, put their differences aside and team up against them? Or will they ignore everybody around them and try to solve their issues by washing the dirty laundry in the public?
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Today the pilots are playing "Truth or Dare?" game. They just need a little bit of our help to get started.  

Settings: Pre-mini (between Daybreak flashbacks and Zak’s accident). It is late night and Lee and Kara are stuck in a room together sharing a bottle (or two) of Ambrosia. They are both feeling uncharacteristically chatty and adventurous so Kara suggests to play "Truth or Dare". I wrote a short background story that explained how did Kara and Lee end up alone without Zak but I decided that it's better to leave it mysterious.

Players: Starbuck and Apollo 

1. Pick a player (Lee or Kara) and ask a question or challenge a dare. Label your comment as “Kara Dares Lee” or “Lee Asks Kara” etc. for better clarity. 

2. Let someone else answer your question or respond to your dare (impersonating the other player in the process). 

3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player and you do not have to wait for a response to the previous challenge

General rules: 
1. Stay in canon (it shouldn’t be difficult since we barely know anything about the pre-mini period) but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about the pilots and their background. Everything’s fine as long as you don’t go completely AU.

2. Your questions/answers and dares/responses could be as short as a sentence (Lee: “What’s your favourtie colour?” Kara: “Green”) or as long as a drabble or a short fic (additional banter or background information are always welcomed).

3. Only one response per each truth/dare challenge
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Good day everyone. I will be (for the very first time) hosting the pilots dpp week. Sorry for the later start today, I just got back to town and I had only started catching up on things. I planned some discussions, games, writing challenges etc. so hopefully we will all have lots of fun. 

Today's discussion/challenge topic is: Pilots from other people's POV

Wee know that Dee and Sam were aware of the feelings that the pilots had for each other and there were hints that Baltar, Laura and Sharon guessed a bit as well. What about other people in the fleet? Lee and Kara spend a great deal of time together (at least in early seasons) and they didn't always keep their confrontations private. Rumors across Galactica spread fast so I bet that quie a few folk where trying to figure out what was the deal between those two. 

If you are game, your task today is to pick a person from the list bellow and let us know what he or she thinks about Lee and Kara and their relationshipDoes he/she know/suspect anything? Is he/she interested in their relationship or finding out more?. Did he/she secretly root for them or against them? Did he or she had a thing for/crush on one of the pilots? Does he/she spread gossips about them?...

Get into "your person's" head and let your imagination go wild (the longer and wilder the better). Describe his/her feelings in your own words or write a drabble or link us to a fic. Anything that doesn't contradict the canon in a major way is fine. 

Military: William Adama, Saul Tigh, Felix Gaeta, Anastasia Dualla, Galen Tyrol, Cally Henderson, Helo, Sharon/Boomer/Athena, Hot Dog, Kat, Narcho, Racetrack, Helena Cain, Kendra Shaw Zak Adama

Civilians: Laura Roslin, Gaiius Baltar, Billy Keikeya, Samuel T. Anders, Tom Zarek, Romo Lampkin, Shevon, Tory Foster

Others: Six model, Leoben

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It's time to dig into your head!canon about the events that take place before the series. For the themes and/or questions below, tell us your head!canon. Doesn't matter if it's the same as someone else's because I think everyone's way of thinking about pilots gives a new perspective. And it does not have to fit in canon or even be all that realistic. Just go for it!

If you don't have a personal head!canon (even though I think everyone does to some extent), rec a fic that tells an element of their backstory in a way that you like (or has become your head!canon). If it's a multi-chapter fic, reccing a specific chapter would be great, as I think we've all probably read just about everything.

If you are so inclined, write a fic that shows us. *bribes your muse*

I've grouped the themes and questions into comments below - reply to those to keep things vaguely organized so we can all discuss. I'm excited to read everyone's theories and I hope fic will be inspired along the way!

The time for making a wish has passed, but there are many wishes left to be granted. GO HERE to make someone's wish come true!
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The Kara/Lee part of BSG fandom is chock full of amazing talent. Fic, graphics, meta, icons, manips, fanmixes, artwork...the list goes on. Today, I'm going to give you the opportunity to make a wish in the hopes that one of our talented shippers will grant it. Hell, I'm going to give you three.

1. Make one wish per comment, up to three wishes per person.
2. You may wish for anything that's possible to create in just a few days (ficlet, drabble, icon, manip, song, poetry, GIF, wallpaper, etc.).
3. BE SPECIFIC. As an icon maker and writer, it can be difficult to fulfill a prompt to someone's liking if it is too vague.
4. Expect that only one of your wishes might be granted. (I'll make sure everyone gets at least one!)
5. Stare at the stars anxiously waiting for your wish to be granted.

1a. Claim a wish with a comment: "I will grant this wish". (Only one person may grant a wish.)
1b. If you are willing to grant more than one wish, spread the love around to multiple wishers.
2. Sprinkle your magic fairy dust and create create create...
3. Post your creation, or a link to your creation as a comment to the wish.
4. If you are going to be unable to grant a wish you've claimed, please delete the claim comment.
5. Gifts are due by Sunday, the 25th, but earlier would be better!

This Wishlist is for new items only. Please don't rec fics or graphics that already fill the wish. If someone is requesting something that exists (e.g., like requesting a manip of Kara and Lee as jedis) just skip it. Or make another one! :D

Leave your questions as replies to the first comment.

ETA: It would be helpful if you could number your wishes as I have done below. It will help me IMMENSELY to keep track of things. :D

THE WISHING WELL CLOSES AT 11:59 TONIGHT. Make your wishes now! Granting a wish can occur any time this week. :)

There are two pages of wishes! Don't forget to go to the second page! We have wishes that have not been granted. Lords of Kobol, hear their prayer!
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Ok, so, bad 90's rapping aside I wanna talk about the sex that never was. We talk about their amazing kissing a lot, but I haven't seen us dedicate a DPP to the down and dirty yet. We saw Kara and Lee get it on, we saw them make out, make eyes at each other, make up... But there's no such thing as enough hot pilots sex, right?

Today's discussion - what's the sex you wish we'd gotten? Was there a specific place in canon you wish there'd been some? An intimate scene you could see going all the way? What about just scenarios you wish had played out? Is your dream sex scene possible in canon or is it totally fanon?

Use today's discussion to prompt each other, leave fic recs, write fic/ficlets, do manips/picspams, or just let your fantasies starring Starbuck & Apollo out there for conversation!

cap by tatimcb on tumblr
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Hey guys, welcome to Thursday!

First things first, I still owe [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper 10 icons as a reward for her win at Wheel of Fortune. They are a tribute to my favourite *ahem* attributes of Jamie Bamber.

because what that girl needs are more Jamie graphics )

Claims for Raffle Tickets and submission of Bingo Cards is still open from Monday's post, so don't forget about those.

Today's game is Scrabble! Sort of. Fiction scrabble. I am putting up a filled scrabble board that I found on the web so that the words would have nothing to do with the show or pilots or anything like that, some nice random prompts. You all, I hope, are going to write comment!fic based on those prompts. In whatever way you like, whatever length you like.

BUT, to keep this incentive based because I know how y'all like to win things, I have selected certain words, I'm not going to tell you which ones or how many there are, that are PRIZE WORDS. The first person to fill that prompt with at least a drabble length fic will win a prize. If no one fills those prompts, prizes will go into the raffle.

So, without further ado, Your board )

Don't like any of those words? Have no fear, I shall be putting another board up later tonight!


Shiny new prompts for people to fill!

So go forth and write! I will be revealing the winners at the END of the evening.

Edited again to say that I am going to bed, but I know that there is some writing going on out there in the verse, so I'm leaving the Prize-words open until I get up in the morning, you still have chances to win!
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Yesterday's DPP was a confessional post and you all took the idea and ran with it. There's some really interesting secrets and some discussions that delve quite deeply in to characterisation and produced some really interesting meta-ish thoughts. The discussion is still going on over there, and there were new confessions coming in quite late last night/early this morning, so if you have time today please do pop back to that post and join in with the discussions and start new ones. It's been absolutely fascinating reading them.

Today's DPP is Song Lyric Prompts Saturday. This is absolutely not the same thing as song fic but rather an opportunity to use a line from a song as a prompt for some fic.


  • The prompts have to be a lyric from a song

  • It would be nice, but not necessary, if you could include the artist/title in case someone wants to go and look up the song in question

  • You don't have to include the lyric in your fic, just use it as a jumping off point, though you can include it if you feel it fits in

  • There is no limit to the length of the fic

  • The fics can be set in AU

  • If your fic ends up being R or NC-17 rated then please show that in the comment title

I've envisaged this as a sort of all weekend thing, so please do keep checking back :) I'll post a couple of prompts to get you going :)

Dancing to some beautiful music
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Today's DPP is simple: we love fics, and we love prompts for fics - only, prompts are usually of the verbal kind. And I wonder what we'd make of having visual inspiration instead? 

PS: There's a prize of sorts involved.....I'm offering up either a set of ten drabbles or a full-length (approx. 1000-word) fic to whoever writes the most fic based on the pic above.

PPS: No rules, really - it can be canon-based, AU, anything so long as there's some connection to the visual. And if inspiration doesn't strike today, never fear - I'm keeping this open as long as I'm at the DPP wheel, i.e. till the end of Sunday. 
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Morning ladies and fanfolks :D (Well, it's almost afternoon here) I am posting early for two reasons - 1) I am going out. and 2) MOAR TIME FOR FICTIONS!!! which is always a good thing.

This is my final DPP this week and it is, indeed, yes, it is, a FIC MEME. An IN CANON fic meme inspired by some of the comments from the week's DPP discussions, and some interesting ideas from yesterday's missing scenes wishes.

The rules are simple and few:

1) Post prompts!!

2) FILL prompts!!

3) All fills MUST be wholly supported by canon - you CANNOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE SHOW IN ANY WAY. If you do you will be PUNISHED! (I'm not quite sure how, but there will be frosty looks and strongly worded letters involved I can tell you that much for sure)

4) Have fun!!!!


And it's as simple as that. Obviously it would be nice if you could fill a prompt for every one you post, but I'm not going to impose it as a rule or anything because I feel like it discourages people from prompting, and we like prompts, so prompt freely and with abandon! Reckless Abandon (which is the title of an erotica novel my mother owned when I was young which I read when I was far too young and didn't understand AT ALL) if you so choose.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! (tiny exclamation marks for giant text makes me unusually happy) I am officially passing the DPP wheel over to the next lunatic.

It's been real, y'all



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