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It just has to be said - baby pilots are really, REALLY adorable and I can't even imagine how they find it possible to resist each other. Also, this should probably be a commemorative post for our first encounter with the glory that is pilots as well as our first-ever sighting of the Bamceps - hope everyone's had a good weekend so far!

more pics this way! )
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Yesterday, one of the questions I asked Shipper Nation at large was what their favourite pilothair was, and since I'm really into trivia (hair being important trivia) today is going to be the day for the Hair!Report!

     where it all began     

I'm going to post some of my fave pilots hair looks, each in a separate comment to this entry, and I'd like everyone to join in with posting their faves too, along with the reasons why you feel that hair is so awesome :)

Nothing is too trivial, appreciation/nitpicking is very much encouraged, and as always, feel free to bring up pic/gif evidence (this is a great source), since this post could always do with more of the pretty :) (and of course, if anyone feels like writing a fic involving hair, please go right ahead)

PS: the Friending Meme is still open, do go ahead and answer it/meet your fellow shippers if you haven't already, we've had a few newcomers to the post today and they are all awesome. 
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I wanna see your pretty ICONS!!!

I feel like I need to shake up my Kara and Lee icons but I need some inspiration.

Inspiration can be finished icons, favorite scenes, scenes that you don't see used for icons very often, or just images that make you think of Kara and Lee.

To that last end I offer this... (I made it into an icon but you can't really read any of it. ;)

source: thebluecollarhustle
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Dear pilots fans. It is Friday. And that means an excuse to be lazy. So no discussions, no games, no thinky thoughts or angsty speculation. Friday is about just one thing.

But what does sandwich meat have to do with anything? )

Go forth nuggets and find me pretties!

Fat Lee salutes you!
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(Sorry about yesterday, but even Hot Space Pilots are defeated by a puking baby)

Just as pop culture is shaped by what comes before it, it also shapes what comes after.

How have Pilots impacted the world?

Exhibit A: buckbeakbabie's picscan, Why HIMYM's "Tick, Tick, Tick" is the same episode as BSG's "Unfinished Business".
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This post is in honour of the fabulously talented young woman who brought Kara Thrace to such brilliant, brave, moving life, as Katee Sackhoff turns 32 years old today!


Let's all celebrate her awesomeness with our favourite things - pics, gifs, vids, fics, squee and general Katee/Kara love are all welcome! (pilotbirthdays only come once a year for each of them, after all)
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Today is a very special day at n_t- it's the birthday of one half of our beloved pilots, who turns 39 years old! Let's all celebrate the beautiful man who was the face, voice and BAMCEPS of Lee Adama....


In honour of this, I'm declaring it Jamie Bamber Appreciation Day! To participate, bring your pics, gifs and squee (not necessarily in that order, and remember we can appreciate EVERYTHING, from his pretty eyes down to his terrible dress sense) :)

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Bring us your sweet, your sexy, your silly PILOTS PHOTOS. You got favorite stills, promo shots, manips, banners, graphics, off-set pics--whatever. Unload 'em here! 

More! More! More! )
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Our volunteer for this week seems to have gone AWOL, so until she checks in, how about some random pilots pretty?

Pilots have many moods... )
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Yep, the insanity has hit the home stretch, and with this thought in mind I thought spare you any hard thinking.[Poll #1805537]

Thank you to all who took part!

See you tomorrow for your Christmas present!!!!
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Some awesome prompts at yesterday's DPP on the theme of celebrations. Stop by and see if your muse is inspired by some of the ideas that are there :)

Today we're having a pilots picspam. I'm leaving some of my favourite caps below - please share yours (and your favourite gifs!) in the comments, and let us glory in the wonder of the lust, angst, excitement, desire, support and general amazingness of our pilots :)

Mmm, pilots - cut because this is extremely image heavy )
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The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best... When you say nothing at all

~When You Say Nothing At All, Keith Whitly
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We've talked in the past about why we love them, why we ship them, how we grieve for their canonical ending. My question today is:

Why Do You Miss Them?

What did they do for you that makes you ache for them? Why do you keep writing fic or making icons or vids or mixes for them? How is it that you still squeeeee over the bits of dialogue and screencaps of scenes you might have watched a thousand times? Why do you check your flist and hope "OMG NEW FIC?????" Why do you still follow Katee or Jamie and keep the squee running hot?

What keeps you coming back for more?

Scenes that make me miss them. )
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Hi, my lovely DPPers! I don't know about you but I'm still recovering from the festivities of Oscar Week, so I'mma gonna ease us back into DPPland with a little bit of Monday Morning Pretty. (There will be thinky thoughts and tougher challenges later in the week, promise!) But for now, here's a tinyspam of pilots in the position they seem to love best. (I heard that! Get your minds out of the gutter! ;)) I don't know what it is, but I love when they stand around with their hands on their hips for some reason. Maybe I am hoping they'll bust into the Time Warp dance, I don't know. But what are some of your favorite stances, gestures, movements from pilots? I've also noticed that Lee rubs his hand over his mouth a lot and Kara pinches the bridge of her nose when she's stressed/thinking.  And obviously we all know they love to have lingering handshakes and hugs (where Kara sighs a lot). Hee. What else have you got?

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Bring on the adrenaline today!!

While pondering Starbuck and Apollo, several common activities and objects came to mind.  The “frak or fight” dynamic, flying, guns, and ambrosia all suggest that our pilots are often somewhere in the cycle of adrenaline rush/subsequent mood drop/repeat.  They made me think of the “Happiness is a Warm Gun” lyric along with the following quotation from John Lennon. He stated he saw the phrase on the cover of a gun magazine and thought: “It was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you just shot something. Like heroin into your arm.”

I felt like either Starbuck or Apollo could have said something very similar out of frustration with the insanity of fighting an ongoing war at the end of the worlds.  The rush of battle and the subsequent drop in mood as the adrenaline wears off would understandably lead to the search for other methods of obtaining that same adrenaline rush. While Kara and Lee may not choose heroin (although Kendra does shoot up and they obviously have morphine available for medical use), they certainly do choose frakking, ambrosia, flying, and fighting with each other.

Today I encourage picspam, comments (whether just a few words or longer thinky thoughts), and anything else that comes to mind in relation to pilots and adrenaline.  You are welcome to post/discuss a scene of 10 million angst puppies (Sacrifice perhaps), completely squee-inducing scenes (buddy cops FTW), and anything in between.  The only requirement is that there is some connection to the common props (guns, ambrosia, etc) and/or activities (flying, fighting, frakking) that produce the adrenaline rush that would lead to a comment like “Happiness is a Warm Gun."

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In the beginning, there were two pilots, both incredibly hot, brilliant, and trying to stay awake and alive after days of cylon attacks...
text )

The pilots acknowledged their "fight or frak" dynamic and it was good...

Two choices for DPP posts today:
1) Comment!fic of fights, fraks, or both occurring in 33 minute intervals during the initial cylon attacks
2) Picspam crack stories like the one above that summarize the best of other pilots!scenes or episodes

p.s.--Congrats to Pali and Rachel for winning the "Pilots in One Word" S1 game today!! Thanks also to Heather and Artemis for playing!

p.p.s.--I know I promised you guys a game for S2. It's coming tomorrow, I'm just making some sparkly changes since we didn't have a lot of participation in today's game.


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