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While not saving the Fleet or generally being awesome, the pilots tend to do a lot of drinking...

...which can only lead to stupid drinking games!

Not just for our kick-ass couple, questions can be asked by, or to, any of the pilots.

Marry, Shag, Throw Off a Cliff

Kara asks Helo: Lee, Sam and Hotdog?

Helo brings in to question the legitimacy of Kara's birth, her father's birth, the questionable sexual practices of her mother, and the number of times Kara has received blows to the head or been in low-oxygen situations. He finally answers that he'd Marry Sam, Shag Lee, and Cliff Hotdog.

Lee quickly moves his chair away while Hotdog demands to know what he needs to change. Helo responds by asking him: Kara, Kat, or Racetrack?

If you've got a new game, then start a new thread (I iz trying for teh organizations).
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We had some Firsts and Lasts in fic and discussion yesterday. Thank you!

Begin Again [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu
Then and Now [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] taragel


Today's Topic: The Power of a God

For today, you are the goddess of reincarnation! (Congrats!) The humans and cylons have just discovered Earth 2.0, Kara has poofed and Lee has climbed mountains. Nature (or a mountain lion) has taken its course and now it is your job to give the souls of Kara and Lee new bodies. You can choose any time in history or in the future.

Who are they now?
What do they look like?
When do they live?
What essential parts of them do you keep?
How do they meet?
Who else is reincarnated with them?
What is the course of their lives?
Will you make it easier on them? Harder? Why?
How would their story end?

Give us the whole picture either in description or in fic. Or maybe a graphic will do the trick.

Have a great day!
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Step right up and choose a number between 1 and 100!

Leave your chosen number in a comment and I will give you a corresponding word. When you get your word, do one of the following:

+ Write a drabble.
+ Write meta about how that word relates to pilots.
+ Rec fic, video, fanmix or artwork that is related to that word.

(Some of these words will require some creative thinking, so Starbuck-it and get outside the box! ;)

You can choose multiple numbers, but you have to fill your FIRST number first. I will be in and out all day, but will try to respond as quickly as possible to requests.

Have Fun!

Claimed Numbers: 2, 6, 11, 16, 19, 31, 33, 47, 49, 59, 76, 97

ETA: LJ notifs are failing a bit today, but I'll be checking the page at regular intervals. *shakes fists*
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We had some wonderful bingos yesterday (which means TWENTY new Kara/Lee drabbles for your enjoyment). Please stop by to read and comment!

Bingo by [livejournal.com profile] rayruz
Bingo by [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu
Bingo by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1
Bingo by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity

Today's Card )
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The pilots are playing "Never have I ever" game.

Settings: Between Rapture and Take A Break From All Your Worries (3.12-3.13). 

Background: Galactica pilots haven't had a break for weeks and they have all been absolutely exhausted from the food shortage, radiation storm and mining on the Algae planet. On top of that Starbuck (who can't fly because of her burnt hands) has been a complete mess and has been driving everybody crazy. The CAG's been completely avoiding her and unwilling to deal with her. No wonder everybody is sick of both Starbuck and Apollo and the weird tension between them. Finally the XO orders most of the pilots off-rotation for the next 48 hours so it doesn't take long for a kick-ass party to be started in the rec room. After many hours, the fun's been dying down and there are only eight people scattered around. The only thing left to drink are six bottles of the infamous "Head Hammer", a batch of the Chiefs homemade brew, which not only tastes terrible but gives the absolute worst hangover ever. No wonder that everybody avoids it like plague so Starbuck suggests to play the "I never" game with it. 

Players: Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Helo, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally and Hot Dog
1. Pick a player and start with “I’ve never…”. Label your comment with the call sign of your player.
2. Let someone else respond to your “I never”. In a minimum, the response should tell us who (if anybody) had to take a shot.
3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player.
4. Let’s see which player will be the most drunk at the end of the night.
General rules:
1. Stay in canon but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about Hot Dog’s love life etc.
2. Your “I never” challenges and responses could be as short as a sentence (e.g. Helo: “I’ve never been to Virgon”; Response: Athena and Apollo drink) or as long as a drabble/ficlet (banter, banter, banter…).
3. Only one response per each “I never”.
If playing for Helo, Athena, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally or Hot Dog:
You want to get the CAG and the flight instructor as drunk and embarrassed as humanly possible while avoiding getting smashed yourself. It’s up to you player whether he or she wants to ruin someone else in the process as well. Try to get into your player’s head and think about what they could have known or guessed about Kara and Lee.
If playing for Apollo or Starbuck:
Well, that’s entirely up to you. Will they realize that the kids are trying to get back to them, put their differences aside and team up against them? Or will they ignore everybody around them and try to solve their issues by washing the dirty laundry in the public?
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Today the pilots are playing "Truth or Dare?" game. They just need a little bit of our help to get started.  

Settings: Pre-mini (between Daybreak flashbacks and Zak’s accident). It is late night and Lee and Kara are stuck in a room together sharing a bottle (or two) of Ambrosia. They are both feeling uncharacteristically chatty and adventurous so Kara suggests to play "Truth or Dare". I wrote a short background story that explained how did Kara and Lee end up alone without Zak but I decided that it's better to leave it mysterious.

Players: Starbuck and Apollo 

1. Pick a player (Lee or Kara) and ask a question or challenge a dare. Label your comment as “Kara Dares Lee” or “Lee Asks Kara” etc. for better clarity. 

2. Let someone else answer your question or respond to your dare (impersonating the other player in the process). 

3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player and you do not have to wait for a response to the previous challenge

General rules: 
1. Stay in canon (it shouldn’t be difficult since we barely know anything about the pre-mini period) but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about the pilots and their background. Everything’s fine as long as you don’t go completely AU.

2. Your questions/answers and dares/responses could be as short as a sentence (Lee: “What’s your favourtie colour?” Kara: “Green”) or as long as a drabble or a short fic (additional banter or background information are always welcomed).

3. Only one response per each truth/dare challenge
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Today, I'm going to give you a simple three-step assignment:

1. In a separate document, write a paragraph that describes why you love pilots, how they love each other, or why they are meant to be together. (Less than 50 words will work best.)

2. Drop that paragraph into WORDLE and make a word cloud. Modify as you like.

3. Post the word cloud in a comment. (If you don't have a photobucket/imageshack account, try tinypic, where you don't need to make an account, can just upload and paste the HTML code into a comment.)

Here is one of many that I made a while back:

clicky )

I will do my best to post links to the wishes granted each day so you can actually find them among the many comments.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] rachelmack: Random Bunk/Snuggle Fic by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] kag523: Icons from Manips by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper: Ficlet - The Club (See Warnings) by [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu: K/L icons by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] trappermcintyre: Home Sweet Home by [livejournal.com profile] taragel

Two people are still without any wishes being claimed. *shakes fists at the fickle nature of the gods* If you are looking to grant a wish, check out these wishes: here and here and here. Thank you!

Have a great day!
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Ok everyone, it's the moment you've all been waiting for, the results of the leftover prizes raffle!! :D

Up for grabs were the following:

- 3 randomly lengthed fics based on the unguessed scenes from Monday's game of What Happens Next?

- 1 gif, 1 x 1000 word fic, 2 drabbles, 6 gifs and 20 icons left over from Thursday's game of Scrabble.


...find out... )

Congratulations to the winners! Commiserations to those of you who entered the raffle but didn't win anything :(

So, along with those I still owe people some prizes from Battleships, and I owe [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity and [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper banners for their wins at Scrabble and Bingo respectively. I did want to have them all done by tonight but then I got lazy, and I don't know when that's going to end, so let's say that they'll be up at some point this coming week, and not put anything more specific on it than that.

Thanks for your participation this week you guys! I officially hand over the wheel to whomever is driving next week, I'm gonna go find out what's been going on in the rest of the internet for a while :)
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Evening ladies and fanfolks! It's FINALLY Saturday, which means that it's PARTY DAY! WOOP!

So, bring your joy, your squee, your gifs, your pretty pictures, your giant sparkly text, ANYTHING YOU WANT! It's a free-for-all yo', anything goes.

Now, I know free-for-alls can be daunting, you never know where to start, what to say, how to be cool in the face of so much CHOICE! So, I'll start you off and we'll see where the night takes us.

If you're around and up for bingo, check in at the BINGO comment below so I know how many people are around. My plan is to have two games, bingo and reverse bingo, so even if you're not around for the first game, you'll hopefully get to play the second, and there will also be some mini games along the way :)

So the really big question, guys, when all's said and done, is this... )
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Hey everyone, happy Friday! I for one am glad to have made it to the end of this nutsy week.

We've had a fun filled week here at the DPP, full of games and winning things and all that kind of jazz.

In yesterday's game of Scrabble several people came up with some wonderful fics which if you haven't read yet, you should.

Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity for being the only person to land on one of the prize words with her fabulous angst ridden response to "Gnaw". Well done lady, randomizer says you win a banner, which I should have done by tomorrow :) Thank you to all the other people who wrote yesterday, your contributions were lovely.

As this weekend is mainly about DragonCon for a lot of people, I'm planning on having a kind of left behind party, I'm not sure exactly what form it will take yet, but I do know that there seem to be enough bingo cards to make it worth while having a game. So if you're going to be around, could you give me some kind of idea of what day/rough time that it would be best to hold bingo, so that as many people can play as possible. Reply to the BINGO? comment below to let me know. There will also be mini-games, of some description :) More opportunities for prizes!

Now though...Today's Game )

AND finally! As an aside, sign ups for [livejournal.com profile] reelpilots ends on MONDAY, and there's still plenty of unclaimed movies, so if you're up for a challenge, head on over and stake your claim!

Good luck everyone, and have a fun Friday, whatever you're doing.
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Hey guys, welcome to Thursday!

First things first, I still owe [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper 10 icons as a reward for her win at Wheel of Fortune. They are a tribute to my favourite *ahem* attributes of Jamie Bamber.

because what that girl needs are more Jamie graphics )

Claims for Raffle Tickets and submission of Bingo Cards is still open from Monday's post, so don't forget about those.

Today's game is Scrabble! Sort of. Fiction scrabble. I am putting up a filled scrabble board that I found on the web so that the words would have nothing to do with the show or pilots or anything like that, some nice random prompts. You all, I hope, are going to write comment!fic based on those prompts. In whatever way you like, whatever length you like.

BUT, to keep this incentive based because I know how y'all like to win things, I have selected certain words, I'm not going to tell you which ones or how many there are, that are PRIZE WORDS. The first person to fill that prompt with at least a drabble length fic will win a prize. If no one fills those prompts, prizes will go into the raffle.

So, without further ado, Your board )

Don't like any of those words? Have no fear, I shall be putting another board up later tonight!


Shiny new prompts for people to fill!

So go forth and write! I will be revealing the winners at the END of the evening.

Edited again to say that I am going to bed, but I know that there is some writing going on out there in the verse, so I'm leaving the Prize-words open until I get up in the morning, you still have chances to win!
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Welcome, welcome my friends to the party that never ends!

Today, because I have crazy working hours, and would also like a little bit of a break, there are no games to play.

Don't forget that BINGO CARDS and RAFFLE TICKETS are still open until the weekend, go stake your claim if you want to win some prizes.

Prizes from yesterday will be up sometime after I get home from work, so check back later in the evening to claim your booty!

Today we're going to talk about pilots, and games. Those are the only guidelines. Other than triad and pyramid, what kinds of games would pilots like to play? Was Kara addicted to daytime gameshows? Was Lee a big fan of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey? Do they play fair? Do they cheat?

Let me know what you think. If anyone wants to write some pilots-play-games-fic, that's fine by me. I'll be back later on to referee!
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Evening folks, sorry for the late start! As I've been delayed, let's get straight on with the show!

Prizes from yesterday's game of What Happens Next can be found here. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Today's game is a piloty version of Wheel of Fortune!

I have selected several quotes from our beloved pilots, and taken out all the letters but one, leaving the punctuation.

If you can guess the quote in one go, you get a prize!

As it's wheel of fortune, all prizes will be chosen by "spinning the wheel" (using a randomizer) after you've won, so the prizes are a surprise!

Look out for each round in the comments, I'll be updating roughly every half an hour, but each round stays open until someone wins or until the end of the game.

Good luck everybody!
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Hey there shipper nation!

It's so nice to see you all again! I haven't had as much time for DPP recently as I would have liked, but this week I am taking the wheel so I have to make time. And like the cylons I have a (wacky, slightly ridiculous, probably won't work at all but I'll give it a shot anyway and then claim that whatever happens it was what I meant to do) plan.

I do hereby declare this week to be party week, and as such, I would like to play some games. Games are fun, everyone can take part, AND, you win prizes.

Today's post has three seperate portions.

But what are these portions? you ask... )

Ok, keep your eye on the comments for the first round of questions, and have fun!
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I had so much fun creating and running the bingo last week and I am thrilled to report that we added more than 350 new drabbles to the Kara/Lee fic collection. BRAVO everyone. You are all amazingly talented and supremely spectacularly perfect. ;)

Yesterday's winner for Most Bingos:

Banner for Rirenec )

We also had another Blackout back on the Miniseries card:

Banner for Taragel )


And the winner is... )

Please drop by here or at the week's posts to leave comments to show your appreciation for all of the hard work!

(And a special shout out to [livejournal.com profile] taragel for helping me count the drabbles and thus saving you all from my numerically-challenged edits.)
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I'm still recovering from the hotness of yesterday's Frakking Kinky bingo round. Delicious drabbles for those who need a hot pilots fix.

Our winner for Most Kinky Bingos:

Banner for Rayruz )

For today, I'm challenging you to write the most creative of drabbles (and will likely induce much cursing).

Crossover Card )

AU Genres Card )

Notes on the Crossover Card )

Notes on the AU Genres Card )

Prizes Update )

Please continue to number your bingos and write more drabbles for old cards. MORE MORE MORE!!!
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Hee! Ya'll didn't think I was going to do a Pilots Bingo without getting to the smut, did you? Haaa! Hell no, my friends. :D:D

First, most of yesterday's bingos were drabbles woven into bigger stories of their own. Wonderful fic with lots of angst and hope and a smidgeon of smut. Our winner for Most Bingos:

Banner for Embolalia )

AND A BLACKOUT WAS ACHIEVED!!! \o/ \o/ Congratulations:

Banner for Embolalia )

Places Card )

Kink Card )

No Twist )

How to Play Today )

About the Frakking Kinky Cards )

Warnings )

If you want to write a lower rating, all of the other cards are available and still active. Please WRITE MORE DRABBLES!! :D:D There will also be a creative set of cards tomorrow that do not have any rating requirements.

Oh, and please continue to number your bingos. Very helpful! :D
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Lots of amazing bingos continue to roll through the door at [livejournal.com profile] no_takebacks. WOW! Please stop by and read and comment. The writers would certainly appreciate your kind words!

Today, the Most Bingo banners for Season 4 go to:

Banner for Rirenec )

Banner for Sci Fi Shipper )

Pre-Mini Card )

Post-Finale Card )

For today's cards, you must write drabbles that occur before or after the show proper. For an extra challenge, swap the prompts and write post-finale drabbles using the pre-mini prompts. Hard, but fun!

All drabbles must stay within the BSG universe (e.g., would include cylons, Twelve Colonies, etc.). Enjoy and Good Luck!

Blackouts will receive a banner, a drabble, and five icons. Get it going, shippers!
The Jackpot winner for the entire contest (most bingos over the seven days) will receive either a new header for their LJ or a ficlet. (One each if there's a tie.)

Also, thanks for numbering your bingos yesterday. It helps not to have to count. Like ever. Keep up the good work (and the numbering).

There will be more cards on Saturday and Sunday. Remember that blackouts can occur on any card for any of the previous days. All cards remain active, but bingos for previous days don't count towards the daily Most Bingos contests. All bingos are counted for the Jackpot prize! :)
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Lots and lots of bingos yesterday! Bravo everyone! Four more people have tied for Most Bingos with two bingos each. (Will anyone win a solo victory with three today? I wonder!!)

I can't count! We do have a winner for Most Bingos for Season 3! Congratulations:

Banner for Embolalia )


Season 4a )

Season 4b )


None of your drabbles can be set in Season 4 (although I wonder if anyone minds - it is S4, after all).

ETA: As a favor to your tired mod, please number your bingos. My brain would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :D
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Yesterday, we had some amazing bingos and this morning, I woke up to three new ones! You all rock! \o/ \o/ \o/

EVERYONE ELSE please stop by to support our fabulous drabble-writers by leaving COMMENTS!. Comments = More Fic for the insatiable shipper appetites!

Yesterday's Most Bingos winners with two bingos each:

Banner for Word Vomity )

Banner for Taragel )


Season 3a )

Season 3b )

The TWIST is still in effect!
None of your drabbles today can be set in Season 3. (Remember you can go AU!)


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