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Hello everyone!  How lovely to be here for this week's DPP :)

I think we can all agree that Kara and Lee could use a lot of help in the communication department, so today's project is to use the free online forms at The Bureau of Communication to help them get their messages across!

The website has a selection of forms to (sarcastically) cover many emotions and occasions.  You can fill out any form at their website, email a copy to yourself, then save the picture file and share it here in the comments.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!  Happy Monday!
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Yesterday gave us some amazing icons (and then the stuff I made), but feel free to add to the pretty.

As for today, it's all about the crack!

Post the odd, the silly, the off-the-wall. Have fun, go nuts (and if LJ is stupid and screens things don't worry, I'll be trolling the post and will unlock them).
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It's Friday, and since weekends (especially Easter weekend) are lazy time for us, I'll keep the DPP short and simple - your task for today, should you choose to accept it, is simply this - share your favourite pic/s of pilots!

Screencaps, fanart, manips, icons are all welcome, and if anyone wants to bring some fresh squee or crack to an old pic by captioning it, that'd be even better! Like this:

Kara: What do you mean, I just gave birth to a PTERODACTYL???!!!??!?
Lee: I didn't know you had it in you either, but it's at least ten pounds.
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There was some awesome ranting yesterday which brought up some excellent points that I hadn't really considered much before, so if you're feeling a bit angry today, or just fancy catching up with what was said yesterday, go take a look :)

Today I was thinking it would be fun to speculate on Pilots in other sci-fi settings.

Some ideas for examples:

Doctor Who: What would they be like fighting alongside The Doctor? What would they make of Daleks? Would they find Cybermen similar enough to chromejobs to be just more of the same?

Star Wars: I've seen it said before that the raid on the Tylium facility in Hand of God was rather like some of the imagery of the Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star - what if they really were?

Farscape: In [livejournal.com profile] pocochina's OMG me too post [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge mentioned she'd like to see Hybrid!Sam&Galactica meeting Pilot&Moya, which seems like a pretty awesome idea the more I think it over - how would Pilots do in such a scenario?

Star Trek: So many awesome franchises and ideas here. How would you see Pilots & Galactica coping in the federation?

These are obviously just examples, you can go for any scifi that you fancy. So go ahead and use today's DPP as space to write some fic (no word limits/restrictions), create some artwork if you're so inclined, or if you're not feeling creative but fancy speculating or have some awesome recs to do with scifi crossover then go ahead and include those :)

I used my dirty paint.net skills to create some examples to get your juices flowing. The joins are seamless, right? ;)

Kara and Lee are arguing, completely missing the fact that there's a bunch of Daleks closing in fast...

Kara pushes Lee home having completed their mission to destroy the death star
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Happy weekend, everyone! Thank you all for making this such a fun week, I've had a big grin on my face every time I opened my inbox! :)

For this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share some cute pictures that remind us of pilots. Like this:

I've copied a few links to the first websites of animal pictures that came up on my google search: HERE, MORE HERE, EVEN MORE HERE, and THE MOST HERE. Have fun taking a look, and share some with us! Let us know what pilots!moment they remind you of. You can share other silly pictures, too, not just animals. Looking forward to seeing what you find :)

More silliness below... )
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Hey guys, it's me, Liz, driving the DPP train this week.  As most of you are aware, I can out-procrastinate a really slow turtle, probably I could actually get somewhere slower than a dead turtle...and life is crazy cakes...so, I'm gonna apologize in advance for failure to bring anything spectacular this week.  I will try to at least provide some cracky goodness.  And ♥ to you all for not throwing me out of shipper land for possibly maybe being more insane than Kara.  (Hmmm, is that possible?  Maybe not...I might be safe after all.)

For today's crack, I present you all with a challenge.  Tara and I discovered something very disturbing last month.  To our great displeasure, all the cracky Lee/Leoben baby pictures actually turned out cuter than the Kara/Lee baby pictures.  Now this situation is just unacceptable.  We must fix it. 

Using http://www.makemebabies.com/ (or any other baby predictor of your choice), any Kara/Katee pic, and any Lee/Jamie pic, please make us some cute babies and post their pics (or a link) here.

OTP  These two should make pretty babies!!  Feel free to help with the inspiration by writing baby!comment fic too!



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Alright, shippers, it's time to ring in Friday afternoon with some pilots humor XD

Step One: Spam the comments with as many lol-worthy things as you can find. Don't worry about condensing things in comments, we actually want to spread things out into a lot of comments.

Step Two: If we get a lot of comments, we can play DON'T FRAKKIN' LAUGH. The object of this game is to get through the comment page without laughing.
If and when you do laugh, you comment to whatever made you laugh with "Frak! I lost" or whatever.
If a new comment page starts up, the game starts over.

Have fun!
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Even though we skipped ahead and started talking about Christmas yesterday (we're planning a Shipper Secret Santa Exchange here), in just over a week Halloween will be upon us! So I wondered what it would be like if we were to celebrate it, Galactica-Style!

The Crack )


The Costumes )

The Tricks )

The Treats )

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Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for joining in this week, it's been such a pleasure to read your wonderful comments and stories! Huzzah!

For this last day, I thought it might be fun to design coats of arms for Kara and Lee. There is a free online design tool here which allows you to choose your own name & motto and guides you through the meaning of different colors and symbols (be sure to scroll down a little bit so you can see the four menus you have to choose from). Once you've chosen your colors and design, click the "Generate my crest" button, and then you can save the image and share it with us in your comments here. Happy Sunday, everyone!

(First Color = Loyalty; Second Color = Heartache; Shield Pattern = Resolve; Icon = Protection/Strength. Motto = "Never Tell Me the Odds")

(First Color = Justice; Second Color = Warrior; Shield Pattern = Builder; Icon = Wisdom. Motto = "Strong is the Truth")

Movie Stars

Oct. 5th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Hi everyone!  Sorry to be posting this a bit prematurely, but I will be getting up *way* too early tomorrow so I wanted to get the Wednesday entry up now in my less sleep-deprived state :)

I love movies, and sometimes I feel tempted to just plop Lee and Kara down into the middle of a great scene.  It doesn't matter if there's no way it could fit into the BSG universe, sometimes it would just be fun.  Or heartbreaking.  For example:

1) Fun: Jumping the Bus in Speed (1994)

Yes, I admit it.  I want to trap Lee and Kara and some civilians on a bus that's wired to explode if they drop below 55 miles per hour and then watch them jump a highway overpass.  "It might be on an incline.  Floor it!!"  I am not ashamed.  It would be awesome.  Way better than "Sacrifice."  This is the hostage situation I want for them :)

2) Heartbreaking: Trapped Together in The Abyss (1989)

I'm not sure how many of you will have seen this (it was the disaster-in-the-cruel-sea love story movie that James Cameron made *before* Titanic), but the situation is this: an estranged husband and wife, both amazing and tough as nails, wind up trapped out of range of their deep-sea home base in a small ship quickly filling with freezing water.  There is only one life suit.  The ex-wife comes up with a truly harrowing, out-of-the-box plan that might give them both a chance to survive.  The crisis and its aftermath are heartbreaking and heartwarming to watch; it's one of the most intense, traumatic, moving portrayals of love in the face of death that I've seen on film.  I want to put Kara and Lee through this exact drowning scenario, from the moment it starts to the moment it ends.  You wouldn't have to change a word of dialogue, it's perfectly them.

What movie scene would you like to drop Kara and Lee into?  Would you like to watch them swordfight in The Princess Bride?  Kiss passionately in front of the blazing horizon in Gone With the Wind?  Fly together over Metropolis in Superman?  The sky's the limit!
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So, sometimes you just need to get your silly on. Be inspired by the silly pics and captions below or go to Photofunia or JibJab or MagMyPic to create your own awesome silly pilots creations and post them here!

Image-heavy silliness under the cut )

Image-heavy silliness under the cut )



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