Jul. 21st, 2012 04:10 pm
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(Sorry I'm late, but I spent the morning hanging with a 1 week old baby who is way cuter then all of you)

Any one who has known me for longer then two seconds knows that I love gifs. Really, it's getting to be an addiction and I should probably try to find a 12 step program, but then there is a bunny in a cup...

Or, you know, two bunnies...

So go wild with the gifs. Post the pretty, have conversations, make up epic fandom crossovers.

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Dear pilots fans. It is Friday. And that means an excuse to be lazy. So no discussions, no games, no thinky thoughts or angsty speculation. Friday is about just one thing.

But what does sandwich meat have to do with anything? )

Go forth nuggets and find me pretties!

Fat Lee salutes you!
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Hiiiiiiiiiiii, errbody! Just steppin' in to help out [ profile] taragel with this week's DPP's, but take it easy on me: THIS BE MY FIRST TIME. [D: I KNOW!]

Anyhoodles! GIFs. You know we love them. They let us relive glorious moments in time. Like ZEES:


But are there any pilots moments that you'd love to see gif'd, but haven't yet? Or, can you think of two pilots moments (not even necessarily in the same ep!) that spliced together would give you a giggle? (e.g. Lee getting his ass grabbed by Ellen + Kara guffawing/waggling her eyebrows) Or are there gifs you've seen in the past but didn't remember to save?

Get your pennies out for the wishing well, kids! LET'S GIF IT OUT.
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Yep I am trying to be easy on you guys. It's the week before Christmas. I am not going to be cruel.

So we all like looking at our pilots doing piloty things. That in general is flying, fighting or frakking (the three 'F's of piloty goodness) So what better way to look at the doing the above three F's than in GIF form.

Share your gifs with us, show us how you like your pilots best.

And for those who are like me an gif challenged, beg borrow or steal*, or when all else fails resort to pictures!

Yes today is the day to share you pilot images

Also for those of you who haven't shared your pilot songs from yesterday, the post is still up to be commented on! 

*Steal is meant as a joke, asking permission is always nice!
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 Alright kids, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

This here ship has been distinctly lacking in the porny business lately. **glares sternly** We have fallen down on the job (and not in the good way), with very low outputs during the last pilots pornbattle and it's been ages since there was a fandom-wide pornbattle to enjoy. All these little ficlets we've been writing are nice and cute and sweet and all...BUT THERE IS A DISTINCT LACK OF SEXY IN OUR ARTILLERY!! WE MUST RECTIFY THIS RFN! 

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it... )

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So we're still awaiting entry/winner #3 on our Online Scavenger Hunt -- Is anyone out there still playing? Hope so! And as we approach Halloween, don't forget that there are tricks and treats (and adorable commentfic!) posted over here for your enjoyment. Or if you're feeling romantic and nostalgic about pilots, you could add to our list of all the things they never did or said  on this post. PLUS, we're still welcoming feedback on how we should conduct a Shipper Secret Santa Exchange right over here. So check out what you missed and feel free to keep adding your thoughts!

We also are looking for three more slots to fill in our DPP schedule in December. You know you want to drive this crazy train!

To wrap up the week, I think I'm just gonna bomb you all with gifs and pretties. Add your own in the comments!

GIFSPAM!!!!!!! )


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