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We've imagined pilots a ton of different ways in AUs, but today I want us to try out a new way (or maybe not even that new, but certainly worth revisiting): Pilots as Superheroes!

I mean, don't they look iconic and superheroic here:

So what would they be like as superheroes, Shipper Nation? Any theories about what superpowers they'd have? Or how they came by them/origin stories? Or how they ended up working together in the first place (cause the only thing better than a superhero is a superhero team)

(And of course, the evils they'd have to face/conquer, because what is a superhero without those? The same goes for their costumes - what would you have them wear when they're in save-the-world mode? Catsuits? Capes?)

Any ideas, people? Put them in the comments! (along with fic, fic recs, gifs, manips, what have you)

(edit: [livejournal.com profile] rachelindeed has written this AWESOME pilots crossover with the Batman 'verse in the comments here, everyone should read it!)
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The thing that stands out at Dragon*Con is the sheer awesomeness and creativity of the costumes.

So what would Kara and Lee dress as?

No, Lee. Just... NO!
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Dragon*Con is awesome at going in depth on sub-sections of Sci-Fi and Fantasy with the options of tracks.

Fan Tracks

So which subjects would Kara and Lee (or the rest of the crew) want to dig into? Apocalypse Rising? The Armory? Robotics?
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Hi everyone!

BSG has been called the anti-"Star Trek," but I thought it would be fun today to have a little cracky fun imagining the two coming together.  Use the plot generator I've put under the LJ cut below (taken and mildly adapted from Justin B. Rye's Do-It-Yourself Star Trek Script Flowchart) to design your own BSG/Trek lovechild of an episode.  Illustrate your episode, or any individual item on the list, with appropriate screenshots (frak-that.com is a good resource for caps), or write a ficlet or caption, or just giggle about the things you would never see on Galactica, or -- if you're like me -- be surprised at just how many of these things they actually did on Galactica!

Kirk punch gif  Kara Lee punch gif
Lee eyebrow gif
spock eyebrow sass gif

Design your own episode... )
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So, we've got a great start on our Black Market Trading yesterday but there's still plenty of items to be traded for, with new folks coming to market ;) Be sure to peruse the list and stake your claims. 

And today, for something a bit different... You all may have seen this on your flists or at battlestar_blog already. I didn't think I'd be interested but I clicked on it randomly....and it's all about pilots! Lol. Sam sings them a little "frak you" because they are constantly getting busy--they even re-enact Scar and get on the table. It's kind of hilarious because these folks get more infidelicious action than Kara and Lee ever did in canon but... hey, relevant to our interests after all.  I thought it was pretty cute.

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Yesterday gave us some amazing icons (and then the stuff I made), but feel free to add to the pretty.

As for today, it's all about the crack!

Post the odd, the silly, the off-the-wall. Have fun, go nuts (and if LJ is stupid and screens things don't worry, I'll be trolling the post and will unlock them).
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It's Friday, and since weekends (especially Easter weekend) are lazy time for us, I'll keep the DPP short and simple - your task for today, should you choose to accept it, is simply this - share your favourite pic/s of pilots!

Screencaps, fanart, manips, icons are all welcome, and if anyone wants to bring some fresh squee or crack to an old pic by captioning it, that'd be even better! Like this:

Kara: What do you mean, I just gave birth to a PTERODACTYL???!!!??!?
Lee: I didn't know you had it in you either, but it's at least ten pounds.
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Alright, after the dose of angst that was yesterday's DPP, I think today can do with something a bit more lighthearted. Something like....

Yeah, that's Lee with Jake the dog. Read more )
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Good day to you all, today's post is a little bit on the late side because public transort in England is enough to frequently make you want to kill yourself. But on to happier things :)

Yesterday we talked about our musical inspiration when it comes to writing pilots fic, I have started compiling a new playlist of all your favourites, they were most excellent.

Today's show is slightly different.

I have a slight problem, I suspect that some of you share it, in that I SEE PILOTS EVERYWHERE! So today I thought we could talk about the other films/tv shows/books that you all think are PERFECT for Pilots.What do you want to see as a crossover? What stories would be made better with Kara and Lee as the main characters?

Can't think of any?
here are some ideas to get you started! )
Hopefully that's enough to keep everyone going! I have to go have a shower but I shall be back with some thoughts of my own, and possibly some incredibly cracked out manips. Have fun!
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Hey, everybody. [livejournal.com profile] rayruz  here, and I will be driving the DPP bus this week. :D I got a couple of silly and hopefully lol-worthy posts planned so let's get started with today's.

Reveille sounds. Kara sits up to roll out of bed, but finds herself banging into the bulkhead as she does. Did she turn herself around in her sleep? Whatever, she's got a long CAP ahead of her. She rolls out of bed and shuffles over to her locker. She pulls the door open and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. What she sees in front of her is the most bizzare and confusing thing. Because God did it with pigeons For completely unknown reasons, Kara is suddenly in Lee's body. She looks over to her bunk, the curtain draws back and she sees her own body getting up from the rack. She meets her own eyes across the way, and the look on her face is utter shock. Yup. That would be Lee.

What the frak!?

Okay Shippers... what happens next? 

Kara's in Lee's body and Lee is in Kara's and they have no idea how they are going to switch back, the only thing they can do for now is pretend to be each other. What kind of mayhem ensues? Do either of them take some... private time in the shower? Who do they get trapped in conversations with? Does it affect the two of them! (Remember, Freaky Friday was about learning a lesson in being someone else to bring the people closer together.)
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Songfic, Crossovers... Today, let's talk about crack!

What's your favourite pilot related crack? What pilot crack do you feel the world is lacking? Show us the crack, y'all!
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Hey Shipper Nation!!  I am accepting the fact that this DPP week is gonna be "beyond insane" kamikaze style because I have no sense of time! :P  (And, hey, if "out of the box is where I live", then it should be cool to specify that a day can run from evening to evening rather than midnight to midnight, right?)

So, here's our new fun..."I never..." in several parts:

Basic Summary of "I Never...":

This is a great game for a group of close friends or people who really like to share hints of their dark pasts. Only supplies are people with enquiring minds, and beer. You probably won't get drunk playing this, but it's a great ice-breaker for a party.

Everyone sits around around a table, or on the floor if you so desire. One person goes first by making a TRUE statement that begins with "I never...." For example, "I've never been to Disneyland." Then, if any other player HAS DONE what the person said, they simply drink.

As the game progresses, the statements tend to get more personal and explicit. But the game only works when people are honest. However, if somebody drinks on an "I never..," no explanation is necessary. For example, if someone says, "I've never had sex with an inflatable doll," and someone ends up drinking to it, no explanation is needed, just a drink of affirmation.

Game source: The (Un)Official Internet Bartender's Guide

1) You know our kids played "I never" at some point.  Was it during Scar spitting, on the f*$#ing Daybreak table, their New Caprica night, maybe just to occupy the time while waiting under their tent on Kobol (did they have alcohol on Kobol?), or even in the pilots' bunk room with Helo and others?  Regardless of WHERE it happened, we can make it happen right here, right now with comment!fic.

2) Shipper "I Never" based on Pilots.  This is going to be a little different because no one should have to acknowledge any secrets they don't want to share.  For example, if I say "I've never slept with my brother."  Well, that's great for me...now you all can rest assured I've not commited acts of incest.  But...if some other shipper HAS slept with his/her brother, it's really none of our business and they shouldn't have to admit they'd drink to that.

So my plan is for us each to make a post with "I never" comments that are not necessarily true for us but are related to at least one of our two wonder twins (canon and fanon are eligible) .  As an example, I might say "I never slept with one of my students."  This comment is true for me, false for Kara (since she was w/ Zak), and we can speculate on Lee, although I think it would be false for him too since there's fic of him teaching Kara.  Others would guess whether I was telling the truth and then comment on whether it was true/false for Kara and Lee.  That also allows us the opportunity to make fic recs!!

The set-up would look like this:

I make a post that says:
1. "I never had a father that played a musical instrument."
2. "I never served in a political office."
3. "I never shot a gun."
4. "I never killed Kat.

The next shipper comes along and replies to that post (making guesses for me and answers/speculation for Kara and Lee) like so:
1. Liz: true, Kara: false, Lee: true
2. Liz: false, Kara: true, Lee: false
3. Liz: true, Kara: false, Lee: false
4. Liz: true, Kara: true, Lee: true

Other shippers can also reply with their guesses as above to the original post.  We can also reply to replies with commentary...so someone might say they saw fic where Kara killed Kat and thus dispute the assertion that the above shipper made saying that #4 for Kara was true when it has actually been false in fanon.  Again, this gives us "getting to know you" topics AND fic recs/trivia for our pilots. 

Each shipper that posts "I never" comments can come back in a day or two and give the actual answers for their own comments.  In my example, I would reply to the thread saying 1, 2, and 3 are false (because my father did play an instrument, I have served in public office, and I have shot a gun) and 4 is indeed true (obviously).

I dunno if that all makes sense...but give it a try and I'll be back this evening to give pointers.  I think the trickiest part is just the potential double negatives since if someone's "I never" is false, it actually means they HAVE done that thing.  (Or maybe it's just me that's slow and you guys are all good.)

Have fun!!



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Hey guys, it's me, Liz, driving the DPP train this week.  As most of you are aware, I can out-procrastinate a really slow turtle, probably I could actually get somewhere slower than a dead turtle...and life is crazy cakes...so, I'm gonna apologize in advance for failure to bring anything spectacular this week.  I will try to at least provide some cracky goodness.  And ♥ to you all for not throwing me out of shipper land for possibly maybe being more insane than Kara.  (Hmmm, is that possible?  Maybe not...I might be safe after all.)

For today's crack, I present you all with a challenge.  Tara and I discovered something very disturbing last month.  To our great displeasure, all the cracky Lee/Leoben baby pictures actually turned out cuter than the Kara/Lee baby pictures.  Now this situation is just unacceptable.  We must fix it. 

Using http://www.makemebabies.com/ (or any other baby predictor of your choice), any Kara/Katee pic, and any Lee/Jamie pic, please make us some cute babies and post their pics (or a link) here.

OTP  These two should make pretty babies!!  Feel free to help with the inspiration by writing baby!comment fic too!



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Even though we skipped ahead and started talking about Christmas yesterday (we're planning a Shipper Secret Santa Exchange here), in just over a week Halloween will be upon us! So I wondered what it would be like if we were to celebrate it, Galactica-Style!

The Crack )


The Costumes )

The Tricks )

The Treats )


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