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Today: Truth, Dare, or Double Dog Dare?

Lee is in a daring mood! ;)

- If you want to play, say “Truth” or “Dare” below in the comments.
- If you choose truth, someone gets to ask you a BSG-related question about yourself (e.g. How would you feel if in Daybreak we found out Kara and Lee were secretly married that whole time?).
- If you choose dare, someone will give you a ficlet prompt (e.g. Secret marriage).
- Choosing “Double Dog Dare” will get you a prompt to write something R to NC-17 rated. Kara's a fan of these ;)

And leave questions/prompts for other players!

Also, a quick question to see if there's enough interest to make CAH work:
[Poll #1885880]
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Hopefully you're all still hard at work on your pilots holiday fest stories! Today, a game from something I found on etsy while searching for holiday gifts for, um, other people... ;) Using the words in the image below (and other connecting verbs and pronouns that you can imagine might be in that pile at the top) write us some poetry! Haiku or couplets or anything you like!

Apollo rebelled 
Frakking confusion on deck
Where are you Starbuck?

(see it here if you want to look closer or buy a set!)
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Today, 20 questions! Just like when you were in the car as a little kid, I'm going to think of something and you get to guess what it is! Instead of animal/vegetable/mineral, we'll play object/scene/character.

If you didn't grow up with 20 Questions, it's pretty self-explanatory. You get to ask 20 yes/no questions and I'll answer them. You can guess what I'm thinking of at any point.

(Lee knows what you're thinking of!)

You can also (at any time, and not just if you've won!) think of something yourself and start a new comment thread that starts "See if you can guess what I'm thinking of..."

There may be prizes at the end of the week!
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We've all got our favourite shippy pilots moments (even if those favourites include ALL THE SHIPPY MOMENTS) but for today's DPP, I thought we'd go for something less obvious - what are your favourite non-romantic pilots moments? 

We've got some amazing scenes between pilots that acknowledge on their friendship, teamwork, quasi-siblinghood and the other aspects of their relationship - whichever you love most, tell us about them, or leave a cap!  Here are two of mine: 

(I was going to ask for non-shippy, but with a couple like pilots where the fact that they connect on so many levels serves to reinforce the epic, tangled nature of their romance, it's pretty much all shippy - so non-romantic is all I can ask for)
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Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming out to play this week! It was fun to host the DPP again. :)

For this weekend, I've dug out some old Bingo cards for those of you who'd like to write some pilot drabbles. Enjoy.

I'll post two today and two tomorrow. I'll leave these for the weekend. Happy Writing! <3

To play:
+ Write five 100-word drabbles to achieve a bingo.
+ To use the center square, your drabble must contain a hug or a frak, depending on the card.
+ Submit one bingo (five drabbles) in a single comment.
+ Please title each bingo and give a rating (or title your whole set plus a rating).

Saturday Cards )
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Happy Friday, everyone! <3

Today, I thought we'd do a variation on the timestamp meme. For those who are not familiar, there is a meme that gives writers the opportunity to show what happens at various points in the future for some of their fics.

As a variation on this theme, I'd like to do a timestamp meme for various scenes in canon.

To play:
Post a comment with a scene in canon along with a timestamp (any point in the future or past).

Come along and write a drabble or ficlet that shows a related scene as requested by the prompter.

Confused? See the example in the second comment.

Questions? Reply to the first comment.

Enjoy. <3
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For today, look back at your oldest journal entries or NT comments about Pilots. What feelings or thoughts did you write about pilots that are no longer true for you? (For example, I used to hate the 33 smack-mouth scene, but now I kind of adore it.) I'd love it if you'd post a snippet of old thoughts and feelings and then talk about them. I am curious! <3

What shifts in your thinking have you made over the years? Any particular pieces of meta, fic, or comments that shifted your thinking? How did it happen? Are you still torn about any scenes? Any characterization moments?

We've had more lovely fics this week. Check them out:

Goddess of Truth, Goddess of Hope by [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu [PG]
Halloween Treat by [livejournal.com profile] plaid_slytherin [G]
Retribution by [livejournal.com profile] winegums [PG]
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Welcome to Halloween, Pilots Style! :)


There's a meme going around on LJ for Halloween and I thought I'd adapt it for Halloween.

How to Ring the Doorbell:
Leave a comment if you'd like to play and include the words Trick or Treat, and someone else will come by and drop off a special Halloween treat for you related to pilots.

How to Leave a Treat:
Leave small treats for those who've rung our doorbell: icons, ficlets, graphics, jib-jabs, manips, etc. as a small treat. It'd be great if you could create something new, but feel free to leave trick-or-treaters with anything that you think they'd enjoy.

I hope everyone will have a chance to play, even if it's just to drop off a haiku for one of our trick or treaters.


Yesterday, at the Pilot ABCs post, we had a couple of delightful ficlets that I'm sure our writers would love for you to read:
Charm Bracelents by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity [PG]
Fly-Over by [livejournal.com profile] winegums [G]
Sleepless Nights by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper [PG]
Quiet by [livejournal.com profile] embolalia [R]
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I'll post a thread below for each letter of the Alphabet. Shippers, come along and leave a ONE WORD prompt that begins with that letter. Others, fill that prompt with a drabble, an icon, a graphic, a fic rec, a video (link), a song (link), or a tiny meta.

Since we have so few people these days, let's start with one prompt per letter until all the letters are filled. Multiple people can respond to the same one-word prompt with fic, recs, etc.

Have a great (and dry!) day. :)
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Hello everyone! Happy to be back on the DPP train after two months of inappropriately busy real life.

It's been nearly four years since the finale that broke our shipping hearts, and I am wondering how you are all feeling about the finale these days? With fandom becoming less busy on the pilot's side, I would like to know where you are on the Pilots Finale Recovery Spectrum?


Pick your number/mood and tell us about it. If you scored high (feeling great!), share your secret. If you scored low (raaaaaaaage!), tell us how we can help!

[I'll be out until late afternoon, so carry on!]
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It's time for the weekend wrapup, and anyone who hasn't already done so should definitely read the fantastic new meta/speculations we have this week, by [livejournal.com profile] mserrada on the subject of whether Kara was really Kara in Season 4 (and what it would mean if she wasn't) and [livejournal.com profile] callmeonetrack on the potential similarities between Kara and Lee and a certain couple from Homeland

Pilots thank you for your time 
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It's finally Saturday, and I thought I'd wrap the week with a good old-fashioned picspam of pilots having fun

(feel free to add to the picspam, or to go over any of this week's posts - the more piloty discussion/squee, the better!):

more pics this way! )

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Yesterday we talked about how we'd deal with pilots if they had only one season to play out their story instead of four, and today I'd like to discuss another way of telling their story in a compact about of time:

how would you write pilots in a movie?

(sure, we have plenty of movie scenarios we'd love to place pilots in - everyone should check out [livejournal.com profile] reelpilots, if you haven't already - but how would you deal with having to write pilots with just two hours of screentime? Sure, the miniseries was something of a movie intro to pilots, but how would you write a pilotmovie if that was all we got?)

  if this was a movie, there would most certainly have been outmaking after this scene  

PS: even though it's the end of the week, Meta Monday is still running, so if you have any pilots-related thoughts you'd like to expand on, or meta you feel like writing, please share it with us!
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Over the last few weeks, I've been on a hot streak of Korean drama-watching.......and one major uniting factor with prime time kdramas is that they tend to have only a single season which stretches anywhere between 16 to 24 episodes. This usually means two things: that the writers have only that many episodes to tell their story in, and that - very importantly - there's a definite start and end to the story, and they have to wrap it, plot, relationships and all, in that much.

So today's question is pretty simple: if BSG had only got one season (plus the miniseries) from the start, what would you do with it, pilots-wise? Where could you see Kara and Lee's relationship going in 24 episodes if you knew you had only that much time and didn't need to milk the ratings to ensure another season?  

(and how much eyefrakking could you possibly squeeze into those 24 episodes?)

Read more... )
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I know that we do this every couple of months and I always find new things to add to my endless list of things to read. And I know for a  fact that I'm not the only one. So.... Rec, Rec, Rec.... like in ALL THE FICS - HEA fics, angsty fics, finished or WIP, cute, fluffy or action packed.... the more, the merrier. 

Some of us really like to read and I'm sure that the writers would love some new readers :)
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We talked some time ago (a couple of week I think) about the ship that helped us (or not) to get over pilots.

What I'm proposing as subject for today is to talk about the couples that we shipped before the pilots and how did they prepared us (or not) for Kara and Lee. So, what was your ship before them? Is that couple similar to this one or not? 
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There is always a lot of talk in the fandom about Destiny and all of that. And one recurring idea in fics is that Kara was born to fly Vipers.

What do YOU - shipper nation think? Was she really born to fly Vipers? or to play pro-pyramid? or to show everybody the way to Earth? or all of the above?

And Lee? What about him? Flying? Defending people in Court? Making law in politics?

Discuss, debate, show us pics, rec fics (or write us some), whatever works.... 
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Crazy question for today:

What kind of movies do you think that the pilots would like? and of course why?

Also, do you think that they (Kara and Lee) would like the series/movies that Katee and Jamie were (are) in?
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Hey you all! I'll take over for this week. I'll apologize in advance for the strange hours of the posts. Today's is a little late, tomorrow's might be a little early, etc. 

For today I have a question: How much do the people in BSG universe are able to live in the moment? The question refers to everybody but especially to our pilots. So, are they living by this or is Kara's statement in Scar the exception?

The answer can be about only canon or head-canon or even fandom (Recs of fics where they do this are not only permitted but very-very welcomed).


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Hey, me again. Sorry for the late hour of this post. 

Today's topic: KISSES!!!!

I know that we had picspams in the past but they are always welcomed. And of course a picspam with kisses is the perfect opportunity to announce our rewatch of EoJ/Rapture which will happen tomorrow at about this hour (aka 7 pm gmt).

So, kisses - pics of kisses, gifs of kisses, drabbles, fics, ideas about kisses. Kisses that happened, kisses that almost happened, kisses that should have happened, even kisses that never should have happened.... 

also, there are a rec and a very nice fic from Rachel on yesterday's post.  



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