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Without a Net, an AU Kara and Lee love story. With art!! (approx. 9900 words)

Lessons in Nonverbal Commmunication, a post-Kobol Kara/Lee story, written to an old [ profile] no_takebacks prompt. (approx. 8500 words)
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I won't even pretend like today's DPP is not directly inspired by the screening of The Dark Knight Rises I just returned from, and the question is a simple one - can you ever see pilots in a story/fandom that isn't BSG?

I know the answer is yes for many of us, so I'm making today our day to talk about crossovers and AU - the other settings you'd like to pop pilots into, and the potential you see for them there. (my favourite is a crossover of pilots with Buffy, but I'd love to hear about less well-known/obvious settings to put pilots in)

And of course, as always, feel free to make recs and start discussion of crossover or AU fic you've read/written/are thinking of writing! The same goes for fanart too :)
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Good morning! I'm Deborah, and this is my first time leading the DPP. It's great to be here.

To start:

Imagine you could add one, but only one, sex scene (or one kiss, if you prefer) to any episode.

Which episode would you pick?
What would it be like?
How would it change how things turned out for them?
Anything else you want to tell us about it?
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We've had DPP's that have asked what changes you would have made to the Pilots timeline, Kara not sleeping with Baltar, Lee avoiding hookers, things like that.

But... what changes would you have liked to see made to the General timeline?

Changes that would make things better for the fleet (and maybe help our pilots along in the process).

Example: Zirek wins the vote and becomes Vice-Pres. Personally, I think he would have been a much better VP then Baltar, plus Lee and Kara would have skipped that celebration, leading to Kara showing off her dress in a more private setting.

Everyone wins!
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Yesterday we had some great scenarios and fic prompts suggested for ways to switch up canon situations, but today I thought we could use a little Starbuck out-of-the-box thinking and talk about wildly different AU scenarios--ones that take our pilots completely out of a military situation, completely out of a space/other planets scenario, just something completely different.  What kinds of AUs work for you? What other contexts do you like to see pilots in? Do they still need to have a complicated backstory? Or do they have to have some kind of competive working partnership? How about that quasi-family connection? Which elements of Kara and Lee's relationship do you look to retain when you write them in (or read them in!) a totally different fic universe?

Just a reminder -- the Five Acts meme has lots of great steamy prompts just waiting for people to play with. Won't you give our hot pilots some sexytimes? :) 


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