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This post is brought to you by way too many melodramatic kdramas and the fact that a brief look through my bookshelf/certain folders on my computer this week turned up an oddly high number of books that involved abnormally close/incestuous sibling relationships (The Dreamers, for a start), and it led me to thinking.......

what if Kara and Lee were actual siblings?

We know and love their quasi-sibling relationship, it's just one of the many ways they connect, but if their personalities and the way they were around each other stayed the same (with or without their knowledge of the relationship).....what would you feel about them as siblings? Would you be able to ship them at all? 

   siblings ?

PS: Meta Monday is still running, so if you have something to share, please do!   
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We've imagined pilots a ton of different ways in AUs, but today I want us to try out a new way (or maybe not even that new, but certainly worth revisiting): Pilots as Superheroes!

I mean, don't they look iconic and superheroic here:

So what would they be like as superheroes, Shipper Nation? Any theories about what superpowers they'd have? Or how they came by them/origin stories? Or how they ended up working together in the first place (cause the only thing better than a superhero is a superhero team)

(And of course, the evils they'd have to face/conquer, because what is a superhero without those? The same goes for their costumes - what would you have them wear when they're in save-the-world mode? Catsuits? Capes?)

Any ideas, people? Put them in the comments! (along with fic, fic recs, gifs, manips, what have you)

(edit: [livejournal.com profile] rachelindeed has written this AWESOME pilots crossover with the Batman 'verse in the comments here, everyone should read it!)
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Since yesterday's discussion skewed towards Kara, I have a more Lee-centric topic for today.


What if after his brush with death during the Resurrection Ship battle, Lee left the military for politics instead of becoming the cammonader of Pegasus? How woudl Kara have reacted to Lee changing course at that point in the war? Would she have become the cammander of Pegasus? How would that have changed their relationship?

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What if… this were real?


(There’s a certain willful suspension of disbelief that goes along with this discussion. Because you can’t rely on the idea that Lee and Kara were doomed from the beginning by RDM. For this discussion you have to assume that there is the real possibility that Kara and Lee could be a real couple in the run of the series.)

What happens if Kara slept with Lee instead of Baltar on Colonial Day?

Starting while I first watched YCGHA, I started mapping out how I would have made Kara and Lee a real couple while at the same time keeping them apart and interesting.
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TGIF, everyone!  I hope you are all having a great week, and that those of you with a long weekend coming up will be able to relax and have some fun :)

For today's discussion, I was thinking of a panel interview with RDM and the actors I once saw, where someone asked if they would be interested in making a BSG movie once the TV show was over.  RDM said he thought that would be difficult because BSG was such an ensemble show, while a movie would have to focus in on just one or two characters.  And Jamie Bamber, bless him, said leadingly, "Which two characters?" :)

So, if you were given the budget, the actors, and full creative control, how would you make a BSG movie starring Kara and Lee?  What kind of story would you want a movie to tell?  Who would you ask to write, to direct?  Where in the timeline would you set it (prequel, early seasons, post-finale, totally AU)?  Would you want to come up with a new story, or is there some work of fanfic already out there that you think is just perfect for adaptation to the big screen?

Tell us your ideas, make us a promotional poster, write a bit of dialogue -- whatever you're in the mood for!

Movie stars in the making.
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Happy Thursday, everyone! 

I don't know about you, but when I have two heroic characters who are in love with each other, I often feel the temptation to put one of them in danger just for the pleasure of seeing the other one come to the rescue.  Kara's 'beyond insane' maneuver in the miniseries and her 'I could do this all day' bling during the mutiny are classic examples. 

Today, I'd love for you to share an idea about how Lee might rescue Kara, or Kara might rescue Lee (or both could work together to rescue themselves, buddy-cops style).  Your idea can be a comment, or a drabble or ficlet if you feel inspired.  It can be canon, AU, crossover, anything!  You can put them in physical jeopardy, emotional jeopardy, or anything inbetween.  Let's watch Kara and Lee save each other the best way they know how, because that's clearly what they're meant to do :)

"Damsel in Distress, currently on fire." //  "Would you like to be rescued?"  //  "Skip polite, go right to action." 
(Twice Upon a Time)
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What if 

...Gianne had been Kara's sister?
...Kara and Lee were together and she almost (or did) cheated on him with Zak?
...Kara had gotten shot in Sacrifice instead of Lee (not necessarily by him)?
...they'd been transported somewhere else when Kara put the arrow in the archer's bow?
...Lee had chosen Kara as his XO in/after Razor?
...Sam had realized he was a cylon on New Caprica?
...Dee had gotten pregnant?
...Kara and Lee had gotten trapped in the airlock instead of Chief and Cally?
...Lee or Kara discovered they were a cylon when they ran into another model of themself?
...Bill had died when Sharon shot him?
...Kara had started an actual relationship with Baltar after Colonial Day?
...Kara and Zak had actually eloped/gotten married?
...there had been a musical episode of BSG--(what would it have been about--who would have sang--what would they sing)?
...the show had learned they were going to get cancelled at the beginning of Season 2? or Season 3?

LOL. These are all incredibly angsty aren't they? Maybe you have some happier ones to suggest...

Pilots contemplate my list and Lee gets bummed out by all the angst.

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What if you could switch a pilot with any other BSG character in a particular scene or arc? What if Lee started the mutiny instead of Gaeta? How about if Kara became a religious cult leader (with a harem!) after her return from the maelstrom instead of Baltar? Or what if one of the pilots were the one to figure out who the final five were instead of Cally?

Kara the Cult Leader!

Lee discovers the Final Five! Oh Noes!

What would it mean for their characters individually...and together? Would switching roles with anyone in particular help pilots get together or hinder it? (I'm not really thinking Sam or Dee here, though certainly cases could be made for both of them as well.)

Talk it out, prompt a fic, or write a scene featuring a switched perspective!
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We kicked off this week's DPP by contemplating the possibility of no pilots, and moved on to lament the way they ended, on the third anniversary of the day.
Today, I'd like to offer up a third possibility: what if you got the chance to change things for pilots? Suppose you were given a choice of one point in the story from which to undo the injustices done to them in canon, what would you pick, to give those poor kids a shot at a happy ending? From which point, effectively, would you take them AU?

awwww, look at baby!pilots all happy!

Whether it's having Lee actually admit to Kara that he wants her in Colonial Day/Kobol's Last Gleaming (which is coming up this week in the rewatch!) or averting their marriages, or preventing Kara's death, or even if you're ok with everything all the way till/except for the poof and would only change that, tell us! (or would they be better off being taken completely AU and removed from canon entirely?)
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Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's post about piloty sartorial goodness (and badness). If you haven't done so already, it's not too late! You can still vote in the poll, post some picspam, add some snark to the mix, etc!

I tried to find the post on another comm that inspired this post, but that failed, so... please take a leap with me. Today, I'm asking you to do a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. Here are some questions for you to answer.*

What are some things we don't know about Kara, Lee, and the two of them together?

I'll start the Viper into the launch tube with some answers of my own below. Post away, y'all!

*These can be secrets, stories, fic recommendations, etc. Long, crackish, poetic, or visual responses especially encouraged!
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Now for those Neo Pagans/ Pagans/ Nature worshiping etc. Today is the Solstice. To be more accurate it is Winter Sostice (dictated by nature itself so it's a moving celebration.) We all know that Kara is pagan (as seen by all the greco-roman iconography.) So how would she, and conversely Lee, because he does secretly like a celebration, celebrate it.

Any way you want to express this is good. It can be comment!fic if you have the time, it can be a list, a one line scenario. You can even use that Dancing!Trica gif I see so often.

Have at, ha break on me and have fun!
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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's post! Yesterday's DPP yielded us two lovely fics, Buzzing The Beast by [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove and Mustering Out by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity - if you haven't read them yet, please show them some love! (we have such a talented fandom, don't we?)

Continuing with the speculation about canon blanks in the story of pilots, today I'd like to ask y'all what exactly you think happened in the time that elapsed between the end of Unfinished Business and beginning of The Eye of Jupiter, a.k.a. between the most heart-wrenching reunion/reconciliation in the history of storytelling (and this is not really hyperbole, we are talking about pilots after all) and the time when we finally found out that they'd stopped fighting their feelings and were outmaking like two people who couldn't get enough of each other.

Visual aids this way (just look at their faces, poor bbs):

And this (slightly happier sight to look at, at least in this still):

We never, ever get any idea from canon about how the affair began, other than that our favourite CAG and ace have been at it for a while by the time we see them, since they've spent at least a week on the algae planet with Kara flying donut runs to the surface every chance she gets. more this way (including fic recs and commentfic)! )
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Hello, everyone (I hope those of you who have Thanksgiving/holidays to celebrate will have a lovely time of it), and welcome to this week's DPP!

Today's topic of discussion is one of the gaping holes in the story of our pilots, i.e. a long stretch of time (and what looks like some possibly significant relationship development with loads of eyefrakking thrown in) which canon tells us NOTHING about. Specifically, the gap between this:

and this:

pics ahoy! (and discussion and fic too) )
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This is pretty simple…  (and totally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] kag523's LAD post the other day.  Thanks.)

How do Kara, Lee and they’re relationship evole over the course of the journey to Earth?


Feel free to stop before the POOF and supply a happier ending to your comparison.

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One of the most common complaints when it came to canon and pilots is that pilots' alternate love interests (aka Dee and Sam) just didn't seem to work as credible obstacles to keep pilots apart, and that they weren't even all that interesting to watch as relationships, which ultimately resulted in the turn for the stupid that was TAB.

Today's question is, what if you could pick new secondary love interests for pilots? Is there anyone in the massive extended cast of BSG who could have actually brought more and better to the Quadrangle of Doom than Sam and Dee? Would the story have been more believable if the "dead guy" Kara was hung up on in Scar was Helo (leave aside the fact that he's back on Galactica by then) or the woman Lee discovered an unexpected attraction to was Athena/Boomer (forcing him to reconsider his hatred of Cylons), or Laura?

Pilots contemplate picking out other people to romance/frak since they can't have each other...not fun but they'll do it.

Is there any way at all to make the Quadrangle of Doom palatable/worth our time, shipper nation?
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Behold, Battlestar Galactica is going to be adapted to the big screen and you have been asked to write a screenplay for the feature film.

                           Poster stolen from mruottin

The story could be set within the timeline of the show or reasonably before/after; should be primarily focused on the same characters (we want the pilots to be in the middle of it); and cannot change the main plot line of the TV series (i.e., Colonials never finding Earth is a "NO" but Kara returning after poof is "OK" as long as there's a half-decent explanation for it).

Share your story ideas for a possible BSG movie with us!!!  
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Good day everyone. I will be (for the very first time) hosting the pilots dpp week. Sorry for the later start today, I just got back to town and I had only started catching up on things. I planned some discussions, games, writing challenges etc. so hopefully we will all have lots of fun. 

Today's discussion/challenge topic is: Pilots from other people's POV

Wee know that Dee and Sam were aware of the feelings that the pilots had for each other and there were hints that Baltar, Laura and Sharon guessed a bit as well. What about other people in the fleet? Lee and Kara spend a great deal of time together (at least in early seasons) and they didn't always keep their confrontations private. Rumors across Galactica spread fast so I bet that quie a few folk where trying to figure out what was the deal between those two. 

If you are game, your task today is to pick a person from the list bellow and let us know what he or she thinks about Lee and Kara and their relationshipDoes he/she know/suspect anything? Is he/she interested in their relationship or finding out more?. Did he/she secretly root for them or against them? Did he or she had a thing for/crush on one of the pilots? Does he/she spread gossips about them?...

Get into "your person's" head and let your imagination go wild (the longer and wilder the better). Describe his/her feelings in your own words or write a drabble or link us to a fic. Anything that doesn't contradict the canon in a major way is fine. 

Military: William Adama, Saul Tigh, Felix Gaeta, Anastasia Dualla, Galen Tyrol, Cally Henderson, Helo, Sharon/Boomer/Athena, Hot Dog, Kat, Narcho, Racetrack, Helena Cain, Kendra Shaw Zak Adama

Civilians: Laura Roslin, Gaiius Baltar, Billy Keikeya, Samuel T. Anders, Tom Zarek, Romo Lampkin, Shevon, Tory Foster

Others: Six model, Leoben

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I love the early seasons of BSG. There was a sense of humor, a sense of hope, a sense of humanity...all of which slowly got leeched away from the show in later seasons in favor of darkness, doom and cylons. I often comment that I wish that tone of the first 25 episodes could have gone on forever. That I would have liked to see how *that show* resolved.

However, the last few seasons aren’t all bad. We never would have gotten to seen Tigh with his eye patch if not! Or, that gorgeous brig scene in Six of One. So here’s my question--where would you stop the show or change its navigational course (i.e. "My personal canon ends with Unfinished Business Extended") and what would you graft on to it or keep from later seasons?

Maybe they'd never find the Pegasus and that would change things, but Lee would still quit the fleet? Or perhaps all you needed was a perfect 13 and you wanna end it at KLG1 but give Tigh an eye patch from the beginning?

Or the reverse...maybe some of you like seasons 3 and 4 much better than the early seasons, so you'd wish themes in those two happened earlier and there were just a few things from 1 and 2 you'd keep...like the Colonial Day water fight?

Basically it's all about cobbling your ideal or preferred show together from what we saw. What would you take? What would you leave?
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There was some awesome ranting yesterday which brought up some excellent points that I hadn't really considered much before, so if you're feeling a bit angry today, or just fancy catching up with what was said yesterday, go take a look :)

Today I was thinking it would be fun to speculate on Pilots in other sci-fi settings.

Some ideas for examples:

Doctor Who: What would they be like fighting alongside The Doctor? What would they make of Daleks? Would they find Cybermen similar enough to chromejobs to be just more of the same?

Star Wars: I've seen it said before that the raid on the Tylium facility in Hand of God was rather like some of the imagery of the Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star - what if they really were?

Farscape: In [livejournal.com profile] pocochina's OMG me too post [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge mentioned she'd like to see Hybrid!Sam&Galactica meeting Pilot&Moya, which seems like a pretty awesome idea the more I think it over - how would Pilots do in such a scenario?

Star Trek: So many awesome franchises and ideas here. How would you see Pilots & Galactica coping in the federation?

These are obviously just examples, you can go for any scifi that you fancy. So go ahead and use today's DPP as space to write some fic (no word limits/restrictions), create some artwork if you're so inclined, or if you're not feeling creative but fancy speculating or have some awesome recs to do with scifi crossover then go ahead and include those :)

I used my dirty paint.net skills to create some examples to get your juices flowing. The joins are seamless, right? ;)

Kara and Lee are arguing, completely missing the fact that there's a bunch of Daleks closing in fast...

Kara pushes Lee home having completed their mission to destroy the death star
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Hello everyone, and welcome to the DPP! Today we'll be talking about something that pilots were probably desperately in need of through most of the series, though they fulfilled that need for each other for the most part*.

In canon, we've seen that Lee and Kara are each other's best friends, but they really don't have too many others - Helo's one of the few people who gets close to Kara, and I'm assuming any friends Lee had before boarding Galactica were nuked with the rest of the Twelve Colonies. And yet, with yesterday's discussion about what we'd tell them if we could stage relationship interventions, it got me thinking - pilots could really do with more friends. Not that I don't love them as friends, esp. when they have *gigglesnort*-inducing moments like this one:
pilots in 33

But, they could really use a few more people to unburden to who aren't ghost piano players, head!Cylons or hookers, and where BSG canon will not provide it, we're probably better off looking in other canon. That's right, give Lee and Kara friends from other fandoms! And here is my top nominee:

 .....This way, please! )


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