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Behold, Battlestar Galactica is going to be adapted to the big screen and you have been asked to write a screenplay for the feature film.

                           Poster stolen from mruottin

The story could be set within the timeline of the show or reasonably before/after; should be primarily focused on the same characters (we want the pilots to be in the middle of it); and cannot change the main plot line of the TV series (i.e., Colonials never finding Earth is a "NO" but Kara returning after poof is "OK" as long as there's a half-decent explanation for it).

Share your story ideas for a possible BSG movie with us!!!  
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Put your gloves on, today's discussion is about Unfinished Business

The most romantic BSG episode has two version and although, people vary as to which one they prefer, I think that it is safe to assume that we all wish that the final product was a combination of  these two. Some things are simply better in UB, while others in UBEX. Today, we're going to mix up the best of both episodes in order to "create" the perfect 'Unfinished Business' cut. 

Throughout the day, I will be posting caps (courtesy of Emma-Jane), videos (courtesy of pilotography) or descriptions of Kara/Lee scenes that differ between the aired and extended version. I'll try to go from ep start to finish and include all the important moments.

P.S. Yesterday's game was a great fun. Many thanks to everyone who contributed with some wonderful drabbles. The post will stay open until the end of the week so feel free to keep the fun going. Those poor kids are still keeping their clothes on and haven't even shared a proper kiss. I think it'd be cruel of us to leave them like that.

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Great fics often start with great first lines. For today's DPP, write an Opening Line of an imaginary fic. Everyone else, tell us what happens next. You can write fic or simply describe.

I've left a few Opening Lines in the comments to get us started. (For an added challenge, don't read anyone else's "responses" until you've written yours.)

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73: Bee!Wish Ficlet by [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper: Fic Header(!) by [livejournal.com profile] kag523 . (OMGOMGOMG)
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Today, I'm going to give you a simple three-step assignment:

1. In a separate document, write a paragraph that describes why you love pilots, how they love each other, or why they are meant to be together. (Less than 50 words will work best.)

2. Drop that paragraph into WORDLE and make a word cloud. Modify as you like.

3. Post the word cloud in a comment. (If you don't have a photobucket/imageshack account, try tinypic, where you don't need to make an account, can just upload and paste the HTML code into a comment.)

Here is one of many that I made a while back:

clicky )

I will do my best to post links to the wishes granted each day so you can actually find them among the many comments.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] rachelmack: Random Bunk/Snuggle Fic by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] kag523: Icons from Manips by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper: Ficlet - The Club (See Warnings) by [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu: K/L icons by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1.

Wish granted for [livejournal.com profile] trappermcintyre: Home Sweet Home by [livejournal.com profile] taragel

Two people are still without any wishes being claimed. *shakes fists at the fickle nature of the gods* If you are looking to grant a wish, check out these wishes: here and here and here. Thank you!

Have a great day!
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It's time to dig into your head!canon about the events that take place before the series. For the themes and/or questions below, tell us your head!canon. Doesn't matter if it's the same as someone else's because I think everyone's way of thinking about pilots gives a new perspective. And it does not have to fit in canon or even be all that realistic. Just go for it!

If you don't have a personal head!canon (even though I think everyone does to some extent), rec a fic that tells an element of their backstory in a way that you like (or has become your head!canon). If it's a multi-chapter fic, reccing a specific chapter would be great, as I think we've all probably read just about everything.

If you are so inclined, write a fic that shows us. *bribes your muse*

I've grouped the themes and questions into comments below - reply to those to keep things vaguely organized so we can all discuss. I'm excited to read everyone's theories and I hope fic will be inspired along the way!

The time for making a wish has passed, but there are many wishes left to be granted. GO HERE to make someone's wish come true!
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The Kara/Lee part of BSG fandom is chock full of amazing talent. Fic, graphics, meta, icons, manips, fanmixes, artwork...the list goes on. Today, I'm going to give you the opportunity to make a wish in the hopes that one of our talented shippers will grant it. Hell, I'm going to give you three.

1. Make one wish per comment, up to three wishes per person.
2. You may wish for anything that's possible to create in just a few days (ficlet, drabble, icon, manip, song, poetry, GIF, wallpaper, etc.).
3. BE SPECIFIC. As an icon maker and writer, it can be difficult to fulfill a prompt to someone's liking if it is too vague.
4. Expect that only one of your wishes might be granted. (I'll make sure everyone gets at least one!)
5. Stare at the stars anxiously waiting for your wish to be granted.

1a. Claim a wish with a comment: "I will grant this wish". (Only one person may grant a wish.)
1b. If you are willing to grant more than one wish, spread the love around to multiple wishers.
2. Sprinkle your magic fairy dust and create create create...
3. Post your creation, or a link to your creation as a comment to the wish.
4. If you are going to be unable to grant a wish you've claimed, please delete the claim comment.
5. Gifts are due by Sunday, the 25th, but earlier would be better!

This Wishlist is for new items only. Please don't rec fics or graphics that already fill the wish. If someone is requesting something that exists (e.g., like requesting a manip of Kara and Lee as jedis) just skip it. Or make another one! :D

Leave your questions as replies to the first comment.

ETA: It would be helpful if you could number your wishes as I have done below. It will help me IMMENSELY to keep track of things. :D

THE WISHING WELL CLOSES AT 11:59 TONIGHT. Make your wishes now! Granting a wish can occur any time this week. :)

There are two pages of wishes! Don't forget to go to the second page! We have wishes that have not been granted. Lords of Kobol, hear their prayer!
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Hi, Shipper Nation! Long time, no see, I know, but I'm Heather and I'll be leading the DPP this week. :)

You know, my boss and I were talking the other day about where BSG went wrong, and we decided that the best place for a reboot would be directly after Unfinished Business (or, okay, she decided and I went along with it because as many problems as I have with Season 3 as a whole and the mess Kara and Lee were already in at that point, I can't deny I love the ep). Let's say that BSG ended with UB and you've been asked to reboot the series from that point, with a focus on what, in hindsight, the studio thinks was one of the strongest relationships in the show--Kara and Lee. (I know, I know, not bloody likely--just go with it!) You have *zero* knowledge of future events in the show that actually aired from that point on. Blank canvas. Where do you go with it?

Some inspiration:

pilots moments by aynohyeb
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It's New Year's Eve!

Discussion is still going strong at yesterday's post about crack, so check that out if you haven't put your two cents in yet.

New Year's Eve, I'm led to understand, is about kissing. So, what are your favourite pilot kisses, either in canon or fic? I looooove the kissing in Stupid Thing Last Night myself...

Alternately, a challenge. Write our pilots celebrating New Year's Eve.
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Hey y'all...seems like our train has run off the tracks a bit over the weekend! I've also tried contacting this week's conductor ([livejournal.com profile] owldark) but am not sure she is around much anymore.

Since almost 40% of responders in the poll last week expressed interest in the DPP dropping down to a 3 x week thing, in lieu of a conductor that's what we'll do this week.

For now, here's a tiny writing challenge ganked from [livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies:

Write a sentence (or more!) about pilots in which each word begins with the same letters/sounds as the previous word.

Here's a long example I submitted for the challenge:

Kissing gets somewhat tiresome eventually.

"Your rack, Kara."

"And Dee?"

Everything gives sometime.


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