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It's finally Saturday, and I thought I'd wrap the week with a good old-fashioned picspam of pilots having fun

(feel free to add to the picspam, or to go over any of this week's posts - the more piloty discussion/squee, the better!):

more pics this way! )

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Hey you all! I'll take over for this week. I'll apologize in advance for the strange hours of the posts. Today's is a little late, tomorrow's might be a little early, etc. 

For today I have a question: How much do the people in BSG universe are able to live in the moment? The question refers to everybody but especially to our pilots. So, are they living by this or is Kara's statement in Scar the exception?

The answer can be about only canon or head-canon or even fandom (Recs of fics where they do this are not only permitted but very-very welcomed).


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Welcome to a new DPP week, pilotshippers! I've shamelessly stolen the title of this post from [livejournal.com profile] letterstonorah's flawless and amazing fic, but the actual topic really is the subject of the names of our pilots, and the ways that they use them.

We've seen in canon that pilots, for a couple so obviously in love on such an epic scale, are rather different from most couples in one major respect: we NEVER hear them call each other by an endearment or cheesy nickname, ever (callsigns don't count). When they're making epic declarations or not-quite declarations of love, or the eyefrakking is particularly intense, they tend to resort to first names or full names, like they do here:

This also happens quite a bit when they're in situations where they shouldn't be using first names, like when they're out flying and should be on callsigns - one of these that often get overlooked is in KLG1, when Lee uses her name over the comms just before Kara jumped away, when previously he'd been so mad at her he couldn't use anything but her rank when speaking to her. (and that brings me to my other point - when the denial/anger is running high, we see them resort to the most distant forms of address imaginable for them - their official ranks).

What do you think of all this, Shipper Nation? Feel free to discuss, and bring up all the other instances I missed out on!

PS: We have a new commentfic by [livejournal.com profile] dramaturgca over at the last DPP, and anyone who loves AUs should most definitely read it. You know what they say about a pilot by any other name....
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Yesterday, one of the questions I asked Shipper Nation at large was what their favourite pilothair was, and since I'm really into trivia (hair being important trivia) today is going to be the day for the Hair!Report!

     where it all began     

I'm going to post some of my fave pilots hair looks, each in a separate comment to this entry, and I'd like everyone to join in with posting their faves too, along with the reasons why you feel that hair is so awesome :)

Nothing is too trivial, appreciation/nitpicking is very much encouraged, and as always, feel free to bring up pic/gif evidence (this is a great source), since this post could always do with more of the pretty :) (and of course, if anyone feels like writing a fic involving hair, please go right ahead)

PS: the Friending Meme is still open, do go ahead and answer it/meet your fellow shippers if you haven't already, we've had a few newcomers to the post today and they are all awesome. 
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We've had a comfortably quiet week here, and it's been nice (I would like to speculate that it is because people are following the collective meltdown of one of the most annoying fandoms in existence in the wake of scandalous celeb gossip, but that's just me and my cackling, plus my eternal gratitude that we're not anything like that level of crazy). 

And speaking of firsts, here is a pic of the first moment that made me really start shipping pilots:

It's almost the weekend, and in honour of that I'm inviting everyone to have a trip down memory lane - tell us about the first pilots fic you remember reading/liking, or alternatively, the first pilots fic you ever wrote! (for those of us who've written fic, that is - discussion of meta, fanvids and fanmixes is also welcome - the more the merrier!)

Yesterday's post, on what other characters might have thought of pilots, is still up so feel free to tell us what you think of that too, if you feel like it. 
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Thursday is upon us. Monday we talked about new fic. Tuesday we talked about Lee and Kara as people and why we were drawn to them. Yesterday we started an alphabet meme (and we're only up to G so if anyone is feeling inspired, I'm leaving it open until Sunday) and were rewarded with some lovely fic and graphics so you guys should go check that out if you haven't already.

Today we're gonna go to the dark side. Basically, the topic of conversation is:Weird and wonderful places for pilots to get it on )
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Good day to you all, welcome to Tuesday. Yesterday I asked people to recommend any NEW pilots fic that they really enjoyed or thought that not enough people read. If you have ideas, go pop them in the discussion at yesterday's post

Today I am curious to know about your personal relationship with pilots. Tell me the ONE quality of either Kara or Lee that makes you relate to them, and why. Is it a quality that you see in yourself? Or one that you wish you did? Is it a quality that is so completely different from your own personality that it intrigues you, mystifies you? Is it something that reminds you of someone that you love?

Enquiring minds want to know...
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Yep, the insanity has hit the home stretch, and with this thought in mind I thought spare you any hard thinking.[Poll #1805537]

Thank you to all who took part!

See you tomorrow for your Christmas present!!!!
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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's post! Yesterday's DPP yielded us two lovely fics, Buzzing The Beast by [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove and Mustering Out by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity - if you haven't read them yet, please show them some love! (we have such a talented fandom, don't we?)

Continuing with the speculation about canon blanks in the story of pilots, today I'd like to ask y'all what exactly you think happened in the time that elapsed between the end of Unfinished Business and beginning of The Eye of Jupiter, a.k.a. between the most heart-wrenching reunion/reconciliation in the history of storytelling (and this is not really hyperbole, we are talking about pilots after all) and the time when we finally found out that they'd stopped fighting their feelings and were outmaking like two people who couldn't get enough of each other.

Visual aids this way (just look at their faces, poor bbs):

And this (slightly happier sight to look at, at least in this still):

We never, ever get any idea from canon about how the affair began, other than that our favourite CAG and ace have been at it for a while by the time we see them, since they've spent at least a week on the algae planet with Kara flying donut runs to the surface every chance she gets. more this way (including fic recs and commentfic)! )
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Hello, everyone (I hope those of you who have Thanksgiving/holidays to celebrate will have a lovely time of it), and welcome to this week's DPP!

Today's topic of discussion is one of the gaping holes in the story of our pilots, i.e. a long stretch of time (and what looks like some possibly significant relationship development with loads of eyefrakking thrown in) which canon tells us NOTHING about. Specifically, the gap between this:

and this:

pics ahoy! (and discussion and fic too) )
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Put your gloves on, today's discussion is about Unfinished Business

The most romantic BSG episode has two version and although, people vary as to which one they prefer, I think that it is safe to assume that we all wish that the final product was a combination of  these two. Some things are simply better in UB, while others in UBEX. Today, we're going to mix up the best of both episodes in order to "create" the perfect 'Unfinished Business' cut. 

Throughout the day, I will be posting caps (courtesy of Emma-Jane), videos (courtesy of pilotography) or descriptions of Kara/Lee scenes that differ between the aired and extended version. I'll try to go from ep start to finish and include all the important moments.

P.S. Yesterday's game was a great fun. Many thanks to everyone who contributed with some wonderful drabbles. The post will stay open until the end of the week so feel free to keep the fun going. Those poor kids are still keeping their clothes on and haven't even shared a proper kiss. I think it'd be cruel of us to leave them like that.

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 ......is the basic principle of pilots, it seems like. Many moons ago, I remember thinking that pilots and their connection were as much if not more about the things they don't say to each other, as the things they actually do end up admitting (this is quite apart from the fact that they understand each other in a way that often doesn't need words). Which makes sense for pilots as characters  - Lee tends to be a thinker, Kara is more of a doer, but neither of them is much of a talker.

This -------> UST boiling over practically all the time and intensity off the charts, but also mad frustration waiting for them to just say something, dammit! especially given that they both have such a hard time opening up about things that bother them (they'd rather beat each other to a pulp in public than admit to being insecure and heartbroken), and their actual conversations can go disastrously**. On the other hand, sometimes they actually do manage to actually spit it out; Lee admits to Kara that he didn't want to come back from his spacewalk in RS2, and Maelstrom has Kara talking to Lee about her time in Leoben's twisted New Caprica dollhouse as if she's told him the details before. 

Today's question is: if you had take one of the many, many times that pilots end up not telling each other what's really eating them up inside - whether that's to do with their feelings for each other, or something else - and actually make that conversation happen, which one would you pick? Mine is the one below: 

On one hand, I love that the first person Kara went to for help after having to face the fact that she was dead was Lee and not anyone else. It's a statement about how far she's come as a character that she can admit that she needs her friend to share that knowledge, even if she couldn't ultimately share it with him right then - but the way she puts aside her own pain in the face of Lee's so she can be a friend to him, it breaks my heart every time. It also makes the memorial hallway scene in Islanded In A Stream of Stars that much more beautiful because once he did know, even if he was a little late, he came through for her in spades. 

So which pilots conversation would you have steered a little closer to the truth, if you had the chance? Or which one would you make them have?

**two especially depressing examples: Lee confronting Kara in KLG1 and, that painful, awful conversation in TAB.
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Today's DPP is simple enough, and it's also something I've wondered about for a long time in our little fandom: when did you guys realize you'd started shipping pilots? What was the moment that made you fall in love with them and know that this was it for you, that they were your OTP, and there was no going back?

I've always thought that pilots practically hit us around the head with the repression and the romance and EPICNESS right from the miniseries, until the time - a few years ago now - when I found a bit of meta from someone who said that Scar (deep in the second half of S2) was the episode that made her see Lee and Kara's relationship as a romance. Considering that this happened after several episodes and moments that I considered pivotal to pilots - all the UST and eyefrakking, the Colonial Day dressing-up, the Leegasm and post-Baltar-frak angst, and even Lee's welcome-back kiss and inadvertent  "I love you" to Kara in Home, and that's just for starters -  I was more than a little surprised. But I'm still curious to see how long it took each of you to climb aboard the ship, and what brought you there.

In any case, here is my own story of how pilots first won my heart, before they ripped it out of my chest and tore it to tiny little shreds and then put it back, thus ruining me for other fictional couples forever  (partly taken from an old diary, because I actually fangirled them ON PAPER).

Here goes....

Pilots in the brig
Read More... )
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Morning ladies and fanfolks :D (Well, it's almost afternoon here) I am posting early for two reasons - 1) I am going out. and 2) MOAR TIME FOR FICTIONS!!! which is always a good thing.

This is my final DPP this week and it is, indeed, yes, it is, a FIC MEME. An IN CANON fic meme inspired by some of the comments from the week's DPP discussions, and some interesting ideas from yesterday's missing scenes wishes.

The rules are simple and few:

1) Post prompts!!

2) FILL prompts!!

3) All fills MUST be wholly supported by canon - you CANNOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE SHOW IN ANY WAY. If you do you will be PUNISHED! (I'm not quite sure how, but there will be frosty looks and strongly worded letters involved I can tell you that much for sure)

4) Have fun!!!!


And it's as simple as that. Obviously it would be nice if you could fill a prompt for every one you post, but I'm not going to impose it as a rule or anything because I feel like it discourages people from prompting, and we like prompts, so prompt freely and with abandon! Reckless Abandon (which is the title of an erotica novel my mother owned when I was young which I read when I was far too young and didn't understand AT ALL) if you so choose.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! (tiny exclamation marks for giant text makes me unusually happy) I am officially passing the DPP wheel over to the next lunatic.

It's been real, y'all


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Hey guys, it's Friday!!! Woooooooooooooooooop!!!!

I've had an awesome week of fandom fun with all of you guys, we've talked about imaginary stuff, pilots set to music, pilots as other people and fics that make us click. We've swooned and squeed over Bamceps and the incredible bromance of Fassbender and Macavoy, we've reccomended our favourite fics and hopefully people have had the opportunity to read some things they haven't read before, and generally, I like to think, we've had an all-round good time. Thanks everyone for playing along, I've had a blast :) I've got one more post set up for tomorrow, but today is my last discussiony one, the weekend is something different.

So today I thought we'd talk about things we would have liked to see, missing scenes that never were sort of thing. Are there questions you think are unanswered? Are there moments that you wish we had been shown? And bear in mind this is not a fix-it, not a what would you have changed, I'm talking about scenes or conversations which have no overall change on canon or the outcome of the show, but that you feel would have made that episode better, made a later scene make more sense, or would just have really liked to have seen.

For instance -

I really wish that we had seen more of their interaction in Scar - I want to know what happened between them kissing in the rec room to stripping in the bunk room, and I know that it's fairly obvious what happened in the general sense, but I am greedy when it comes to pilots actually getting it on, and wish we had seen the whole sequence, seen how they reacted to the initial kiss, how they got themselves to the bunkroom, I just want MORE!

I also want to see more of the scene at the end of Resurrection Ship II where he drops the "I didn't want to come back" bomb, because I really want to know how she reacted to that, what she said. And I know that there's lots of really good fic that hypothesise the outcome, but obviously it became a point of estrangement between them given the following episodes, and I just would like to know what actually happened.

What about you guys?
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Hello hello my fangirl friends :) What an interesting week we have had so far. Yesterday we discussed our wacky ideas involving Pilots in OTHER stories, and there were some interesting suggestions, some awesome manips, some exciting fic reccomendations, and lively discussion besides.

And of course there was the obligatory Fassavoy gif hijack :P

Today is all about your favourite tropes. I know we had a trope based discussion on Monday, but this is slightly different. I've been going through my delicious bookmarks trying to get them into some kind of order, and I'm noticing certain trends.

So my question for you is this:

What are the tropes/categories if you're not clear on tropitude that will almost guarantee you will read a fic? What does an author need to put in the genre/notes section to make you clicky clicky without even really reading the summary? Tell me what your weaknesses are, and rec some of your favourites if you like.

wanna know mine? )

Alright, enough from me, you go :)

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Good day to you all, today's post is a little bit on the late side because public transort in England is enough to frequently make you want to kill yourself. But on to happier things :)

Yesterday we talked about our musical inspiration when it comes to writing pilots fic, I have started compiling a new playlist of all your favourites, they were most excellent.

Today's show is slightly different.

I have a slight problem, I suspect that some of you share it, in that I SEE PILOTS EVERYWHERE! So today I thought we could talk about the other films/tv shows/books that you all think are PERFECT for Pilots.What do you want to see as a crossover? What stories would be made better with Kara and Lee as the main characters?

Can't think of any?
here are some ideas to get you started! )
Hopefully that's enough to keep everyone going! I have to go have a shower but I shall be back with some thoughts of my own, and possibly some incredibly cracked out manips. Have fun!
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The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall
You say it best... When you say nothing at all

~When You Say Nothing At All, Keith Whitly


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