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All right, Shippers. Grab as much alcohol as you can hold, pile up the tissue boxes, and meet back HERE at 10 pm EST for the Maelstrom rewatch!

(throwing this up early in case I can't make it back later)
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All right, kids, here we go!

Shall we start with a roll call? Who's with me tonight?
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Are y'all cool with starting a little earlier?  Maybe 9 CST / 10 EST?

Let's plan to meet back here regardless.  I'm going to pimp over at the other comms too.

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Too much sexy, too much snarky, too much angsty equals TOO MUCH FUN FOR SHIPPER NATION LIVEBLOG!!!!

Meet back here-- 9:30 CST / 10:30 EST.

Good times, people.  Good times.  : )

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...aka, BSG Gets All Lifetime Movie on Our Asses, Dee Makes a Choice that Will Divide Fandom Forever, Kara Wears a Really Cute Shirt, and Lee Must Fend off the Grabby Hands of Ellen Tigh ... Again.

Meet back here at 9:30 CST / 10:30 EST.  Password is Rutabaga.  ; P

Peace out.
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Meet back here at 9:30 CST / 10:30 CST.  There's gonna be a ruckus! (Actually probably not, but I just really like that word today.  Ruckus.  Ruck-us.  Just say it out loud a couple of times.  Good stuff.)

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Meet back here at 9:30 CST / 10:30 EST for a very special liveblog.  Black Market, my friends.  Go and gather whatever you need (booze, fortitude, a heightened sense of the absurd) to help you make it through.

Godspeed, Shipper Nation.
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Anyone up for watching Resurrection Ship pts 1 and 2 tonight?  Maybe get started a little earlier-- 9:00 CST/10:00 EST?

Thoughts?  Comments?  Questions?  Spontaneous poetry?
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See ya back here at 9:30 CST/10:30 EST for the greatest BSG arc EVAH.

**wanders back to inbox of 8 zillion messages from the awesome meme**
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See ya back here in a few hours, my lovelies (9:30 CST / 10:30 EST).

Oxygen deprivation FTW!!!!
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Okey dokey.  Just setting things up in case there's a pregame party brewin'....
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Tonight we're watching the hallowed towel episode FINAL CUT.  See ya there at 9:30 CST/10:30 EST !!

(And there damn well better be a gif parade...)
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Well, at least 10 of them.  And they declare the we shall have ANOTHER Home 1 and 2 rewatch liveblog of piloty awesomeness!

So prepare yourselves!  9:00 pm CST / 10:00 EST.

See you there, Shipper Nation.  Peace out.
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Ok, we need to have a brief powow, peeps.

There have been some requests for an encore rewatch of Home 1 and 2 before we move onto Final Cut.


1.  Should we do an encore?

2.  If so, when?

3.  If not, do we commence with Final Cut this evening?

Thank you for your assistance.  : )
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Dashing off to complete my new year's playlist (woo hoo!), but I'll see you back here in an hour my dears to PARTY DOWN.

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I know that today is supposed to be the US Home 1 and 2 rewatch extravaganza, but y'all, when did we decide to do it?  Regular time or different? 

Thanks for the assistance, my lovlies.  : )
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Do you remember this?

And this???

Spread the word, fellow shippers and shameless Lee fangirls!!!! At 10 pm EST/9 pm CST we're going to liveblog one of the best S1 eps –and drool over all the unspeakable hotness of Captain Lee Adama!

Alpha!Lee at his best! Kara giving him the Adama!cigar! Lee smoking that cigar!!!
(ok, anyone is up for discussing some freudian theories???)

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 Ok, kids, we're 3 minutes away.  Synchronize your DVD's.......
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Back by popular demand, we will be continuing our liveblog rewatch series with Flesh and Bone at 10 pm EST/ 9 pm CST.  Stop by and bring your buddies-- it should be a blast!
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Ok, so last night's liveblog on Six Degrees of Separation was heaps of fun.  Now the question remains-- how shall we setup the schedule?

The way I see it, we have two options:

1.  Schedule a liveblog of the next ep EVERY MONDAY.

2.  Schedule a liveblog of the next ep EVERY MONDAY AND EVERY SATURDAY.

3.  Consider doing something else altogether.

So... whatchya think?  Twice a week or once a week or something different?

Speak up, Shipper Nation!  Let's hear from you!  : D


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