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While not saving the Fleet or generally being awesome, the pilots tend to do a lot of drinking...

...which can only lead to stupid drinking games!

Not just for our kick-ass couple, questions can be asked by, or to, any of the pilots.

Marry, Shag, Throw Off a Cliff

Kara asks Helo: Lee, Sam and Hotdog?

Helo brings in to question the legitimacy of Kara's birth, her father's birth, the questionable sexual practices of her mother, and the number of times Kara has received blows to the head or been in low-oxygen situations. He finally answers that he'd Marry Sam, Shag Lee, and Cliff Hotdog.

Lee quickly moves his chair away while Hotdog demands to know what he needs to change. Helo responds by asking him: Kara, Kat, or Racetrack?

If you've got a new game, then start a new thread (I iz trying for teh organizations).
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The pilots are playing "Never have I ever" game.

Settings: Between Rapture and Take A Break From All Your Worries (3.12-3.13). 

Background: Galactica pilots haven't had a break for weeks and they have all been absolutely exhausted from the food shortage, radiation storm and mining on the Algae planet. On top of that Starbuck (who can't fly because of her burnt hands) has been a complete mess and has been driving everybody crazy. The CAG's been completely avoiding her and unwilling to deal with her. No wonder everybody is sick of both Starbuck and Apollo and the weird tension between them. Finally the XO orders most of the pilots off-rotation for the next 48 hours so it doesn't take long for a kick-ass party to be started in the rec room. After many hours, the fun's been dying down and there are only eight people scattered around. The only thing left to drink are six bottles of the infamous "Head Hammer", a batch of the Chiefs homemade brew, which not only tastes terrible but gives the absolute worst hangover ever. No wonder that everybody avoids it like plague so Starbuck suggests to play the "I never" game with it. 

Players: Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Helo, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally and Hot Dog
1. Pick a player and start with “I’ve never…”. Label your comment with the call sign of your player.
2. Let someone else respond to your “I never”. In a minimum, the response should tell us who (if anybody) had to take a shot.
3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player.
4. Let’s see which player will be the most drunk at the end of the night.
General rules:
1. Stay in canon but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about Hot Dog’s love life etc.
2. Your “I never” challenges and responses could be as short as a sentence (e.g. Helo: “I’ve never been to Virgon”; Response: Athena and Apollo drink) or as long as a drabble/ficlet (banter, banter, banter…).
3. Only one response per each “I never”.
If playing for Helo, Athena, Racetrack, Narcho, Cally or Hot Dog:
You want to get the CAG and the flight instructor as drunk and embarrassed as humanly possible while avoiding getting smashed yourself. It’s up to you player whether he or she wants to ruin someone else in the process as well. Try to get into your player’s head and think about what they could have known or guessed about Kara and Lee.
If playing for Apollo or Starbuck:
Well, that’s entirely up to you. Will they realize that the kids are trying to get back to them, put their differences aside and team up against them? Or will they ignore everybody around them and try to solve their issues by washing the dirty laundry in the public?
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Today the pilots are playing "Truth or Dare?" game. They just need a little bit of our help to get started.  

Settings: Pre-mini (between Daybreak flashbacks and Zak’s accident). It is late night and Lee and Kara are stuck in a room together sharing a bottle (or two) of Ambrosia. They are both feeling uncharacteristically chatty and adventurous so Kara suggests to play "Truth or Dare". I wrote a short background story that explained how did Kara and Lee end up alone without Zak but I decided that it's better to leave it mysterious.

Players: Starbuck and Apollo 

1. Pick a player (Lee or Kara) and ask a question or challenge a dare. Label your comment as “Kara Dares Lee” or “Lee Asks Kara” etc. for better clarity. 

2. Let someone else answer your question or respond to your dare (impersonating the other player in the process). 

3. Do (1) as many times as you want. You do not have to stick to the same player and you do not have to wait for a response to the previous challenge

General rules: 
1. Stay in canon (it shouldn’t be difficult since we barely know anything about the pre-mini period) but use your own imagination and crazy head!canon ideas about the pilots and their background. Everything’s fine as long as you don’t go completely AU.

2. Your questions/answers and dares/responses could be as short as a sentence (Lee: “What’s your favourtie colour?” Kara: “Green”) or as long as a drabble or a short fic (additional banter or background information are always welcomed).

3. Only one response per each truth/dare challenge
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Hey there shipper nation!

It's so nice to see you all again! I haven't had as much time for DPP recently as I would have liked, but this week I am taking the wheel so I have to make time. And like the cylons I have a (wacky, slightly ridiculous, probably won't work at all but I'll give it a shot anyway and then claim that whatever happens it was what I meant to do) plan.

I do hereby declare this week to be party week, and as such, I would like to play some games. Games are fun, everyone can take part, AND, you win prizes.

Today's post has three seperate portions.

But what are these portions? you ask... )

Ok, keep your eye on the comments for the first round of questions, and have fun!
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Hi, everyone! Sorry to be late in posting today, but I hope you’re all having a great end of the week. I so enjoyed your wonderful analysis yesterday – I love that kind of discussion. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, and for once again proving just how much there is to be found in these wonderful characters.

For today, I was thinking about a little word game that we might play. I was introduced to it in a long-ago DPP, and I think it’s fun:


Weigh your words... )


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Alright, shippers, it's time to ring in Friday afternoon with some pilots humor XD

Step One: Spam the comments with as many lol-worthy things as you can find. Don't worry about condensing things in comments, we actually want to spread things out into a lot of comments.

Step Two: If we get a lot of comments, we can play DON'T FRAKKIN' LAUGH. The object of this game is to get through the comment page without laughing.
If and when you do laugh, you comment to whatever made you laugh with "Frak! I lost" or whatever.
If a new comment page starts up, the game starts over.

Have fun!
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We've had many discussions about Kara and Lee turning up in alternate universes. The majority of AUs seems to be variations on BSG itself or taking the characters of Lee Adama and Kara Thrace and putting them into a pre-existing universe, either as themselves (pilots in the Firefly universe) or as characters who take on the role of an existing literary or television figures (Lizzy and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice).

I'd like to challenge you create your own tiny AU, NOT based on any other story, show, movie, etc. Give us a snippet of Kara and Lee as archeologists, doctors, coal miners, lumberjacks, lawyers, whatever you like. Create your own universe and give us a snippet (a fic, a description, a few lines of dialogue, a manip, etc.). I understand that keeping the pilots as themselves will require keeping many of the same backstory dynamics - that's to be expected - pilots are pilots for many frakked up reasons.

(I understand of course, that NONE of this is particularly original - I have gotten lost in TV Tropes, after all. But see if anything gets sparked in your imaginary world.)

A few ideas to get you started... )
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Yesterday's post filled me with even more longing for pilots than I already had. But I also felt comforted that all you other shippers get it, too, and that's why you and I keep coming back. Today, I'm going to tap into a little bit of that loving feeling, but from a character perspective.

Write (or create) a letter about love, declaring love, mentioning love, referring to love (or interest!), decrying love, or making jokes about love as it pertains our pilots. You can also write a little drabble about a letter or describing the actions that happened because of a letter. But something about letter should be included.

To do this, you MUST assume ONE THING: These letters take at least one or two weeks to arrive at their destination. Call it cylon interference, or a burgeoning Pony Express, I don't care - but keep that assumption in mind. This is not a chat or email - make it paper. Other forms could be postcards, invitations, announcements, formal reprimands(!), or if you're Kara, something scrawled on a bar napkin. It's up to you.

Some ideas to get you started )

ETA: I almost forgot that I promised a shout-out to [livejournal.com profile] heliotitans's new BSG RPG (Role Playing Game) that will be K/L friendly. For more info, go here.
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Hey shippers! We've had some wonderful comment!fic and commentary over the past two days. Bravo! Today I'm going to lighten it up and move to the graphics end of things. We've had a lot of "Favorite" posts, but I thought I'd do a Best and Worst post to capture the range of the most wonderful and most awful of pilots.

How you interpret Best and Worst is up to you: for example, worst dialogue can pertain to the writing or to the content - whichever you prefer (or both).

Opinions may differ but here are a few of mine:




More of my Best and Worst and The List )
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The Rules )

The Items )

glitter logo - http://www.sparklee.com

ETA 7:40 PM EST -- WE HAVE OUR FIRST WINNER! Congratulations [livejournal.com profile] shah_of_blah!

ETA 10:50 PM EST -- AND WE HAVE OUR SECOND PLACE WINNER! Congratulations [livejournal.com profile] lotus79 !

ETA 11:15 AM EST Wed 10/27--Finally we have our third place winner! Congrats [livejournal.com profile] thegreenkitty !

Thanks for playing, those who did, I'll unscreen all the comments now.

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Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for joining in this week, it's been such a pleasure to read your wonderful comments and stories! Huzzah!

For this last day, I thought it might be fun to design coats of arms for Kara and Lee. There is a free online design tool here which allows you to choose your own name & motto and guides you through the meaning of different colors and symbols (be sure to scroll down a little bit so you can see the four menus you have to choose from). Once you've chosen your colors and design, click the "Generate my crest" button, and then you can save the image and share it with us in your comments here. Happy Sunday, everyone!

(First Color = Loyalty; Second Color = Heartache; Shield Pattern = Resolve; Icon = Protection/Strength. Motto = "Never Tell Me the Odds")

(First Color = Justice; Second Color = Warrior; Shield Pattern = Builder; Icon = Wisdom. Motto = "Strong is the Truth")
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Hi everyone!  I'm Rachel, pleased to be hosting what I hope will be a laid-back week here at No_Takebacks :)  To start things off, I'd love to hear your ideas for Pilots slogans that could make fun T-shirts or bumper stickers! 

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Three scenes from Season 2. Make a post guessing which three scenes were chosen and/or the three S2 scenes you would have chosen. Then have fun putting the puzzles together. Please come back after completing all three puzzles and provide any feedback on puzzle play or problems that you wish to share. However, do not reveal which three scenes were chosen so other puzzle participants may be surprised. I will post the three finished puzzles at the end of the day along with prizes for anyone who accurately guessed a scene or scenes chosen prior to completion of the puzzles. Enjoy!!




p.s.--After you click the link to go to the puzzle site, you may have to hit refresh in order to pull up the puzzle. Occasionally when I click a link, it brings me to a blank page. Refresh seems to fix the problem if you happen to encounter it.
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Hiya Shipper Nation!! Thanks for the great turn-out at yesterday's friending meme. Please continue to drop by the party over there. The punch and pie runneth over and we have awesome people in this fandom.

Today I've got a matching game planned.

Read more... )

ETA: Word List, 2 words per episode: zip and unlogged, sparring and boom, solo and cockroaches, flaws and radical, smarts and cliche, mark and drugs, receipt and dipstick, pomp and drink, soft seal and transponder thing, wrists and hygiene, fireworks and tunnel, dilemma and sweat, super-secret and project, been and thousandth

***Flaws, smarts, and dilemma were the only ones from the first list that no one has figured out yet, so I will add some context.  "Flaws" is Kara to Tigh, "Smarts" is Lee to Kara, "Dilemma" is Kara and your hint is that if I tell you to whom it was said, you will all get it immediately.***
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Another OMG-AMAZING-SQUEEEE-INDUCING photo and a question )

ETA: Our 99 Bottles game is up to number 45 - please keep adding here. Don't forget to check out the wonderful answers and pics from yesterday's Values post. It's never too late to add your own!
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Hello Kara/Lee Lovers! I am [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper and I'll be your happy driver this week. I'm gonna start us off with a game of sorts. We're going to do a variation on a theme [livejournal.com profile] taragel did a few months ago with the alphabet (here), but we're gonna use numbers instead.


By the numbers )

DPP: Games

Aug. 7th, 2010 11:59 am
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Continuing in this week's theme of not having any theme, today I bring you some (two) games.

The first, which I unfortunately cannot embed, is a crossword.  I made it myself, which is why it is so small and silly.  And probably very easy.  But you go HERE and click "Solve Online" and you should be good to go.  I'd say first one to finish gets a prize, but that would be a lie, so...first one to finish gets bragging rights.

The second game is rather more interactive, so I do hope that you all will want to play.  It is QUOTE HANGMAN.  Except without the hangman part because that is far too difficult to do online.  The way it will work, is I'm going to start you off and whoever guesses the complete quote can start a new one! 

_ _ _ _ ' _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _   _   _ _ _ _   _ _

Body parts:
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Hi everyone,

This post is going up a little earlier than usual because it's a bit of Friday fun.

Firstly, your prompt for the day: One Crowded Hour, which is the title of a song (youtube link alert) by Augie March. Lyrics are here. Feel free to use the title, the song or the lyrics as your prompt, and it's the usual drill - post anything you like in response, as long as it's to do with Kara and Lee!

Today is quiz time. Below the cut are sets of Lee and Kara quotes - can you name the episodes they come from?

Kara's pithy words: )

Lee's lines: )
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Apologies for getting this up so late, I had to work at my job as a nanny this morning. :) Thanks for all the great Happy Thoughts yesterday. I particularly enjoyed [livejournal.com profile] latteaddict 's. :)

Let's play BSG Mad Libs! Make sure to post your results. :D

Edit: Sorry about the html fail, guys. Trying to figure it out now.

pilot mad libs! )


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