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This is the day to go crazy with the vids.

Angsty ones that make you cry, crack vids that make you laugh, awesome AU's that make you want to hunt down the real writers and make them pay for ripping us off...

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So, we've got a great start on our Black Market Trading yesterday but there's still plenty of items to be traded for, with new folks coming to market ;) Be sure to peruse the list and stake your claims. 

And today, for something a bit different... You all may have seen this on your flists or at battlestar_blog already. I didn't think I'd be interested but I clicked on it randomly....and it's all about pilots! Lol. Sam sings them a little "frak you" because they are constantly getting busy--they even re-enact Scar and get on the table. It's kind of hilarious because these folks get more infidelicious action than Kara and Lee ever did in canon but... hey, relevant to our interests after all.  I thought it was pretty cute.

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Yesterday gave us some amazing icons (and then the stuff I made), but feel free to add to the pretty.

As for today, it's all about the crack!

Post the odd, the silly, the off-the-wall. Have fun, go nuts (and if LJ is stupid and screens things don't worry, I'll be trolling the post and will unlock them).
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Look what I found! (It's obviously a rough cut and no doubt the music was only temporary, but hey, bright shiny futures FTW!)


ETA: This is Take Two! Sorry about that. YouTube is quick on the draw today!


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