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This is the day to go crazy with the vids.

Angsty ones that make you cry, crack vids that make you laugh, awesome AU's that make you want to hunt down the real writers and make them pay for ripping us off...

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So, we've got a great start on our Black Market Trading yesterday but there's still plenty of items to be traded for, with new folks coming to market ;) Be sure to peruse the list and stake your claims. 

And today, for something a bit different... You all may have seen this on your flists or at battlestar_blog already. I didn't think I'd be interested but I clicked on it randomly....and it's all about pilots! Lol. Sam sings them a little "frak you" because they are constantly getting busy--they even re-enact Scar and get on the table. It's kind of hilarious because these folks get more infidelicious action than Kara and Lee ever did in canon but... hey, relevant to our interests after all.  I thought it was pretty cute.

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Today, we're going to do a Author: Author: I also want to thank everybody for contributing to yesterday's discussion. Feel free to still chip in. There's still a lot of character's POV that we haven't discussed.

DPP: Home

Jun. 2nd, 2011 12:57 am
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I don't think any discussion of shippery episodes would be complete without that marvel of marvels, that wonder of wonders...no, not the one you're thinking of, the other one...that's right, I'm talking about HOME.  Pilots have their first (onscreen) kiss.  We got our comm name.  Buddy!cop pilots became a thing.  Lee declared his love for her.  You know.  NBD.  (that is my new favorite expression)

When I considered what clips and quotes to use for this episode, I mostly wanted to use all of them, but I restrained myself.  Somewhat.  A little.  Anyway, this one was inevitable:

Kara: What was that middle part again?
Lee: Hmm?  What do you mean?
Kara: Did you say you love me?
Lee: Well, um…
Kara: Lee Adama loves me.
Lee: No, all I meant was…
Kara: No, seriously, very sweet.  You love me.
Lee: *laughs*
Kara: No, you love me.  You can't take it back.  There's no takebacks.* 
Lee: You're dreaming it, Kara.
Kara: You love me.
Lee: You're dreaming it.
Kara: You love me.
Lee: Dreamer.
Kara:  Mmmhm.  Okay.

*ed. note: you mean there ARE no takebacks

"Remind me to send you to the brig later." )

So what are your favorite things about Home (besides the obvious)?
For me, it's similar to Kobol's Last Gleaming--both episodes represent a time when BSG could do masterful things with both plot and characters, instead of all one or the other (*coughseason3andseason4cough*).  While watching Home, the episode sets my shipper heart alight, but I also appreciate it from a more wholistic standpoint as a fine work of art.  I have yet to encounter anyone who doesn't like this episode.  Even if later canon contradicts that Earth bit and if the Cylons were on Caprica and Kobol why didn't they use the Arrow themselves and is that a projection what is going on...
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Never saw this one before! SO MUCH FUN!  I'm Your Gun by [livejournal.com profile] m_a_r_i_k_s 



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