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It's been a really great week full of fun discussion so far, so thank you all! Today I thought maybe we could talk about those times when our pilots were apart or just not focused on by canon very much. What were they doing in these time periods? Do you have certain head canon about them? Did they keep in touch (if they were physically separated)? Where were they emotionally with each other? Did they piiiiiiiiiiine? ;)

I've left some specific time periods below to get us started, feel free to add more though!
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No! There is no way that Bristol Palin should be on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars Edition, Lee! And what do you mean, 'She got cuter'?!

Pilots are very opinionated people. So how do you think they'd weigh in on some of our current trends and pop culture manias? Would they argue passionately (requiring makeup sex, of course) or be of like minds? I'll post a few somewhat controversial current topics and trends below to get us started--feel free to add any you can think of too!
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Age of the Geek, Baby!

It's Dragon*Con week, so let's get geeky!

There is a tendency in fanfic for Lee to be the nerdy one - the whole, stickler for rules, let's read this obscure section of an old law book, thing.

But what about Kara?

What about Lee outside of the academic?

What would our OTP be geeking out over?
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Hi everyone.  Well, if anyone's in the mood for thinky thoughts this weekend, I thought I would pose a nice cheerful question about trauma for us to discuss. 

I am no specialist at all, but I have read that some psychologists who work with and write about post-traumatic stress among combat veterans make the point that, while most people understand that suffering injury, violence or terror can traumatize a person, it is less well-understood that inflicting injury, violence, or terror can also be a very traumatic experience.  There are veterans who suffer post-traumatic stress because of actions they had to take during war, even if those actions did not result in damage to them personally or someone they cared about.  Some of the symptoms can be recurrent memories of the event (they can happen in dreams or the person can feel they are reliving the event), and also the person may react badly to simuli that remind them of the event.  I'm curious as to whether you think Kara or Lee were traumatized - or could have been - because of violence they had to inflict?  When I think about Kara in Leoben's "dollhouse," she clearly *both* suffered and inflicted violence/terror, and I'm curious as to what you think most affected her.  What about Kara and Lee being asked to assassinate Cain?  Lee and the Olympic Carrier? 

Additional question: do you think the way pilots usually fight - from a distance, inside their Vipers, rather than hand to hand or face to face with bullets - made more immediate violent confrontations (Lee with the Centurions in Valley of Darkness, Kara with Simon in The Farm, both of them with their former shipmates in the mutiny) more difficult to deal with?  Or do you think they seemed comfortable with their training and unphased by more on-the-ground combat situations?

Kara violence
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So apparently I'm in charge this week - lord help us all.

Okay, going for a serious tone here...

Post a prompt: a scene, some bit of back story, whatever. Then we shall all go meta – but nothing longer then the comment box. Let's cut to the quick of things people!
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When BSG was first aired, it was starkly relevant to the events of 9/11 and the disturbing themes of the early 2000's. It's many years later (and many years after the finale) and I am wondering what kinds of themes would make BSG relevant today and how pilots might be influenced by those themes.

Describe some current social/political themes that you'd like to see in a Kara/Lee fic. How would they contribute to expressing these themes? How do you envision each of their perspectives? What kinds of adventures can you envision pilots undertaking that include the themes?

If you are inspired, maybe write a drabble that shows pilots invested in a socio-political theme. :)
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We had some Firsts and Lasts in fic and discussion yesterday. Thank you!

Begin Again [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] kdbleu
Then and Now [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] taragel


Today's Topic: The Power of a God

For today, you are the goddess of reincarnation! (Congrats!) The humans and cylons have just discovered Earth 2.0, Kara has poofed and Lee has climbed mountains. Nature (or a mountain lion) has taken its course and now it is your job to give the souls of Kara and Lee new bodies. You can choose any time in history or in the future.

Who are they now?
What do they look like?
When do they live?
What essential parts of them do you keep?
How do they meet?
Who else is reincarnated with them?
What is the course of their lives?
Will you make it easier on them? Harder? Why?
How would their story end?

Give us the whole picture either in description or in fic. Or maybe a graphic will do the trick.

Have a great day!


Jun. 20th, 2012 08:14 am
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We had some wonderful creations from yesterday's post. Thank you!

Fic: Regret [PG-13] by [livejournal.com profile] howlinchickhowl
Graphic: Redemption by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1
Fic: What Happens At Dionysus, Stays At Dionysus [PG-13] by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity
Fic: Blessed [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge
Fic: The Dance [PG] by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1
Graphic: Belief by [livejournal.com profile] rirenec

Today's Topic: Bookends, or Firsts and Lasts


Daybreak gave us the first and last time time that Pilots were together (unsatisfying for the most part, IMO), but the show also gave us a lot of other firsts and lasts and I thought it would be fun to talk about them. I'll leave a few topics in the comments and you come along and talk about the first and last time and what each meant (along with the journey in between).

In short, talk about their first kiss and their last kiss. You could discuss first one as the almost kiss in Daybreak, or maybe their first actual kiss was in Home? Or maybe your head!canon says that Lee never left and they kissed on the table. And their last kiss in the brig in Six of One, how was it different? What journey had they taken in between that was represented in that kiss. THINKY THINKY THINKY, FOLKS! ;)

Please leave some of your own topics for discussion, too. Every topic is open for everyone's interpretation. I'd love to get some good discussion going, so WRITE AWAY!

If you are inspired, feel free to create a graphic or a fic that describes a first or last that we DIDN'T see in canon. :D

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Hello shippers! Sorry for the delay in posting today - I have been caught up in a flurry of fic writing for the Lee Adama Ficathon and have barely remembered to even eat. But thanks to [livejournal.com profile] taragel's gentle nudge, I am here now, so please come out and play.

Today's Topic: Struggles, Humanity, and Everything that Sucks

Battlestar Galactica is one of the darkest shows that has ever aired on television (source: me) and it tackled themes of nuclear holocaust, racial annihilation, child trafficking, cancer, war, death, injury, post-traumatic stress, depression, suicide, hopelessness and much more. But it did it often with a storytelling technique that was compelling and engendered hope and love for the characters in the show (or at least most of them, bc we all have those we don't like).

Today, my questions are about the difficult themes of the show, the struggles, and the things that suck and how they relate to pilots. (What?)

To clarify, I want to know how you connected to Kara and Lee and their individual and/or relationship struggles in the show. I want to know what aspects of each of those characters, separately and together, drew you in and never let go? And I don't mean the things you love, because those are many, but instead the difficult and painful struggles that each of them faced. How did and do you relate to those themes?

You can be as personal or as vague as you like, and you can post anonymously if you like, too.

If you don't want to share personally, that's totally fine of course, but maybe you can talk about the individual and/or relationship struggles that you find particularly compelling to read or write in fic. What attracts you to them?

What challenges do you love to see them struggle with and overcome (in fic or in canon)? Or maybe you like the idea that they don't tie everything in a neat little bow and like the messiness of their lives.

Also, what challenges did they have that you saw them actually overcome in canon? Any? None? You tell me. What do you think?

Tell us everything, shippers. Everyone else, please chime in and begin a conversation. I'm excited to peel the onion!
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Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is starting off well! 

In the US, of course, this is memorial day weekend, and that's gotten me thinking about BSG as a specifically military drama.  My husband and I have sometimes said that we thought BSG was a better military show than it was a sci-fi one; those gritty, realistic elements were often the ones that struck our emotions most strongly and got us thinking about ethical issues that might actually play out in the real world.  I'm curious about how you think BSG compares with other war dramas set in real history -- series like Band of Brothers, or films like Saving Private Ryan, Patton, The Great Escape, Twelve O'Clock High, Valkyrie, etc.  Do you think the BSG story and actors could have worked just as well in the setting of a historical or modern war, or in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange between real superpowers?  Did the sci-fi elements create important story-telling opportunities?  Did making the enemy into robots allow the creators to side-step any important ethical or dramatic issues about warfare?  I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Saving Private Ryan?

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Hi everyone -- so sorry for the delay in today's DPP!  Real life intervened a bit, but better late than never, so here we are.  Please accept these pilot-appropriate macros as my apology:

One macro's language is a bit NSFW )

For today, I was thinking about a few unanswered questions I have about little moments of characterization throughout the series.  After being around fandom for a fairly long time, I'm always excited to realize that I still have bits of meta I haven't really thought about.  Here are a few of my questions, and I would love it if in the comments you would share your opinions, and also add any unanswered questions of your own :)

The Chief and Kara:
> In the miniseries, I still feel like I don't fully understand the context behind the moment Kara and Tyrol share on the flight deck, when Tyrol tells her that Lee is dead and she responds by asking about Sharon.  Why did Tyrol tell her about Lee in particular?  Was it common knowledge among the Galactica crew that Kara had been involved with one of Adama's sons?  Did everyone know it was the *other* son, or did people assume it had been Lee (and therefore assume that Lee was Kara's ex?)  Or do you think Galen told her because he knew about Zak, and thought Lee's death would bring back those memories?  I ask because - correct me if I'm wrong - I don't think Tyrol had ever seen Kara and Lee together at that point.  They hadn't been together, except for the brig.

Gaeta, Kara, and Lee:
> Felix obviously had a lot of reasons for resenting Kara (his near-airlocking, his leg, and her marriage to a cylon were the ones he mentioned), but do you think he blamed her for Dee's unhappiness/suicide?  As much or more than he blamed Lee?  And with Lee, did you get the impression that Gaeta knew about Zarek's plan to have Lee shot during the mutiny as soon as he got to the Galactica?  Gaeta must have given the clearance for the shuttle to land in the midst of that comm blackout, right?  What did he think was going to happen there?  Because in every other case - even Bill, even THE CYLONS - Gaeta ordered them put under arrest, not killed outright.  Was Lee his one exception to that, or did he just not know what was going on?  I ask because I always thought that look of hatred Gaeta directed at Lee when he runs out of the morgue in SaGN was supposed to lead somewhere.

Roslin, Bill, and pilots:
> So, Roslin saw them kiss as early as "Home Part 2," and in her dreams she clearly imagines them as cuddly, if not an explicit couple.  Why did she keep that insight to herself?  I find it a bit hard to believe that over her whole relationship with Bill, Kara and Lee just never came up.  Did they really never talk about the kids?  Or did she deliberately decide to let Bill think whatever wrongheaded things he wanted?

Anyhow, I'd love to hear your thoughts, either in comments or in little drabbles if you feel so inclined :)  And please, point out for us any mysteries in characterization, big or small, that you are still puzzling over!
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Hey shippers, Today let's talk about the passage of time, shall we? Here's a link to the BSG wiki's rather elaborate estimated timeline of when things happen in the series. (I used this to come up with a Kara-centric timeline as well, which may be a bit easier to navigate/more relevant to our discussion today.) 

At the beginning and at the end

So I wanted to talk about time in relation to our fair pilots. We have certain perceptions on how long things took based on how long it took us as viewers to watch them unfold I think. For most of us, it seemed like there was a long time of pining, and dancing around each other and USTing it up before anyone made a move. Does it change things to know:

--it was actually less than two months from the miniseries to Colonial Day?
--it's seven months before they get all handsy and try to frak their problems away in Scar?
--Lee has been with Dee for roughly six months and Kara with Sam for roughly four months when they declare their love on New Caprica?
--that Kara and Sam have been married for roughly 9 months when Leoben captures her?
--it's 18 months between when they sleep together and when they finally make up at the dance?
--their affair lasts less than two weeks?

What do you make of this timeline? Things happen quickly and intensely in a time of war. But does it surprise you that pilots spend so little time together in comparison to how much they spend apart (including those two pre-mini years between funeral and the attacks?) Feel free to discuss...or fill in some of the gaps in the timeline. 
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Today, a discussion about what we expect in pilots fanfic and how we characterize the "fixes" to pilot problems. Like everyone, I've read a lot of k/l fanfic that moves their relationship to a better place using some similar tropes. One of those tropes is that Lee changes to be more patient and trusting and uses the "drip-drip-drip" approach to getting Kara to trust him. Given the prevalence of this trope, I'd like to ask you all a question that someone once asked me:

Do we expect too much of Lee?

In other words, do we expect him to be endlessly patient and accepting and willing to wait Kara out on her fears? If so, why? Secondarily, if we do, is that fair?

Additionally, if their genders were reversed, would we expect Lee to wait for Kara in the same way or would we consider that unfitting or stereotypical for a woman to wait for a man to sort out his issues?

I have a lot of "maybe??" responses to these and can see the answers being quite fic/situation specific, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

In giving your thoughts about the idea, consider your OWN expectations and then consider the body of work in the BSG fandom: Does it uphold the expectation that it is Lee who changes to make their relationship work? Also, if you are a writer, what other ways have you "fixed" their relationship to make it work?

This question is in no way designed to judge any character or opinion that anyone has. I expect everyone will be kind and thoughtful in their responses. Thanks!

Our Wishing Well has MANY unclaimed wishes! Won't you grant a wish??? )
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While sexytimes weekend is still going on right over here[livejournal.com profile] daybreak777 reminded me that I was going to do a post about pilots meta!

So meta... not something we see a lot these days now that the show is over, but with BBC America starting to air it from the beginning (last night's episode was the first half of the mini) and so many new people to fandom, thought it might be a good topic for a post. Basically meta entries are usually just entries discussing the show or certain aspects of the show in great detail. Long essays about characterization or plot devices or themes. 

Here are some of my favorite sources for pilots meta:
[livejournal.com profile] rawles is my meta queen y'all. She is funny, insightful, and manages to frame her arguments so convincingly that they always make me think after "HOW COULD I EVER HAVE THOUGHT OTHERWISE!"  Here are just a few of my favorites by her: 
(Ok, I'm gonna stop myself though I swear it's worth paging through her journal just to read pretty much everything she ever wrote about pilots/bsg.)

This very weekend happens to be Lee Adama weekend at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_epics . [livejournal.com profile] pocochina has a very long pair of essays all about Lee's character, with some interesting and not often seen opinions (she believes Lee is a sufferer of depression throughout the series and his whole life): Part One and Part Two. (She has a lot more meta entries about all the characters (but mostly Lee) on her own LJ, right here.
Kara...probably not surprisingly, there isn't a ton of meta about Kara. (I find that Kara is like Fight Club in BSG fandom: the first rule seems to be that you don't talk about Kara. :( ) Luckily, wisteria_ has written tons of great meta, and many about our girl:
Kara, redemption, and sympathy (after NC)
Kara, character analysis
Kara and her harem
Kara, sexuality and tomcatting 

You could fill oceans with the number of finale!hate meta posts on LJ. But this one espouses a view that many shippers do actually believe, despite the rest of the finale fate. [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar's She's not his frakking angel

Maybe my favorite ship manifesto of all time: [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73 's Best. Ship. Ever

and finally, my own essay about why pilots work so well: Nobody Told Me Battlestar Galactica was a Romance

Now what are some of YOUR favorite meta posts?
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This is sort of a strange train of thought, but do you think there are a lot of misconceptions about who Kara and Lee are, generally speaking? The thought stems from two different things I saw on Twitter, one as part of the "Things Starbuck Wouldn't Say" meme that cropped up last week and the other from a fellow fan of the show. The first was that several of the tweets were things like "I'm sorry" or "I love you, Lee" ... both of which ARE ACTUALLY SAID IN THE SHOW! Heh. I mean I think there's a bit of a misconception that Kara will never apologize to people...and yet, she apologizes to Lee in KLG1 for something that she shouldn't even need to apologize for, honestly. She doesn't just say "sorry" she says "I'm really sorry". (And ironically, Lee...I don't think he ever once apologizes to Kara on the show for anything.)  Another one was that Kara wouldn't say "Let's talk about it." Also, not true. In the deleted/extended ready room scene from Taking a Break from All Your Worries, she says to Lee: "C'mon. TALK TO ME."  

Related to this, I think it's a huge misconception that Kara has trouble following orders. Yes, she gives Lee grief over shooting at the Olympic Carrier at first, but...she also fires immediately and when she gets the two worst orders ever: Adama telling her to execute Cain and Lee telling her to manually detonate bomb in Razor....she agrees to both, without hesitating.

Likewise, someone was saying on Twitter that they could never think of Lee as a killer...and yet he murdered Phelan in cold blood. Granted he had good reasons, but.... I mean he also is a soldier. He kills lots of people because it's his job. Related, the show itself insists that Lee is "too honorable to cheat" in EOJ/Rapture...and yet he cheated on Dee with Kara in UB and almost in Daybreak flashbacks, and clearly they're having hot makeouts in EOJ, which to me = cheating.

There's also, in fic often, the idea that Lee wants to talk about relationship issues and analyze things. And while sometimes in canon he does ask Kara to talk (Home, Scar), more often he refuses to talk about things, just bottles up or turns away.

Anyway, all of this just made me think about the other things that we assume about the characters and what they would/wouldn't do. About how sometimes you get ideas stuck in your head about the kind of person they must be, and you ignore later evidence that they've changed or can behave differently than you'd expect. I'm not sure what point any of this has, but....yeah...it's Sunday. It's rambly pilots meta. Have at it! 

What If?

Nov. 9th, 2010 09:41 am
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Yesterday's DPP was amazing. Thank you all for the contributions, both hilarious and touching. Pilot love runs strong in our shipper family. <3<3<3

Today, we have a series of What If scenarios? So many fics have changed one small detail that has in turn, changed the dynamics between Kara and Lee, and sometimes the entire fate of the human race. Some of these have been done before - but what say YOU? How would you envision the changes?

What If... )

Value Me

Sep. 21st, 2010 08:26 am
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Aside from the obvious attraction, Kara and Lee seem to view the world in many different ways. How would you describe their individual value systems and how do they contribute positively or negatively to their relationship?

In using the word "values" I mean the whole range of human spirits, values, attitudes, principles and emotions. Here is a list I culled from the Humanity Quest website that seemed to be related to pilots in some way:

acceptance, adventure, addiction, atonement, authority, belief, bravery, boredom, character, commitment, compromise, conformity, control, curiosity, cynicism, desire, dependability, devotion, depression, empathy, egotism, equality, energy, fairness, faith, fear, forgiveness, friendship, gluttony, guilt, honesty, honor, humor, idealism, independence, impatience, insanity, integrity, intimacy, jealousy, judgment, laughter, leadership, loss, love, loyalty, mistakes, morality, obsession, optimism, passion, perseverance, persistence, planing, pleasure, pragmatism, promises, rapture, realism, regret, rejection, reliability, remorse, righteousness, ruthlessness, sadness, sarcasm, sacrifice, self-control, self-destructiveness, self-respect, sentimentality, shame, sobriety, spirituality, strength, stress, surrender, tenacity, tenderness, trust, truth, understanding, violence, vulnerability

Read them through and see what pops out at you. Write meta, write fic, describe a particular scene that embodies one of these values for pilots, post a corresponding screen cap, or use one of your own values and give us some thinky thoughts.

Mistakes, Jealousy, Acceptance )

ETA: Starbuck is disappointed that our 99 Bottles of Ambrosia drinking game got stuck at #35 (she's barely buzzed). Run there now and make comment. I'd like to see some hilarious ones (or some kinky porny hot ones). Thanks to everyone to contributed yesterday.
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...or just can't contain their squee to a single post (and an afterparty).

Today's DPP is all about Eye of Jupiter (with maybe a bit of bonus Rapture as well).  I decided a few days ago that one of my ideas for the DPP was lame, so I started looking around for a replacement post...and then I remembered, of course, that this is a rewatch comm.  And obviously yes we have the rewatches, but we used to have other episode-themed posts as well.  So, for this week anyway, we have an all you can post EoJ rewatch day!

A little motivation:


Obviously, this is a noteworthy episode in the story of our pilots, but it's also a fairly controversial one.  How did you feel the first time you saw it, when Lee walked into Kara's Raptor and then we got pretty much the hottest scene in all of BSG?  Were you surprised?  Were you angry that they were cheating?  Sad that Lee wouldn't cheat (oops) and Kara wouldn't divorce? 

I remember being absolutely thrilled, and I loved the way they did the reveal.  Later, it gave me hope throughout much of season four that one day we would just turn a corner and see them randomly outmaking and it would be like "Oh hi, didn't you know we've been sleeping together all this time?"  Of course, it didn't exactly happen that way.  But at least EoJ gave us the possibility.

As for them having an affair...well that's kind of a complicated question for me, since while I don't think it was right I also can't quite fault either of them for it.  Which makes me feel like something of a hypocrite, as I normally cannot forgive anyone who cheats on their partner, no way no how. So why do I continue to love them and sympathize with them?  Maybe because I was already attached to the idea of them as a pair before their significant others showed up.  Maybe because I can forgive Kara anything.  Maybe it's because I know it meant something to them and wasn't just meaningless frakking around.  Or maybe it's because I'm so drawn to the idea of them as characters who are so incredibly screwed up that they marry the wrong people...characters who are so lost that the only moment they have together is one that's stolen and fleeting.

Or maybe it's just because I'm a crazy fangirl.  Thoughts?

Now, this doesn't have to be all somber reflection.  Bring the pics.  The gifs.  The squee.  The random thoughts you have about this episode.  The recs!

Of course, I have a fic rec to start us off. 

The Chandrasekhar Limit by [livejournal.com profile] vnilla : This fic does not directly deal with the events of EoJ, but is all about that twisted and all-too-fleeting period between Unfinished Business and Maelstrom.  And it's beautiful.

Go ahead and rec your favorite fics about EoJ/Rapture, or the events surrounding it.  Have you written an infidelicious fic yourself?  Don't be afraid to do a little self-promotion!

P.S. Congratulations on the overwhelming participation in the friending meme!  My inbox is still recovering (I was afraid that turning off notifications would jinx it and nobody would join in...).  Well done, shippers.  Well done.  Although I'm a little disappointed that nobody guessed my name.

Bonus: I had intended to do a line on the friending meme about favorite pairing(s) other than K/L (because such a thing does exist).  Somehow, this got lost, so if you want to answer it you can do that now.
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I’ve been pondering that when I became familiar with K/L fandom, one of the first things I noticed is that tendency among fellow shippers to define themselves as “Kara people” or “Lee people”, depending on the character we identify with more. And it occurred to me that it’s a fascinating phenomenon, since most of us seem to perceive the relationship through a certain POV --Lee’s or Kara’s—, even if we love their dynamic as friends/colleagues/lovers/siblings/soulmates to tiny bits.

So I find it interesting to dwell on how our special connection to one of them colors the perception of the whole relationship and all their interaction, since it really seems there are a lot of shades in the way the K/L shipperdom members approach the characters. That’s why today I’d like to talk about “classifications of shippers” and discuss how our perception of the ‘ship is different depending on our main focus of interest. And here there are some questions to ponder (and a poll!).

Some questions... )
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A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful discussion about pilots backstory. But me being me –an utterly fascinated by pre-mini pilots shipper--, I’d love to devote this post to the biggest McGuffin of the history of McGuffins…

Curious? )

A must-read bibliography... )


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