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This is the day to go crazy with the vids.

Angsty ones that make you cry, crack vids that make you laugh, awesome AU's that make you want to hunt down the real writers and make them pay for ripping us off...

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Today, we're going to do a Author: Author: I also want to thank everybody for contributing to yesterday's discussion. Feel free to still chip in. There's still a lot of character's POV that we haven't discussed.
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Hi, shippers. Happy New Year!

Now that 2010 is officially behind us, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on some of the awesome things that fandom brought us last year. For instance, [livejournal.com profile] taragel started the Daily Pilots Post on March 1st, meaning we've gotten a dose of piloty goodness every day for the last ten months. That's fantastic, y/y? Our little corner of fandom also had a very productive holiday season thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pilots_presents, which definitely got me in the spirit--and helped me keep it through all the stresses of the season. And then there's all the fabulous fic, vids, art, picspams, meta, discussions, rewatches, rewatch afterparties, games, and more that we saw get posted/participated in this year. We even had a fandom Oscars! In summary: Shipper Nation had an amazing year.

My question for you all, then, is what are some of your 2010 fandom hightlights? They can include anything, from the stories and posts you loved best to memorable experiences at cons and everything in between. Let us know what made your year!
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So I've been pretty absent from LJ for...wow, about 3 months now. In that time I've graduated college, moved cross-country, and been settling back into a job that I love and friends that I missed dearly. So (hopefully understandably) fandom has mostly fallen by the wayside. I haven't watched BSG or thought about pilots in pretty much this whole span of time. So for my first day driving the DPP train I'm asking you guys to help me get back in the swing of things by participating in an oldie but a goodie: sharing your favorites. Scenes, quotes, pics, fics, music videos...remind me and yourself why you fell in love and have stayed in love with pilots.

A few of mine are:

Our Bodies, Ourselves --Bodyswap fic. Hilarious. Begging for a sequel as far as I'm concerned.

Something Pretty --I feel like Kara is more vulnerable here than she usually is on-screen, but I love this fic so very very much. Labeled in my favorites as "THE. HOTTEST. FIC. EVER."

The Private Softness of Her Skin --Pegasus. Wonky timelines. Adorableness.

Those Journeymen Divine --Kara and Lee as the world's most dysfunctional Cylons.

Possibility: Bright, Shiny Future --Oh god I love this one. Hella long but totally worth it. AU that begins the apocalypse with Kara as a hotshot pyramid star and Lee's newest nugget.

Easier Than This --Quietly hot, with tons of tension and dysfunction and adrenaline letdown.

I am related to my enemy --Lee/Kara/Zak, with Zak completely unaware of this fact. So twisted and wrong, I love it.

Stupid Thing Last Night --Links to all parts inside; starts with "Stupid Thing Last Night", then "STLN: Videotape Edition", then "STLN: The Rewind" (parts 1 & 2). God I've read this one so many times and it never gets old. Drunken outmaking during the Academy days has lasting consequences.

Untitled --Baracks!wank. Hilariously, awkwardly hot.

Laws of Gravity --Gorgeously-written piece that ties together all of Starbuck and Apollo's history, pre-mini. Seriously phenomenal, and completely spot-on characterization from beginning to in.




(This was just posted recently. True story, I am absolutely OBSESSED with both the vid and the song.)


Clearly, I have no self-control, and therefore couldn't limit myself to just a few. And that's even leaving out the obvious fics, like Smutstrav and Cave!Pilots. But re-reading and -watching these has been so much fun, I can't wait to hear yours!
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Hello fellow shippers! My name is Cosette and I will be your DPP host for this week. My fabulous predecessors have done a wonderful job over these past weeks, and I hope to keep the fun going! :D

We have already discussed our favorite moments, scenes, fics, vids… And I don’t know about all of you, but personally, when it comes to K/L related stuff, I am inherently conflicted when it comes to choose a favourite anything. Of course I have my preferences –I could probably pick my 5 favorite scenes and my 10 most beloved fics or come up with a list of, say, 15 songs that scream pilots to me; but when I have to cut down the list to one, the task becomes almost impossible. What I intend for today’s post, though, is to make you choose... Hence my question is, if you had to make a choice and pick one, ONLY ONE, which would be...

*Your favorite K/L scene. And why?

*Your favorite Kara/Starbuck moment. And why?

*Your favorite Lee/Apollo moment. And why?

*Your favorite pic of them? (evidence would be muchly appreciated!)

*Your favorite K/L fic?

I know this is a really tough call, there are so many wonderful stories out there, but you probably have a story that holds a special place in your heart for a bunch of different reasons… Maybe it was the first good one you read, maybe it’s the story that made you cry harder or touched you in a way you didn’t expected, or explored a certain aspect of Lee and Kara’s relationship in a way you found utterly satisfying --or who knows, maybe it is the smuttiest smut you’ve ever read :)).

*Your favorite K/L song?

*Your favorite K/L vid?

*Needless to say, feel free to answer to those questions you feel like. Also, I’d love to hear yours “why’s” about pretty much all your choices. After all, the reasoning behind an election is as important as the choice in itself (and I am that nosy and chatty, hehe).
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These are two of my favorite pilots vids of all time, OF ALL TIME YO! (Are Kanye jokes seriously passe by now? Probably, right?) I'm embedding them here so we can group discuss them but I'm also posting links back to the makers' homepages too. Please go there and leave them feedback if you like the vids. It will surely mean a lot to them!  

Two Terrific Pilots Vids )

What are some of your all-time favorite pilots vids? 


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