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Here's one I particularly like.

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I love the way they're looking at each other.  :D
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But really, the best part of any con is the celebrity panels - getting to hear from the source.

What's your favorite bit of info that came out at con? Favorite fan question?

Take the rest of today and all of tomorrow and post any con vids you want!
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The fact that pilots are as epic and unique and amazing as they are in large part because they're played by Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber is common knowledge, since their chemistry is a big chunk of the reason we fell in love with Lee and Kara in the first place.

But what if there was a fresh reboot of this version of BSG, and we were forced to recast them?

Of course no one can ever truly replace Jamie and Katee as Lee and Kara, considering how much of their own personalities they brought to it, but is it even possible to contemplate another pair of actors doing a different take on pilots?

"You want to replace us? This is how: first, make sure your actors have crazy chemistry. Second, make sure they're really hot. Third....nah, can't do it."

Have a good weekend everyone! (also, all the other DPP posts this week are still open, so if you have anything to say about them, please do!)


Jul. 19th, 2012 09:55 am
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This one is simple. Bring me the photos that make you fall off your chair in a puddle of fannish goo.

Like this...

(I want to know how the person in the red shirt got the job of pouring water over Jamie and were do I apply)

Or this...

(this one reminds me of the last part of Spy!Pilots, with Kara's new interrogation method)

And finally...

He's wearing a cravat! Yup, that does it for me. It's all white and fluffy and you just want to rip it off with your teeth... (Why, yes, I AM a costume drama fan)
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Dear pilots fans. It is Friday. And that means an excuse to be lazy. So no discussions, no games, no thinky thoughts or angsty speculation. Friday is about just one thing.

But what does sandwich meat have to do with anything? )

Go forth nuggets and find me pretties!

Fat Lee salutes you!
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Today is a very special day at n_t- it's the birthday of one half of our beloved pilots, who turns 39 years old! Let's all celebrate the beautiful man who was the face, voice and BAMCEPS of Lee Adama....


In honour of this, I'm declaring it Jamie Bamber Appreciation Day! To participate, bring your pics, gifs and squee (not necessarily in that order, and remember we can appreciate EVERYTHING, from his pretty eyes down to his terrible dress sense) :)

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I was planning a lazy Sunday post but some non-BSG-related browsing brought me to an April 7, 2003 piece of news about casting for the miniseries, which went as follows:

Katee Sackhoff …. Kara Thrace, callsign ‘Starbuck’
Ronny Cox …. William “Husker” Adama
Mary McDonnell …. Laura Roslin
Michael Shanks …. Lee “Apollo” Adama

Just to be clear, this linked pic is Michael Shanks (aka Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG-1).

And this, instead (as we all know, and to my eternal gratitude) is who ended up playing Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama:

We've discussed the possibility of pilots being played by people other than Jamie and Katee before, but I never knew just how close it was to being a done deal and us never getting to see Jamie as Lee.

If he hadn't got the part, chances are I (and several others among us) would never have shipped pilots and we'd probably have been spared the pain that came with it. We'd also never have got the supernova-level chemistry between Jamie and Katee that made us fall in love with them to begin with, not to mention the countless eyefraks, camaraderie and years worth of squee. We also probably wouldn't have this comm and each other.

So this Sunday, let's just celebrate and be grateful for the existence of pilots as we know and love them, and here's a pic for the purpose (even after a near-death experience and covered in broken glass, they look so post-coital, don't they?)

PS: The weekend reccing post is still open.....if you liked anything piloty lately, tell us about it!
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The following post was a hard one to contemplate, and even harder to write.

I'd be willing to bet that to most members of this comm, the image that comes to mind when anyone says or thinks the word 'pilots' is of these two people, and these are the faces of the pilots we know and love and root for:

But, as we all know, pilots (in a very different avatar) were once played by these two people. 
Apollo and Starbuck mk. I

And, if it hadn't been for an inspired casting decision that led to a then-22-year-old actress being cast as a woman who, as per the original miniseries script, was initially supposed to be in her 30s, and another inspired casting decision that led to a Brit being cast in a role that needed an American accent,  pilots, as we know and love them, could well have ended up with the faces of  - hold your breath here - Read more... )
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In celebration of Jamie Bamber's birthday, offer your thoughts on JB's portrayal of one half of our favorite TV couple. Give me all your thoughts (shallow or deep) or illustrate with photo evidence.

The NSFW Extended Version )
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Thought we'd take a slight step into the world of What If today and look at some of Katee and Jamie's other past and potential future Cops!

Katee has played:
Det. Tess Cooper (Lost & Found pilot; not greenlit to series)
Det. Julia Scott (Boston's Finest pilot; not greenlit to series)
Det. Frankie Reed (CSI; recurring)
and hopefully she'll play Det. Deena Pilgrim in Powers (in development for FX)

Jamie has played:
Det. Matt Devlin (L&O UK)
Det. Caolan Longstreet (17th Precinct pilot; now shooting)
Lt. Dotsy Doheny (Ultimate Force; British TV series)

And of course as Kara and Lee, they were just about the best Buddy Cop space pilots of all time!

So who's got the fic? Recs? New crossovers? What've you got for me?
Handcuff action! Spread 'em! Hands up! 
Conjecture? Radical theories? Magic moss musings? Superhero speculation? Put it all here!

ETA: My second BSG-related post for just went up: Your Love Geometry is Invalid
Yes, kids, I tackle the quad of Doom (and other fail!y triangles from lit). Check it out and comment if you like!
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Reunited: Would it feel so good?

Hee. Okay so I'm being a little silly with the subject line, but all this flurry of casting news for Ron Moore's new TV pilot, The 17th Precinct, had to have struck some fear into the hearts of shippers everywhere. He cast Jamie, then James, then Tricia and there are plenty of folks wondering if there might be more battlestar vets he'll try to pick up. Katee is still out there, available, and someone on twitter pointed out that she and Tricia tweeted about seeing each other at an audition where they were up for different parts. Of course, it was probably not for 17P...but... the role of Jamie's character's wife is still open. And it calls for a somewhat snarky blonde in her 30s.

We've all said plenty of times that we would love to see them play a couple in something else...never ever thinking that was a real possibility. Which brings me to today's scenario: If Katee was cast as Susan (the wife of Jamie's character, Caolan), would you watch? Would you ship? Or do you need them to be Kara and Lee for you to ever feel that way again?

Also just a couple of reminders: The (Not Very) Porny Battle Rages On! Also, we need folks to steer the DPPs! Esp for the rest of this month. I've got a special project in mind for a few days next week, but the end of the month needs fearless shippers to volunteer! Oh and if anyone missed my meta article on why pilots are my OTP you can find it here. Please feel free to comment if you can! 


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