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It's finally Saturday, and I thought I'd wrap the week with a good old-fashioned picspam of pilots having fun

(feel free to add to the picspam, or to go over any of this week's posts - the more piloty discussion/squee, the better!):

more pics this way! )

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Welcome to a new DPP week, pilotshippers! I've shamelessly stolen the title of this post from [livejournal.com profile] letterstonorah's flawless and amazing fic, but the actual topic really is the subject of the names of our pilots, and the ways that they use them.

We've seen in canon that pilots, for a couple so obviously in love on such an epic scale, are rather different from most couples in one major respect: we NEVER hear them call each other by an endearment or cheesy nickname, ever (callsigns don't count). When they're making epic declarations or not-quite declarations of love, or the eyefrakking is particularly intense, they tend to resort to first names or full names, like they do here:

This also happens quite a bit when they're in situations where they shouldn't be using first names, like when they're out flying and should be on callsigns - one of these that often get overlooked is in KLG1, when Lee uses her name over the comms just before Kara jumped away, when previously he'd been so mad at her he couldn't use anything but her rank when speaking to her. (and that brings me to my other point - when the denial/anger is running high, we see them resort to the most distant forms of address imaginable for them - their official ranks).

What do you think of all this, Shipper Nation? Feel free to discuss, and bring up all the other instances I missed out on!

PS: We have a new commentfic by [livejournal.com profile] dramaturgca over at the last DPP, and anyone who loves AUs should most definitely read it. You know what they say about a pilot by any other name....
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In my entire life in fandom, there is no fictional couple that captured my heart as entirely as pilots did, and absolutely none that came even close to the kind of ruin and devastation they inflicted.

Post-Daybreak, I've been reluctant to ship, but earlier this year, after some fellow pilotshippers reported that a certain pair from the Avengers did function as a 'recovery ship' of sorts thanks to some similarities to pilots combined with the lack of epic pilots-scale heartbreak, I got curious.

So what I want to know today is, is recovering from pilots even possible? What has post-pilots shipping been like for you? And are there any fictional couples who make you feel better about it all, for even a little bit (using reasoning along the 'at least someone can be happy' lines) ? 

Or is it all just a load of ship? 
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Welcome to the DPP, everyone! Sorry for the delayed start to the week, but to kick it off, here is a question that all of Shipper Nation has an answer to, and ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO SHARE, because we all need to hear it: when did you first start shipping pilots?

(for that matter, how did you end up watching BSG in the first place, and did any of you have any idea about pilots beforehand? Because I certainly didn't.)

So please, do take a moment out and tell us how you fell for pilots in the first place, whether it began here:

or before that (see the moment in my icon, or the first brig scene), or even much, much later - maybe one or both pilots had to do a bit of work to win your heart and make a shipper of you? Or maybe fanon - via fic, vids, squee and meta - helped along the way?

Tell us in as much or as little detail as you like, complete with thoughts at the time - no story is too trivial or too silly to share!

PS: Also, the DPP schedule from next week onwards is wide open and needs people to head it up, please do sign up for one if you can!
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As one who has never quite been satisfied with Kara coming back as a ghost, I’d like to explore the other two options that are already more or less set up in the BSG universe…


Kara comes back as head!Kara
One my favorite fics The Breathe Between by [livejournal.com profile] shah_of_blah explores this idea. Kara comes back and only Lee can see her.

Kara comes back as a cylon
I actually can’t think of any recs for this one. But I love this idea. The way it would completely change how Kara and Lee related to Cylons, each other and everything.

Or if you’d like, make an argument for the ghost/avatar Kara we got in canon.
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We've had a comfortably quiet week here, and it's been nice (I would like to speculate that it is because people are following the collective meltdown of one of the most annoying fandoms in existence in the wake of scandalous celeb gossip, but that's just me and my cackling, plus my eternal gratitude that we're not anything like that level of crazy). 

And speaking of firsts, here is a pic of the first moment that made me really start shipping pilots:

It's almost the weekend, and in honour of that I'm inviting everyone to have a trip down memory lane - tell us about the first pilots fic you remember reading/liking, or alternatively, the first pilots fic you ever wrote! (for those of us who've written fic, that is - discussion of meta, fanvids and fanmixes is also welcome - the more the merrier!)

Yesterday's post, on what other characters might have thought of pilots, is still up so feel free to tell us what you think of that too, if you feel like it. 
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As someone who has an unholy passion for the 'what ifs', one of my favourite pilots-related subjects to think about is - what would pilots have been like, if the Cylons hadn't attacked the Colonies?

And as an additional question, what might they have been like if she hadn't passed Zak on that Basic Flight test? I'll helpfully provide a gif from before all of it:

Feel free to also discuss the impact being at war did have on their relationship, and the constraints it put on them, both emotionally and otherwise (Lee having to order Kara to stay back with the detonator - and die in the process - in Razor, Kara leaving Lee because Tigh pointed out they were still at war and she could lose him).

And of course, if there is any fic that actually has Lee and Kara without the war (apart from the brilliant Aerilon Girls are Easy) please do rec it!
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Hello pilotshippers, and welcome to this week's DPP!

To start with, here's something simple: we all know pilots are ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE among fictional couples - there has never been anyone quite like them, and probably never will be again.

But even if no one can replicate their magic, I want to ask the question: have you ever been reminded of them by other fictional couples, even in a small way? Have certain elements/moments in the relationship of pilots ever reminded you of anyone else you've read/watched?

Or am I just crazy for even thinking of them as comparable to other couples at all?


Jul. 19th, 2012 09:55 am
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This one is simple. Bring me the photos that make you fall off your chair in a puddle of fannish goo.

Like this...

(I want to know how the person in the red shirt got the job of pouring water over Jamie and were do I apply)

Or this...

(this one reminds me of the last part of Spy!Pilots, with Kara's new interrogation method)

And finally...

He's wearing a cravat! Yup, that does it for me. It's all white and fluffy and you just want to rip it off with your teeth... (Why, yes, I AM a costume drama fan)
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So apparently I'm in charge this week - lord help us all.

Okay, going for a serious tone here...

Post a prompt: a scene, some bit of back story, whatever. Then we shall all go meta – but nothing longer then the comment box. Let's cut to the quick of things people!
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Dear pilots fans. It is Friday. And that means an excuse to be lazy. So no discussions, no games, no thinky thoughts or angsty speculation. Friday is about just one thing.

But what does sandwich meat have to do with anything? )

Go forth nuggets and find me pretties!

Fat Lee salutes you!
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We kicked off this week's DPP by contemplating the possibility of no pilots, and moved on to lament the way they ended, on the third anniversary of the day.
Today, I'd like to offer up a third possibility: what if you got the chance to change things for pilots? Suppose you were given a choice of one point in the story from which to undo the injustices done to them in canon, what would you pick, to give those poor kids a shot at a happy ending? From which point, effectively, would you take them AU?

awwww, look at baby!pilots all happy!

Whether it's having Lee actually admit to Kara that he wants her in Colonial Day/Kobol's Last Gleaming (which is coming up this week in the rewatch!) or averting their marriages, or preventing Kara's death, or even if you're ok with everything all the way till/except for the poof and would only change that, tell us! (or would they be better off being taken completely AU and removed from canon entirely?)
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Hello, Shipper Nation, and welcome to this week's DPP!

Today's question is one that I suspect very few of us (self included) like to think about too often, or at all: what if there were no pilots?

BSG is a big show, with a massive cast to match. Our pilots, much as we love them and important as they were, were just two of those, and their story was one of many (still a big part of it, though). But what if they hadn't been part of the cast at all? What would that show have been like? I mean, think of a miniseries without this, for starters:

I guess the flipside of the question is, what do you think pilots brought to the show, and the story, that made them - and the show, with them - so special? And would you have taken an interest in BSG if they hadn't existed?
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I love chatting about pilots! In-person pilot discussions are the best, but this game is also very fun for getting to know a lot about your fellow shippers' attitudes and feelings about pilots. It's a question and answer game and it's super addictive!

The Tennis Match:
1. Shippers comment saying they'd like to play Pilot Tennis.
2. Other members of the comm respond with a pilots-related question (one per comment). The more questions, the more conversations you'll be in.
3. Answer the questions given and ASK ANOTHER QUESTION in your reply.
4. Players alternates questions until... forever! (And expect lots of conversations running simultaneously! Your inbox will be busy!)

ETA: Don't forget to ask everyone else questions, too!

Conversations about pilots topics are preferred, but obviously conversations tend to drift. For everyone's comfort, keep conversations about fandom only. Thank you!

For Example )

And don't forget to make a wish at the WISHING WELL! There are a lot of wishes that have not yet been claimed, so please FILL SOMEONE'S WISH!!! You can find them HERE. Thank you!

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Hello, pilotlovers, I hope y'all are having a lovely day! Today's DPP is simple: just tell us about your favourite piece of fanon, especially if it is something that you cannot get out of your head when you are actually looking at canon.

It can be anything: a piece of meta that makes things clearer/allows canon to make more sense, a fic that is totally your head!canon for a missing moment, or even (in my case) a word.

And here we have it, Shipper Nation: my favourite BSG fanon contribution of all time is the word EYEFRAK.

picspam ahoy! )
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We love our pilots, and we love them very much indeed. But what did we think of them, when we hadn't yet seen them together onscreen? Did that change, once we had?

It's been observed, elsewhere in the fandom (over at [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73's, in fact) that Kara and Lee in their very first scenes come off as somewhat bratty and abrasive, and more than a little annoying.

But when they are together onscreen, making sarcastic remarks at each other and eyefrakking and exuding enough UST to power a small nuclear reactor in the first brig scene, to many people that is the moment when we first begin to like them unreservedly - or at least a whole lot more than when we already did - and if not then, seeing them together onscreen certainly makes us love them more with time. So what did you think of them alone and together, Shipper Nation?

I'll go first, with an edited version of my thoughts about pilots during my first watch of the miniseries - chip in with your own in the comments:

Oh hey girl, you are kind of an asshole, and do you really like getting in trouble so much? But I like your swagger, and think I am starting to develop some serious girl crush on you. Even if you would probably kick my ass and laugh at me for admitting to that.

You sound like a brat, but I think it is your daddy issues making you act out (and I can sympathise). Also, you are very, very pretty.

You two have some serious tension going on, and I call it - you are going to hook up at some point (also, nice arms, Lee! Who knew that was under your flight suit..). But somehow, you seem less like assholes when you are together. And I refuse to ship you. This show is yanking my chain, and I am too savvy to ship you.

My presence here should indicate how well that worked, but I'm still wondering what everyone else here thought of our pilots when they were each introduced to us separately, and if seeing them together changed the way you saw their characters? Tell us all about it!

Also, anyone who hasn't done so already should check out The Limit, by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity and (ETA) Burns and Bruises by [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove, the fruit of yesterday's DPP. That and the DPP before it are still open for discussion and ficcing, if anyone feels like it!
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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's post! Yesterday's DPP yielded us two lovely fics, Buzzing The Beast by [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove and Mustering Out by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity - if you haven't read them yet, please show them some love! (we have such a talented fandom, don't we?)

Continuing with the speculation about canon blanks in the story of pilots, today I'd like to ask y'all what exactly you think happened in the time that elapsed between the end of Unfinished Business and beginning of The Eye of Jupiter, a.k.a. between the most heart-wrenching reunion/reconciliation in the history of storytelling (and this is not really hyperbole, we are talking about pilots after all) and the time when we finally found out that they'd stopped fighting their feelings and were outmaking like two people who couldn't get enough of each other.

Visual aids this way (just look at their faces, poor bbs):

And this (slightly happier sight to look at, at least in this still):

We never, ever get any idea from canon about how the affair began, other than that our favourite CAG and ace have been at it for a while by the time we see them, since they've spent at least a week on the algae planet with Kara flying donut runs to the surface every chance she gets. more this way (including fic recs and commentfic)! )
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Hello, everyone (I hope those of you who have Thanksgiving/holidays to celebrate will have a lovely time of it), and welcome to this week's DPP!

Today's topic of discussion is one of the gaping holes in the story of our pilots, i.e. a long stretch of time (and what looks like some possibly significant relationship development with loads of eyefrakking thrown in) which canon tells us NOTHING about. Specifically, the gap between this:

and this:

pics ahoy! (and discussion and fic too) )
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I was planning a lazy Sunday post but some non-BSG-related browsing brought me to an April 7, 2003 piece of news about casting for the miniseries, which went as follows:

Katee Sackhoff …. Kara Thrace, callsign ‘Starbuck’
Ronny Cox …. William “Husker” Adama
Mary McDonnell …. Laura Roslin
Michael Shanks …. Lee “Apollo” Adama

Just to be clear, this linked pic is Michael Shanks (aka Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG-1).

And this, instead (as we all know, and to my eternal gratitude) is who ended up playing Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama:

We've discussed the possibility of pilots being played by people other than Jamie and Katee before, but I never knew just how close it was to being a done deal and us never getting to see Jamie as Lee.

If he hadn't got the part, chances are I (and several others among us) would never have shipped pilots and we'd probably have been spared the pain that came with it. We'd also never have got the supernova-level chemistry between Jamie and Katee that made us fall in love with them to begin with, not to mention the countless eyefraks, camaraderie and years worth of squee. We also probably wouldn't have this comm and each other.

So this Sunday, let's just celebrate and be grateful for the existence of pilots as we know and love them, and here's a pic for the purpose (even after a near-death experience and covered in broken glass, they look so post-coital, don't they?)

PS: The weekend reccing post is still open.....if you liked anything piloty lately, tell us about it!
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In honour of weekend laziness, I won't ask too much of anyone who comes by here today - only that you leave a rec for something, anything, that's pilot-y and makes you happy (or even beautifully, heart-meltingly sad, that will do too since fannish feelings for BSG and pilots seem to be an indicator of hidden masochistic streaks in many of us).

Pics, fics, vids, manips, meta, quotes, drabbles, gifs, bring 'em on, people - whether they're old favourites in the fandom or something you just discovered, tell us about them!

I'll go first, here is the Cracky Epic!Space!Movie!Trailer [livejournal.com profile] kivryn made for me at the DPP wishing well a couple of weeks ago:

And fic-wise, I just began reading [livejournal.com profile] kag523's Libertas, which is AWESOME and EPIC. This and [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73's Borrowed Time (pre-mini pilots! *squeals*) and [livejournal.com profile] taragel's awesome Ice!Pilots have got my weekend and possibly a few days after that tied up. How about everyone else?


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