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We've had a comfortably quiet week here, and it's been nice (I would like to speculate that it is because people are following the collective meltdown of one of the most annoying fandoms in existence in the wake of scandalous celeb gossip, but that's just me and my cackling, plus my eternal gratitude that we're not anything like that level of crazy). 

And speaking of firsts, here is a pic of the first moment that made me really start shipping pilots:

It's almost the weekend, and in honour of that I'm inviting everyone to have a trip down memory lane - tell us about the first pilots fic you remember reading/liking, or alternatively, the first pilots fic you ever wrote! (for those of us who've written fic, that is - discussion of meta, fanvids and fanmixes is also welcome - the more the merrier!)

Yesterday's post, on what other characters might have thought of pilots, is still up so feel free to tell us what you think of that too, if you feel like it. 
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Wait a second...

Food Porn Friday...
Oh crap, I'm copying my Tumblr queue!

Frak it.

Let's get ficcy people! Pilots eating, Pilots being sexy, Pilots being sexy while eating – what ever you can think of!
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Today's the last day of my DPP host week, and I have to say, helmets off to you all. We've had some fantastic discussions--thanks to everyone who was able to stop by and add commentary!

A recap:

Today, shipper nation, I ask you:
Where do you go outside of N_T to get more Kara & Lee?

There's a good list on the sidebar of NT for other LJ comms, but let's share recs for Tumblr, blogs, fan art sites, etc. Maybe you have a link to your own shipper site that we could check out! I'll put a few in the comments to get us going.

See you on the other side, everyone! Thanks again for being AWESOME!
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Happy Tuesday, fannish friends! If you haven't participated in yesterday's [Poll #1811508]

Some questions to start off the commenting:
1) What's your favorite non-duty outfit for Kara? Alternatively, what outfit of hers do you hate? Tell us what you think is the worst fashion fail for Kara on the show, including hair, clothes, etc.
2) What's your favorite non-duty outfit for Lee? You can also tell us what outfit of his you hate. What's the worst fashion fail for Lee on the show, including hair, clothes, etc.?
3) Fill in the blank: I wish we had seen Kara wearing...
4) Fill in the blank: I wish we had seen Lee wearing...

Imaginary gold stars are awarded for the following: photos, gifs, SNARK, etc.

BRING IT, EVERYONE. Show us your sartorial judgment!
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Yep, the insanity has hit the home stretch, and with this thought in mind I thought spare you any hard thinking.[Poll #1805537]

Thank you to all who took part!

See you tomorrow for your Christmas present!!!!
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Yesterday, The play (was) the thing. There are some prompts there, but no takers, so if anyone feels inspired then please do go back to it and write. The post is open all week.

Today we're doing icons for all to share in.

I'm of the opinion that there can never be too many pilots icons in the world, and we all have our favourite scenes/moments. We may have a phrase we want to put on an icon. Here's the post for you!

* You have to be willing for other people to use what you create
* If you take icons, you must credit the person who made them (and thank them in comments please!)
* Icons must be no bigger than 100x100 pixels
* Icons be GIF, JPG or PNG format

Create as many or as few as you feel like. If you don't feel like you can create icons, then feel free to put requests for certain pictures/texts into the comments and see if someone else will create them for you (and everyone else!)

Caps are available here:
Frak That

Free image editors:

Free hosting:

The HTML you will need to post an image:
<img src="Your link goes here" />

Your daily dose of pilots prettiness
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In honour of weekend laziness, I won't ask too much of anyone who comes by here today - only that you leave a rec for something, anything, that's pilot-y and makes you happy (or even beautifully, heart-meltingly sad, that will do too since fannish feelings for BSG and pilots seem to be an indicator of hidden masochistic streaks in many of us).

Pics, fics, vids, manips, meta, quotes, drabbles, gifs, bring 'em on, people - whether they're old favourites in the fandom or something you just discovered, tell us about them!

I'll go first, here is the Cracky Epic!Space!Movie!Trailer [livejournal.com profile] kivryn made for me at the DPP wishing well a couple of weeks ago:

And fic-wise, I just began reading [livejournal.com profile] kag523's Libertas, which is AWESOME and EPIC. This and [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73's Borrowed Time (pre-mini pilots! *squeals*) and [livejournal.com profile] taragel's awesome Ice!Pilots have got my weekend and possibly a few days after that tied up. How about everyone else?
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 Alright kids, let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

This here ship has been distinctly lacking in the porny business lately. **glares sternly** We have fallen down on the job (and not in the good way), with very low outputs during the last pilots pornbattle and it's been ages since there was a fandom-wide pornbattle to enjoy. All these little ficlets we've been writing are nice and cute and sweet and all...BUT THERE IS A DISTINCT LACK OF SEXY IN OUR ARTILLERY!! WE MUST RECTIFY THIS RFN! 

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it... )

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OK Shippers, March 1st is the one-year anniversary of the commencement of the Daily Pilots Posts. To commemmorate this fine institution, we need an EPIC-style celebration as only Pilots and Pilot Shippers can bring it. So, get ready.... get set... get your motors running..... because...

That's right! We're having a

Glitter Text Generator - http://www.sparklee.com

Rules: We Haz 'Em )

PLEASE POST YOUR PROMPTS RIGHT HERE UNTIL FEBRUARY 25TH AT MIDNIGHT EST. I will compile and post a complete prompt list sometime on the 26th or 27th, and then, on March 1st, we open for business. SEXY BIZNESS.


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