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This post is brought to you by way too many melodramatic kdramas and the fact that a brief look through my bookshelf/certain folders on my computer this week turned up an oddly high number of books that involved abnormally close/incestuous sibling relationships (The Dreamers, for a start), and it led me to thinking.......

what if Kara and Lee were actual siblings?

We know and love their quasi-sibling relationship, it's just one of the many ways they connect, but if their personalities and the way they were around each other stayed the same (with or without their knowledge of the relationship).....what would you feel about them as siblings? Would you be able to ship them at all? 

   siblings ?

PS: Meta Monday is still running, so if you have something to share, please do!   
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We talked some time ago (a couple of week I think) about the ship that helped us (or not) to get over pilots.

What I'm proposing as subject for today is to talk about the couples that we shipped before the pilots and how did they prepared us (or not) for Kara and Lee. So, what was your ship before them? Is that couple similar to this one or not? 
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There is always a lot of talk in the fandom about Destiny and all of that. And one recurring idea in fics is that Kara was born to fly Vipers.

What do YOU - shipper nation think? Was she really born to fly Vipers? or to play pro-pyramid? or to show everybody the way to Earth? or all of the above?

And Lee? What about him? Flying? Defending people in Court? Making law in politics?

Discuss, debate, show us pics, rec fics (or write us some), whatever works.... 
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Crazy question for today:

What kind of movies do you think that the pilots would like? and of course why?

Also, do you think that they (Kara and Lee) would like the series/movies that Katee and Jamie were (are) in?
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It's been a really great week full of fun discussion so far, so thank you all! Today I thought maybe we could talk about those times when our pilots were apart or just not focused on by canon very much. What were they doing in these time periods? Do you have certain head canon about them? Did they keep in touch (if they were physically separated)? Where were they emotionally with each other? Did they piiiiiiiiiiine? ;)

I've left some specific time periods below to get us started, feel free to add more though!
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Welcome to the DPP, everyone! Sorry for the delayed start to the week, but to kick it off, here is a question that all of Shipper Nation has an answer to, and ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO SHARE, because we all need to hear it: when did you first start shipping pilots?

(for that matter, how did you end up watching BSG in the first place, and did any of you have any idea about pilots beforehand? Because I certainly didn't.)

So please, do take a moment out and tell us how you fell for pilots in the first place, whether it began here:

or before that (see the moment in my icon, or the first brig scene), or even much, much later - maybe one or both pilots had to do a bit of work to win your heart and make a shipper of you? Or maybe fanon - via fic, vids, squee and meta - helped along the way?

Tell us in as much or as little detail as you like, complete with thoughts at the time - no story is too trivial or too silly to share!

PS: Also, the DPP schedule from next week onwards is wide open and needs people to head it up, please do sign up for one if you can!
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Age of the Geek, Baby!

It's Dragon*Con week, so let's get geeky!

There is a tendency in fanfic for Lee to be the nerdy one - the whole, stickler for rules, let's read this obscure section of an old law book, thing.

But what about Kara?

What about Lee outside of the academic?

What would our OTP be geeking out over?
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I'm pretty sure that for this situation to be ideal, there should be a lot less clothes in this picture.

Today's DPP is something I've been curious about for a while: what other couples (outside of BSG) do you guys ship? Did you ship anyone before encountering pilots, or were Lee and Kara the first people to drag you kicking and screaming into shipperland? Have you discovered other couples since? Were they anything at all like pilots?

And if they were, what are your shipper kinks that pilots satisfied? Or what does it tell you about why you loved pilots in the first place? (mine was the best-friends-with-chemistry thing, plus that river in Egypt we shan't name right now)
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Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!  I'm awake, so I'll go ahead and post this now.

One of the wonderful things about BSG is that it has such a great ensemble cast, but as with any show, inevitably you wind up liking some characters more than others.  Today I'd like to do a small thought experiment:  Everyone pick a character that you are not fond of (can be a main character, secondary character, super minor character, they're all open.)  Then, think of how you could do a scene, episode, or fic between that character and Kara or Lee.  Lock the two of them in a room together, send them on a dangerous mission, get them drunk, whatever you want.  But the goal here is to see if you can use Kara and/or Lee to "raise the game" of the character who normally doesn't work for you.  How could throwing them in with Kara or Lee help develop an underdeveloped side of the character, make them interesting where they usually bore you, or create conflict that shows their deeper side?  How would you handle them to make them shine brighter than they did on the show?  What storyline would make you want this character around?

Obviously you can change canon around all you want, or go totally AU.  Also, even though this is asking about people's least favorite characters, it's not meant to be about character bashing so much as character salvaging :)

BSG cast
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The fact that pilots are as epic and unique and amazing as they are in large part because they're played by Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber is common knowledge, since their chemistry is a big chunk of the reason we fell in love with Lee and Kara in the first place.

But what if there was a fresh reboot of this version of BSG, and we were forced to recast them?

Of course no one can ever truly replace Jamie and Katee as Lee and Kara, considering how much of their own personalities they brought to it, but is it even possible to contemplate another pair of actors doing a different take on pilots?

"You want to replace us? This is how: first, make sure your actors have crazy chemistry. Second, make sure they're really hot. Third....nah, can't do it."

Have a good weekend everyone! (also, all the other DPP posts this week are still open, so if you have anything to say about them, please do!)
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We've had a comfortably quiet week here, and it's been nice (I would like to speculate that it is because people are following the collective meltdown of one of the most annoying fandoms in existence in the wake of scandalous celeb gossip, but that's just me and my cackling, plus my eternal gratitude that we're not anything like that level of crazy). 

And speaking of firsts, here is a pic of the first moment that made me really start shipping pilots:

It's almost the weekend, and in honour of that I'm inviting everyone to have a trip down memory lane - tell us about the first pilots fic you remember reading/liking, or alternatively, the first pilots fic you ever wrote! (for those of us who've written fic, that is - discussion of meta, fanvids and fanmixes is also welcome - the more the merrier!)

Yesterday's post, on what other characters might have thought of pilots, is still up so feel free to tell us what you think of that too, if you feel like it. 
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I won't even pretend like today's DPP is not directly inspired by the screening of The Dark Knight Rises I just returned from, and the question is a simple one - can you ever see pilots in a story/fandom that isn't BSG?

I know the answer is yes for many of us, so I'm making today our day to talk about crossovers and AU - the other settings you'd like to pop pilots into, and the potential you see for them there. (my favourite is a crossover of pilots with Buffy, but I'd love to hear about less well-known/obvious settings to put pilots in)

And of course, as always, feel free to make recs and start discussion of crossover or AU fic you've read/written/are thinking of writing! The same goes for fanart too :)
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Hello pilotshippers, and welcome to this week's DPP!

To start with, here's something simple: we all know pilots are ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE among fictional couples - there has never been anyone quite like them, and probably never will be again.

But even if no one can replicate their magic, I want to ask the question: have you ever been reminded of them by other fictional couples, even in a small way? Have certain elements/moments in the relationship of pilots ever reminded you of anyone else you've read/watched?

Or am I just crazy for even thinking of them as comparable to other couples at all?
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A question today: if after their night on New Caprica, Kara hadn't been able to muster out AND she and Lee had to go on to work very closely together (let's say oblivious Bill made her Lee's XO on the Pegasus) in a work partnership capacity (similar to as they had been as CAG and flight instructor/squadron leader)....what do you think that might have changed?

Would the fallout have been worse or better or about the same? They wouldn't have had the chance to miss each other, but the daily demands of working together, of planning things and commiserating about staff and issues--do you think that would make them quicker or slower to reconcile?

How would their marriages (or not, maybe neither got married in this scenario--or maybe only Kara did?) change this?

(As always, feel free to answer with meta, discussion, fics, graphics, questions, etc.)
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Happy Independence Day, US peeps, and happy Wednesday everyone else!
Thought maybe we could muse on a few topics related to the holiday today:

Do you think pilots gave a lot of consideration to their work as being patriotic?
Was that a motivating factor for either of them, do you think, in choosing to join the service?
Where in the series do you think the idea of military being "doing your patriotic duty" comes up?
What about democracy and justice and all that good stuff? Clearly Lee's a democracy fan but what about Kara?

And finally, just for fun, two fic recs related to the holiday, sorta
(these are all I can think of, off the top of my head, but please feel free to leave more in the comments!) 
All Will Be Revealed (in which Lee strips as Captain Democracy!) by [livejournal.com profile] dionusia
Frak Democracy (in which Kara smudges Lee's constitution!) by [livejournal.com profile] taragel 
More Than Fireworks in the Sky (in which Lee sees fireworks thanks to Kara!) by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper

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Earlier in the week, several people expressed interest in talking about beta writing and the writing process, so I thought we'd discuss it! (Admittedly this is a less pilots-centric discussion than some, but feel free to post pics or gifs of pilots if you think they're feeling left out :)

Kara says sometimes this writing shit is hard!

Some questions to start out:
  • Betas, what kinds of stories do you like to work on? How do you approach the process, and what helps it go well?
  • Writers, how do you find a beta to work with? What type of feedback is most helpful to you as you craft a story? How much does a good beta influence the final product?
  • Readers, does knowing something's been beta-ed affect whether you'll read it?
If you're not familiar with the beta process, feel free to ask other questions as well! 


In case you missed any of  this week's ficlets, check them out below! 

Out of Gas by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity [PG-13]
Lesson One by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity [PG]
Saved by the Bell by [livejournal.com profile] word_vomity [PG-13]
Fooling Around by [livejournal.com profile] kl_shipper1 [PG]
Flirtation by [livejournal.com profile] embolalia [PG-13]
Gone by [livejournal.com profile] embolalia [PG]
Through the Storm by [livejournal.com profile] embolalia [PG]

Only One Bed by [livejournal.com profile] embolalia [PG-13]
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Good morning again! Thanks to those of you who joined our conversation yesterday, it was an interesting discussion and it's always great to see new voices joining in! Today, a game:


tvtropes.org defines tropes as "devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations" - and pilots canon and fic both employ and subvert many, many tropes over the course of their story. Case in point:

Belligerent Sexual Tension

Your challenge today is to think about the tropes left in comments and either:
  • Write a drabble/ficlet that employs that trope in an interesting way (they're not bad if they're well written!)
  • Write a drabble/ficlet that subverts the trope
  • Or give us some meta thoughts on how pilots do or don't fit the trope
And if you get sucked into tvtropes or know others off the top of your head, leave them below!

(Side note: I was thinking of having a conversation about comments and commenting tomorrow, but one is happening today at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_epics! Check it out over there if you're interested :)
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To start with, thanks to everyone who's participated in our game and discussion so far this week! It's been lovely talking with you. I'll post a fic round-up from Truth or Dare before the week is over :)

On to today's topic!

One of the great struggles that people have had with the way this show ended (and I'm not trying to stir up THAT whole mess today) is with the table scene. Especially for people watching in real time, there were many theories in place already about what Kara and Lee's back story was.

But today, let’s just say that what happened in Daybreak was always the back story for Lee and Kara, and the writers had decided that before the show started and not, you know, five minutes before it ended. When should it have come up? What moments would have been different for Kara and Lee if they had a past and a connection they both acknowledged? Leave moments below for people to respond to with meta or fic, or just leave us your rambly thoughts on the topic!
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People in our community play different roles - readers, writers, betas, lurkers, mods - and it seems that tensions arise sometimes without our really thinking about them. We all love pilots and enjoy this comm, or we wouldn’t be here, and I think we all want this to be a welcoming, inclusive place. So today, I’m declaring this a safe space to talk about these issues.[Poll #1849710]

And then some questions: how did you chose how to identify yourself? Has it changed over the course of your time here? Do you see one POV or another as dominant in our conversations? Are there other kinds of conversations or POVs you’d like to see us include more of?

(Hopefully it doesn’t need to be said, but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS are allowed during this conversation.)
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Thursday is upon us. Monday we talked about new fic. Tuesday we talked about Lee and Kara as people and why we were drawn to them. Yesterday we started an alphabet meme (and we're only up to G so if anyone is feeling inspired, I'm leaving it open until Sunday) and were rewarded with some lovely fic and graphics so you guys should go check that out if you haven't already.

Today we're gonna go to the dark side. Basically, the topic of conversation is:Weird and wonderful places for pilots to get it on )


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