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I know that we do this every couple of months and I always find new things to add to my endless list of things to read. And I know for a  fact that I'm not the only one. So.... Rec, Rec, Rec.... like in ALL THE FICS - HEA fics, angsty fics, finished or WIP, cute, fluffy or action packed.... the more, the merrier. 

Some of us really like to read and I'm sure that the writers would love some new readers :)
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Happy Independence Day, US peeps, and happy Wednesday everyone else!
Thought maybe we could muse on a few topics related to the holiday today:

Do you think pilots gave a lot of consideration to their work as being patriotic?
Was that a motivating factor for either of them, do you think, in choosing to join the service?
Where in the series do you think the idea of military being "doing your patriotic duty" comes up?
What about democracy and justice and all that good stuff? Clearly Lee's a democracy fan but what about Kara?

And finally, just for fun, two fic recs related to the holiday, sorta
(these are all I can think of, off the top of my head, but please feel free to leave more in the comments!) 
All Will Be Revealed (in which Lee strips as Captain Democracy!) by [livejournal.com profile] dionusia
Frak Democracy (in which Kara smudges Lee's constitution!) by [livejournal.com profile] taragel 
More Than Fireworks in the Sky (in which Lee sees fireworks thanks to Kara!) by [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper

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Frak Lee, you never told me about #7! What do you mean can we just move on to #13?

Hey everyone! So way back during the first couple weeks the DPPs started, we played a game called Six Little Words where everyone tried to guess fics from six-word summaries. That list was mostly old classics, today's is mostly new fic from the past six months to a year. I tried to include one (and only one) by almost every pilots shipper currently active/writing in fandom. Note: There may be multiple fics that fit a prompt, but I did have one in particular in mind for each so that's the one you have to try to guess! Make your guesses and I'll confirm with answers and crossouts when I can.


6 words, 20 times )
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Thursday is upon us. Monday we talked about new fic. Tuesday we talked about Lee and Kara as people and why we were drawn to them. Yesterday we started an alphabet meme (and we're only up to G so if anyone is feeling inspired, I'm leaving it open until Sunday) and were rewarded with some lovely fic and graphics so you guys should go check that out if you haven't already.

Today we're gonna go to the dark side. Basically, the topic of conversation is:Weird and wonderful places for pilots to get it on )
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Hello hello hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and for those of you joining us from Commonwealth countries a very happy Jubilee weekend :)

This is my week doing the DPP and I thought I'd start us off nice and gently.

gently, gently )
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For today's topic, we're going to explore AUs and pilots.

Imagine Lee and Kara on Earth, in modern times, and the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons, or Galactica had never happened. What do they do on Earth? How do they meet? Is it the same familiar, angst-ridden to get their act together, or is it easier because, this time, Zak isn't in the way?

Maybe it's the same universe that BSG introduced us to, but the Cylons never attacked the Colonies, or they tried but were unsuccessful. How does something like this change Lee and Kara's story? Would something like this make it easier or harder for them to be together?

Today is going to be formatted like Tuesday's DPP-- fic recs & discussion in one thread, prompting/writing in another. Of course, feel free to do a little of both, or step (or dive) into the writing pond even if you aren't a writer-- fic doesn't have to be very long, drabbles are always welcome!

Have at it! Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Have you ever wondered what would change if Lee had done this or Kara had done that? That's what we are going to do today: flip canon on its head.

Bear with me, because this is going to do a few ways (which probably will make more sense in my head than here). I'm going to open one thread for prompting & fic writing for those who are authors. I'm also going to open another for those who want to just discuss these canon changes and/or for people who have fic recs. You can also do all of the above-- don't feel limited because there are different threads.

Possible scenarios under the cut )
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Happy Caturday, everybody, everywhere!

It's been a great week here at N_T. I've smirked, laughed, and cheered my way through a lot of amazing comments. You get two more days of my poking and prodding before the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] useyourlove takes command.

Previously on N_T:

In case you missed it, yesterday's comments included a thread on Kara as the Muad'Dib from Frank Herbert's Dune. That got me thinking about other crackfics and crossovers. So, shippers, today I ask you to tell us:

What are your favorite crackfics/ crossover fics? Are there any crossover/ crackfics that you want to see out there and haven't? What do you like about crossover fics as a writer or reader?
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Happy Thursday, everyone! Everyone's been posting such great comments this week, and I hope we can keep it up during the remainder of my reign of terror stint as host!

Recap: Feel free to revisit these posts and add more!

In today's post, I request that you all keep your sassy caps on* and sail forward into the land of SNARKY PILOTS. We love our pilots, we really do, but The Powers That Be give us so much material for mocking. Snark is love, people. Please share some wisecracking, witty, thumbing-your-nose piloty goodness to carry us through the day! Have you ever watched a scene and made up a funnier version in your head? Show us! Pics with irreverent captions, gifs, icons, fics of any length, imaginary dialogue, blogs with funny BSG commentary, crack!porn (with ratings of any comment fic in the title)**, whatever kind of fuel your Viper takes--we want to see it all.

For example, here's a snarky graphic from [livejournal.com profile] letterstonorah that helped inspire this post. I put some of my own in the comments, too. Let's get this party started!***

* Does anyone here ever take off their sassy caps? No? I didn't think so. Very good.

** Thanks, Bee! :D

***If you don't have any sassy things to share, don't have the time to make your own, etc--commentspam with WHATEVER PILOTY AWESOME YOU WANT. You could supply pics from frak-that.com and make your own captions, like I did, since I'm not a writer. You could also tell us your favorite funny moments in canon. SSWA, rinse, lather, repeat, carry on and keep calm.
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Welcome to Bee!Club week on the DPP!!!**

The rules of Bee!Club are simple...

The FIRST rule of Bee!Club is... we don’t talk about Bee!Club.
No wait---that’s not right.  Of course we talk.  Talking is what we do, yo.  Talk it up in the comments---bring me your thinky thoughts, your gifs, your crack, bring your ficlets and drabbles and bears oh my!  I wants it all.  The DPP is all about the conversation.

The SECOND rule of Bee!Club is... we dont talk about Bee!Club.
Shit!  That’s not right either.  Of course we talk, and second only to talking about the Topic ‘O The Day (tm) is talking to each other.  I have met some of my very bestest of buds by straying over into someone else’s convo and setting up camp.  It’s fun!  It’s ridiculous!  You might find the COOLEST KIDZ EVAR!  Just give it a whirl.  The worst thing you can do this week is stay in your own little  sandbox comment thread and never venture out.  I’ll bring the punch and pie.  All you gotta do is show up. *g*

So, today’s theme is REC-O-RAMA!!!!


ETA:::::Apologies in advance, y'all.  LJ cut is not working for me, so you get this gianormous post all up on yo' interntez.  Sorries. :-/

Here’s the deal:

1.  You rec three fics.

2.  You tell us WHY you recc’d those fics.  
Greatest Story Ever Told? Sentimental favorite?  Has the greatest alpha!Lee or badass Kara imaginable?  Made you see the monumental rightness of babyfic?  Got you hooked on the hawtness?  Best wallsex, hate!sex, angsty!sex, sweet!sex, crazy!bad!wrong!dirty!sex ever? Pre-mini perfection or post-poof healing?  Canon, AU, no-U?  WHAT-EV-ER.  But you have to tell us why you love it.  (B/c we peeps is nosy and we wants to know.)

3.  Here’s the twist:  To make this a true rec-o-rama and avoid the same golden oldies cropping up (not that we don’t love ‘em but they’re classics for a reason, y’all), if a story’s already been recc’ed, you cannot rec it again-- you’ve got to come up with new fics to rec.  (Of course, if you see a story you love crop up in the comments feel free to squee about it until Bee calls last round and kicks your drunk ass out of this bar for the evening till the cows come home.)

It’s doesn’t have to be old-- it doesn’t have to be a classic.  Just tell me what’s struck you lately.  What have you been reading that makes you smile?

4.  Here’s where it gets awesome-- feel free to play multiple times.  I want this to be the rec post to end all rec posts, full of holiday fun and cheer and fantastic reading material.  So please---come back for seconds, m’kay?

Got it?  Sweet.  Here are three to get us started:

1.  Possibility: Different by mystic83
SO much love for this story, y’all.  I first discovered it when I was new to the show and a total lurker!bee and had only barely heard of fannish things (What is this fan fiction you speak of?  What?  AU?  What?)  And I stumbled across this little gem that imagines a world where the attacks never happened and K/L get to work their shit out over the course of a lovely little weekend.  It just made my heart go pity-pat in all the right ways and sealed the deal as far as my love of fic goes.  From that moment on, I was like  YES.  MOAR.  PLS.

2.  Kara Thrace’sTerrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Special Destiny by [livejournal.com profile] taragel
I love this story for two reasons-- one, it was the first tfic I ever beta’d (and I love my betabee fics like WHOA-- rest assured well dicuss more on this topic later), and also?  It’s wonderfully cracky and funny and earnest and a fantastic little love letter to our ship at a time post-finale when were were all needing a reason to smile.

(And OMG the identity of the One True Cylon God is just genius, y’all.)

Warnings--- for pigeon violence.

3.  Periapsis by [livejournal.com profile] peri_peteia(f/k/a rawles)
One of the great stories ever told by a giant of the previous generation.  A re-imagining of Lee and Kara’s journey as if they were both fully functioning psychopaths, all Dexter-style.  It sounds insane and it kind of is---and I’m not going to lie, it can read a little harsh and shocking at times but it’s totally why it works.  Moreover, the really unbelievable thing about this story is that the characterizations are staggeringly authentic.  And it does such a wonderful job of highlighting the distance pilots always kind of feel from everyone else, from the entire world at large.  From every one but each other.  I’ve long suspected that the have an incredibly humanizing and simultaneously destabilizing influence on each other and this fic just spells it out with each gorgeous word.  The writing is also effortless and yet so carefully constructed.  Run, don’t walk to this one, y’all.

So there are my intital offerings.  Come on out and bring some more to the table. Go forth and par-tay my lovelies.  :D

If my over-the-top take-no-prisoner-style offends you, um... sorry?  Just know that I don’t really take anything seriously (least of all myself) , and I’m really quite nice so long as I stay well-fed and watered, and also that fandom is all about the fun.  So jump in a live a little.  ; P  

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Previously on No_Takebacks )

Today we're leaving genre fic recs. Leave a comment containing a genre of fic you'd like to read more of, and then hopefully other people will leave you recommendations of fics they like in that genre. Leave as many recs as you can for your fellow shippers :)

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Previously on DPP:
Monday: Dialogue - The play's the thing. Prompts are open, but no takers
Tuesday: Icons - There are some gorgeous pilots icons there for us all to share in, so please leave some love for the creators, and possibly make some of your own

These posts are open all week, so if you feel a burst of creativity hit, please do go join in.

Today's DPP is "What were they thinking?". It's another writing challenge, but this time instead of focusing on dialogue, I'd like you to write me a drabble about one or other pilots' thoughts in a situation. Get inside their head. What are they thinking or feeling? Really I think what I'm after is the internal monologue, a sort of polar opposite to Monday's challenge.

There's no limit on words - it can be as long, or as short as you like. Feel free to leave prompts as well - maybe there's a certain canon situation that you've always wanted explored. If you're feeling really specific you can ask for it to be from the POV of a certain character. Also feel free to include a screencap of the moment or scene you'd like explored. Recommendations for existing fic are also always welcomed :)

Kara's face is awesome here. I've always wondered what was going through her mind during this scene.
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In honour of weekend laziness, I won't ask too much of anyone who comes by here today - only that you leave a rec for something, anything, that's pilot-y and makes you happy (or even beautifully, heart-meltingly sad, that will do too since fannish feelings for BSG and pilots seem to be an indicator of hidden masochistic streaks in many of us).

Pics, fics, vids, manips, meta, quotes, drabbles, gifs, bring 'em on, people - whether they're old favourites in the fandom or something you just discovered, tell us about them!

I'll go first, here is the Cracky Epic!Space!Movie!Trailer [livejournal.com profile] kivryn made for me at the DPP wishing well a couple of weeks ago:

And fic-wise, I just began reading [livejournal.com profile] kag523's Libertas, which is AWESOME and EPIC. This and [livejournal.com profile] workerbee73's Borrowed Time (pre-mini pilots! *squeals*) and [livejournal.com profile] taragel's awesome Ice!Pilots have got my weekend and possibly a few days after that tied up. How about everyone else?
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Today, we're going to do a Author: Author: I also want to thank everybody for contributing to yesterday's discussion. Feel free to still chip in. There's still a lot of character's POV that we haven't discussed.
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Yesterday was some utterly brilliant speculation about what storylines might play out if Pilots ended up in some other sci-fi series, and [livejournal.com profile] amaliak wrote a fabulous little ficlet of Pilots in the Doctor Who universe. Please go and read it, and leave her some feedback on it because it really is lovely.

Today's DPP is hopefully something that will make the middle day of your working week go a bit faster, and get you on the ride to the weekend by distracting you from how much Wednesdays can drag. It's a fic recommendation exchange with a twist.

We all have types of fic that we tend to avoid because the vast majority of that sort of fic is poor at best, but it's entirely possible that we are missing out on some awesome fic because of our prejudices about that type. It is also almost certain that what one person may hate with a passion another person may not - in fact, if you're someone who loves that type of fic you may know just the piece of fic that will change someone's mind.

So today I want you to bring your fic prejudices to the comments section. What do you hate to see in fic? Tell us why you usually hate to see it. Then I want you to check out the other comments and see if you can recommend something that will change the commenter's mind about a type of fic that you like or love.

Hopefully by the end of today we'll have some brilliant recommendations, and some people who have changed their minds about what they previously hated :)

Lee and Kara are pretty happy to be half way through the working week because they have sexytimes plans for the weekend

DPP: Recs

Jul. 12th, 2011 09:48 am
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Today, I want us to rec each other things. Interviews, con reports, vids, fics, anything you feel deserves a look. And by all means, feel free to pimp yourself!

I'll go first! I happen, for no real reason, to be having a grumpy sort of day. So here are some of my favorite comfort Pilot things.

Contrecoup by [livejournal.com profile] fahye_fic
Lee gets hurt, Kara doesn't deal especially well, I have no idea how to summarize this properly.

Artemis Rising by [livejournal.com profile] stars_like_dust
Academy fic in which Lee and Kara go on a beach vacation.

Six Swans by [livejournal.com profile] innibis
A frakked-up fairytale.

Higher by [livejournal.com profile] taragel
I. Um. Watch this a lot. Because it's really great.

Aaand, a little shameless self-promotion to round thing out.
Close For Comfort (the Getting Some Distance remix)
Growing up, Lee thought it was an open secret. That everyone knew “your father is never home” was a euphemism for “your father is frakking Uncle Saul.”
It's more Lee-fic than proper Pilots fic, but Kara's there! I never crossposted this anywhere, so it's a little underappreciated.

Okay, I've shown you (some of) mine, now show me yours!
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Hello hello my fangirl friends :) What an interesting week we have had so far. Yesterday we discussed our wacky ideas involving Pilots in OTHER stories, and there were some interesting suggestions, some awesome manips, some exciting fic reccomendations, and lively discussion besides.

And of course there was the obligatory Fassavoy gif hijack :P

Today is all about your favourite tropes. I know we had a trope based discussion on Monday, but this is slightly different. I've been going through my delicious bookmarks trying to get them into some kind of order, and I'm noticing certain trends.

So my question for you is this:

What are the tropes/categories if you're not clear on tropitude that will almost guarantee you will read a fic? What does an author need to put in the genre/notes section to make you clicky clicky without even really reading the summary? Tell me what your weaknesses are, and rec some of your favourites if you like.

wanna know mine? )

Alright, enough from me, you go :)

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Good day to you all, today's post is a little bit on the late side because public transort in England is enough to frequently make you want to kill yourself. But on to happier things :)

Yesterday we talked about our musical inspiration when it comes to writing pilots fic, I have started compiling a new playlist of all your favourites, they were most excellent.

Today's show is slightly different.

I have a slight problem, I suspect that some of you share it, in that I SEE PILOTS EVERYWHERE! So today I thought we could talk about the other films/tv shows/books that you all think are PERFECT for Pilots.What do you want to see as a crossover? What stories would be made better with Kara and Lee as the main characters?

Can't think of any?
here are some ideas to get you started! )
Hopefully that's enough to keep everyone going! I have to go have a shower but I shall be back with some thoughts of my own, and possibly some incredibly cracked out manips. Have fun!
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Howdy :)

So yesterday was fun, we talked about our favourite UFT's and by the way, if any of you missed the latter portion of the discussion which was directed mainly by [livejournal.com profile] nazkey , [livejournal.com profile] amaliak , and [livejournal.com profile] pali167  you should go check it out, it is FASS-TASTIC!

Today we're gonna talk a little bit about music, even though I'm certain that it's has been done before. It strikes me that pilots fandom is relatively short on song-fics, where most fandoms feed on them. And ok, I'm not the world's biggest fan of song-fics, my experience of them is that they are often clumsy and made lazy by virtue of being able to rely on lyrics to say what you want to without having to think of how you word it for yourself. I am however, interested in fic inspired by music, that doesn't necessarily use the song as part of the story.

Now, I know a lot of you guys are really into poetry and have written many wonderful fics inspired by/based around poetry. But what about songs?

Do you guys have favourite pilots songs? Have you written fics that were inspired by particular pieces of music/songs? Have you written actual song-fics? Does anyone have songs that they wish someone would write pilots fic based around? It's a musical free for all!

And to get you started, here are a few songs that make me think of pilots.


Everyone feel free to jump in with your songs, fic-recs, prompts or just general feelings. Or, if you feel like it, gifs of hot men being hot, because that's allowed too :)
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 Okay, I know we didn't get any happily ever afters in canon, and sometimes (maybe all the time) it seemed like happily ever after was just an impossibility for pilots. Too much water under the bridge and all that.

But I thought we could talk a little happily ever after, just for fun :) Rec me your favorite happy vids and happy-ending fics. What's your favorite poof fix? What about future AUs you love? Was there ever a point in canon when pilots could have had a happily ever after, and if so, when? What are the happiest moments for pilots?


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