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Happy Tuesday, fannish friends! If you haven't participated in yesterday's [Poll #1811508]

Some questions to start off the commenting:
1) What's your favorite non-duty outfit for Kara? Alternatively, what outfit of hers do you hate? Tell us what you think is the worst fashion fail for Kara on the show, including hair, clothes, etc.
2) What's your favorite non-duty outfit for Lee? You can also tell us what outfit of his you hate. What's the worst fashion fail for Lee on the show, including hair, clothes, etc.?
3) Fill in the blank: I wish we had seen Kara wearing...
4) Fill in the blank: I wish we had seen Lee wearing...

Imaginary gold stars are awarded for the following: photos, gifs, SNARK, etc.

BRING IT, EVERYONE. Show us your sartorial judgment!
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Apologies if some of you aren't Harry Potter fans, but seeing as part one of Deathly Hallows hits the US tomorrow and almost everyone is talking about it, I thought this would be a fitting day to don the Hogwarts Galactic Fleet Academy Sorting Hat (Sorting...helmet?)

For those not magically initiated, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has a rather controversial way of sorting students into houses, in which students put on a very old stinky talking hat, the hat tells them based on personality traits (or other arbitrary factors) what house they should live in, thus determining their entire social life both throughout their schooling but probably during their adult lives, all in a matter of seconds. I have a feeling spunky young Kara would tell Dumbledore this is major B.S., but that's the way it is.

The houses are these:

Gryffindor, valuing courage, bravery, loyalty, nerve and chivalry.
Ravenclaw, valuing intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit.
Hufflepuff, valuing hard work, tolerance, loyalty, and fair play.
And Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, leadership, resourcefulness (bonus points if you have pure wizard blood).

Feel free to discuss away in comments how much Kara would kick ass at Quidditch, what Lee's best subject at Hogwarts would be, etc. But EVERYONE LOVES A POLL, so:

[Poll #1645886]
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Before diving into today's topic, I wanted to remind you that prompting for the ficbattle is still open [Poll #1603907]

Wednesday Teaser: You'll just have to keep your eyes open, won't you?
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Here we have it: the poll! Vote for your favorites! I hid the results because I'm sneaky, but feel free to lobby for votes in the comments. If you need visual aids on some of these, there are some delicious gifs and screencaps in the comments to this post. Have fun, y'all! See you back here tomorrow!

[Poll #1573079]
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Today's activity will be posted soon, but I wanted to do a quick poll concerning the community challenge I posted yesterday. Several people have mentioned this week is exam week and there's a lot going on and might not have time to work on items to submit. Should the submission date be extended a week to Sunday May 16th? [Poll #1560209]
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Wednesday is POLL DAY!

[Poll #1545480]

(The word "undies" was supposed to be stricken out. Frakkin' LJ won't let me edit the poll)

Btw, thanks for the awesome contribution to yesterday's post. You rock, people! ♥


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