Aug. 10th, 2011

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Pardon this slight interruption to your regularly scheduled programming...

A while back I was thinking about the fact that most pilots fic these days seems to be either really short stuff (up to 5000 words: comment fic and one-shots) or long stuff (50,000 words and up: ongoing multi-chapter WIPs) and what we're lacking is the medium stuff of about 10,000 to 50,000 words.

Hence I'd like to propose we have a Medium Bang--similar to the fandom Big Bangs but on the smaller scale of that 10-50K range! So who's interested? We could also have an artwork component, if there was enough interest, and/or a theme or a prompt component? Any ideas? Put em in the comments!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the DPP! Today we'll be talking about something that pilots were probably desperately in need of through most of the series, though they fulfilled that need for each other for the most part*.

In canon, we've seen that Lee and Kara are each other's best friends, but they really don't have too many others - Helo's one of the few people who gets close to Kara, and I'm assuming any friends Lee had before boarding Galactica were nuked with the rest of the Twelve Colonies. And yet, with yesterday's discussion about what we'd tell them if we could stage relationship interventions, it got me thinking - pilots could really do with more friends. Not that I don't love them as friends, esp. when they have *gigglesnort*-inducing moments like this one:
pilots in 33

But, they could really use a few more people to unburden to who aren't ghost piano players, head!Cylons or hookers, and where BSG canon will not provide it, we're probably better off looking in other canon. That's right, give Lee and Kara friends from other fandoms! And here is my top nominee:

 .....This way, please! )


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