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This post is brought to you by way too many melodramatic kdramas and the fact that a brief look through my bookshelf/certain folders on my computer this week turned up an oddly high number of books that involved abnormally close/incestuous sibling relationships (The Dreamers, for a start), and it led me to thinking.......

what if Kara and Lee were actual siblings?

We know and love their quasi-sibling relationship, it's just one of the many ways they connect, but if their personalities and the way they were around each other stayed the same (with or without their knowledge of the relationship).....what would you feel about them as siblings? Would you be able to ship them at all? 

   siblings ?

PS: Meta Monday is still running, so if you have something to share, please do!   
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Hi everyone!

BSG has been called the anti-"Star Trek," but I thought it would be fun today to have a little cracky fun imagining the two coming together.  Use the plot generator I've put under the LJ cut below (taken and mildly adapted from Justin B. Rye's Do-It-Yourself Star Trek Script Flowchart) to design your own BSG/Trek lovechild of an episode.  Illustrate your episode, or any individual item on the list, with appropriate screenshots (frak-that.com is a good resource for caps), or write a ficlet or caption, or just giggle about the things you would never see on Galactica, or -- if you're like me -- be surprised at just how many of these things they actually did on Galactica!

Kirk punch gif  Kara Lee punch gif
Lee eyebrow gif
spock eyebrow sass gif

Design your own episode... )
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The fact that pilots are as epic and unique and amazing as they are in large part because they're played by Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber is common knowledge, since their chemistry is a big chunk of the reason we fell in love with Lee and Kara in the first place.

But what if there was a fresh reboot of this version of BSG, and we were forced to recast them?

Of course no one can ever truly replace Jamie and Katee as Lee and Kara, considering how much of their own personalities they brought to it, but is it even possible to contemplate another pair of actors doing a different take on pilots?

"You want to replace us? This is how: first, make sure your actors have crazy chemistry. Second, make sure they're really hot. Third....nah, can't do it."

Have a good weekend everyone! (also, all the other DPP posts this week are still open, so if you have anything to say about them, please do!)
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As someone who has an unholy passion for the 'what ifs', one of my favourite pilots-related subjects to think about is - what would pilots have been like, if the Cylons hadn't attacked the Colonies?

And as an additional question, what might they have been like if she hadn't passed Zak on that Basic Flight test? I'll helpfully provide a gif from before all of it:

Feel free to also discuss the impact being at war did have on their relationship, and the constraints it put on them, both emotionally and otherwise (Lee having to order Kara to stay back with the detonator - and die in the process - in Razor, Kara leaving Lee because Tigh pointed out they were still at war and she could lose him).

And of course, if there is any fic that actually has Lee and Kara without the war (apart from the brilliant Aerilon Girls are Easy) please do rec it!
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We've had DPP's that have asked what changes you would have made to the Pilots timeline, Kara not sleeping with Baltar, Lee avoiding hookers, things like that.

But... what changes would you have liked to see made to the General timeline?

Changes that would make things better for the fleet (and maybe help our pilots along in the process).

Example: Zirek wins the vote and becomes Vice-Pres. Personally, I think he would have been a much better VP then Baltar, plus Lee and Kara would have skipped that celebration, leading to Kara showing off her dress in a more private setting.

Everyone wins!
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We kicked off this week's DPP by contemplating the possibility of no pilots, and moved on to lament the way they ended, on the third anniversary of the day.
Today, I'd like to offer up a third possibility: what if you got the chance to change things for pilots? Suppose you were given a choice of one point in the story from which to undo the injustices done to them in canon, what would you pick, to give those poor kids a shot at a happy ending? From which point, effectively, would you take them AU?

awwww, look at baby!pilots all happy!

Whether it's having Lee actually admit to Kara that he wants her in Colonial Day/Kobol's Last Gleaming (which is coming up this week in the rewatch!) or averting their marriages, or preventing Kara's death, or even if you're ok with everything all the way till/except for the poof and would only change that, tell us! (or would they be better off being taken completely AU and removed from canon entirely?)
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Hello, Shipper Nation, and welcome to this week's DPP!

Today's question is one that I suspect very few of us (self included) like to think about too often, or at all: what if there were no pilots?

BSG is a big show, with a massive cast to match. Our pilots, much as we love them and important as they were, were just two of those, and their story was one of many (still a big part of it, though). But what if they hadn't been part of the cast at all? What would that show have been like? I mean, think of a miniseries without this, for starters:

I guess the flipside of the question is, what do you think pilots brought to the show, and the story, that made them - and the show, with them - so special? And would you have taken an interest in BSG if they hadn't existed?
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For today's topic, we're going to explore AUs and pilots.

Imagine Lee and Kara on Earth, in modern times, and the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons, or Galactica had never happened. What do they do on Earth? How do they meet? Is it the same familiar, angst-ridden to get their act together, or is it easier because, this time, Zak isn't in the way?

Maybe it's the same universe that BSG introduced us to, but the Cylons never attacked the Colonies, or they tried but were unsuccessful. How does something like this change Lee and Kara's story? Would something like this make it easier or harder for them to be together?

Today is going to be formatted like Tuesday's DPP-- fic recs & discussion in one thread, prompting/writing in another. Of course, feel free to do a little of both, or step (or dive) into the writing pond even if you aren't a writer-- fic doesn't have to be very long, drabbles are always welcome!

Have at it! Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Have you ever wondered what would change if Lee had done this or Kara had done that? That's what we are going to do today: flip canon on its head.

Bear with me, because this is going to do a few ways (which probably will make more sense in my head than here). I'm going to open one thread for prompting & fic writing for those who are authors. I'm also going to open another for those who want to just discuss these canon changes and/or for people who have fic recs. You can also do all of the above-- don't feel limited because there are different threads.

Possible scenarios under the cut )
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I was planning a lazy Sunday post but some non-BSG-related browsing brought me to an April 7, 2003 piece of news about casting for the miniseries, which went as follows:

Katee Sackhoff …. Kara Thrace, callsign ‘Starbuck’
Ronny Cox …. William “Husker” Adama
Mary McDonnell …. Laura Roslin
Michael Shanks …. Lee “Apollo” Adama

Just to be clear, this linked pic is Michael Shanks (aka Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG-1).

And this, instead (as we all know, and to my eternal gratitude) is who ended up playing Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama:

We've discussed the possibility of pilots being played by people other than Jamie and Katee before, but I never knew just how close it was to being a done deal and us never getting to see Jamie as Lee.

If he hadn't got the part, chances are I (and several others among us) would never have shipped pilots and we'd probably have been spared the pain that came with it. We'd also never have got the supernova-level chemistry between Jamie and Katee that made us fall in love with them to begin with, not to mention the countless eyefraks, camaraderie and years worth of squee. We also probably wouldn't have this comm and each other.

So this Sunday, let's just celebrate and be grateful for the existence of pilots as we know and love them, and here's a pic for the purpose (even after a near-death experience and covered in broken glass, they look so post-coital, don't they?)

PS: The weekend reccing post is still open.....if you liked anything piloty lately, tell us about it!
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(this post is totally borrowed from this comment at the BBC)
When we think of pilots and the moments that turned us into shippers, for many of us it goes back to this:

pilots getting uncomfortable because their UST might set the hangar deck on fire

if not earlier in the story, basically because that scene above is totally evidence of their existing (and mutual!) feelings for each other.

But what if the miniseries didn't exist? Read more )
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One of the most common complaints when it came to canon and pilots is that pilots' alternate love interests (aka Dee and Sam) just didn't seem to work as credible obstacles to keep pilots apart, and that they weren't even all that interesting to watch as relationships, which ultimately resulted in the turn for the stupid that was TAB.

Today's question is, what if you could pick new secondary love interests for pilots? Is there anyone in the massive extended cast of BSG who could have actually brought more and better to the Quadrangle of Doom than Sam and Dee? Would the story have been more believable if the "dead guy" Kara was hung up on in Scar was Helo (leave aside the fact that he's back on Galactica by then) or the woman Lee discovered an unexpected attraction to was Athena/Boomer (forcing him to reconsider his hatred of Cylons), or Laura?

Pilots contemplate picking out other people to romance/frak since they can't have each other...not fun but they'll do it.

Is there any way at all to make the Quadrangle of Doom palatable/worth our time, shipper nation?
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Alright, after the dose of angst that was yesterday's DPP, I think today can do with something a bit more lighthearted. Something like....

Yeah, that's Lee with Jake the dog. Read more )
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There was some awesome ranting yesterday which brought up some excellent points that I hadn't really considered much before, so if you're feeling a bit angry today, or just fancy catching up with what was said yesterday, go take a look :)

Today I was thinking it would be fun to speculate on Pilots in other sci-fi settings.

Some ideas for examples:

Doctor Who: What would they be like fighting alongside The Doctor? What would they make of Daleks? Would they find Cybermen similar enough to chromejobs to be just more of the same?

Star Wars: I've seen it said before that the raid on the Tylium facility in Hand of God was rather like some of the imagery of the Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star - what if they really were?

Farscape: In [livejournal.com profile] pocochina's OMG me too post [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge mentioned she'd like to see Hybrid!Sam&Galactica meeting Pilot&Moya, which seems like a pretty awesome idea the more I think it over - how would Pilots do in such a scenario?

Star Trek: So many awesome franchises and ideas here. How would you see Pilots & Galactica coping in the federation?

These are obviously just examples, you can go for any scifi that you fancy. So go ahead and use today's DPP as space to write some fic (no word limits/restrictions), create some artwork if you're so inclined, or if you're not feeling creative but fancy speculating or have some awesome recs to do with scifi crossover then go ahead and include those :)

I used my dirty paint.net skills to create some examples to get your juices flowing. The joins are seamless, right? ;)

Kara and Lee are arguing, completely missing the fact that there's a bunch of Daleks closing in fast...

Kara pushes Lee home having completed their mission to destroy the death star
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The following post was a hard one to contemplate, and even harder to write.

I'd be willing to bet that to most members of this comm, the image that comes to mind when anyone says or thinks the word 'pilots' is of these two people, and these are the faces of the pilots we know and love and root for:

But, as we all know, pilots (in a very different avatar) were once played by these two people. 
Apollo and Starbuck mk. I

And, if it hadn't been for an inspired casting decision that led to a then-22-year-old actress being cast as a woman who, as per the original miniseries script, was initially supposed to be in her 30s, and another inspired casting decision that led to a Brit being cast in a role that needed an American accent,  pilots, as we know and love them, could well have ended up with the faces of  - hold your breath here - Read more... )
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Hello everyone :) So yesterday we looked at the neuroses, psychoses and maladies of Pilots and those around them. Today's DPP is Historical Pilots (hello, still marking history exams!). I'm pretty sure we've had this one recently, but I swear it was in my calendar before the post in question and as I'm rather in love with the idea, it stays ;)

Which historical period would you place our pilots in? How would they get on there? Would they do a similar sort of job to the one they do in the colonial fleet? How would the constraints of the time affect them?

For example, I could kind of see them in World War Two. Lee would, of course, be a fighter pilot and I imagine Kara working for the Air Transport Auxiliary (yay! a flying job for women in World War II), accidentally coming across a dogfight and saving Lee's skin with some awesome manoeuvre. Or Kara coming up with some way to disguise herself to join the air force proper :)

And if Lee existed in the Napoleonic Wars times I could see him being a Hornblower type - duty and loyalty and sometimes doing the right thing even if it's not exactly straight (like spoiler )). Which leads my brain to wonder if Lee was Hornblower, would Archie spoiler ). Oh god my brain...</sidetrackking tangent>

Feel free to drabble or just throw out there/discuss your thoughts on our pilots in Earth's history :D

S01E05 You Can't Go Home Again
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Hello everyone and welcome to my week of DPP posts :) On each day I'll include a pretty screenshot of pilots, because I can (though only from s1 and 2 cos they're the only two seasons I have access to screenshot at the moment ;))

This week I'm marking history exams, so I thought I'd get us kicked off with a slightly historically themed DPP - Counter-factual pilots.

What scenes or episodes would you change if you could have the power to go back in time and fix something you think was broken? Would you change it so a spanner was thrown in the works of our pilots, or change it so they had a better chance of some sort of happy ending? What effect do you think your change would have had on the stories further down the line?

To get you started here's one of mine:
I'd change Maelstrom. I know I've mentioned this before but I was devastated by the outcome of Maelstrom and spent the entire episode (and still do) willing Lee to ground her and help her sort her head out. He usually (IMO) has such good instincts when it comes to Kara and when she needs to be pushed or supported but they're completely absent in this episode. Earlier in the run (S1 or 2) I think he'd have listened to her when she said she didn't want to go out because she didn't trust herself (though I know in S1 or 2 that Kara probably wouldn't have told him that). I think that changing the outcome of Maelstrom would have changed the last series completely, and maybe led to a more meaningful death for one or both of them - or even some sort of happy ending. Hopefully, at the very least, it would have stopped the last season getting so twisted up in the mythology that BSG had been creating at this point.

Feel free to bring rants, discussion, meta, recommendations of meta or fic or even some comment fic of your own :)

S02E15 Scar - click to embiggen
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Hi, Shipper Nation! Long time, no see, I know, but I'm Heather and I'll be leading the DPP this week. :)

You know, my boss and I were talking the other day about where BSG went wrong, and we decided that the best place for a reboot would be directly after Unfinished Business (or, okay, she decided and I went along with it because as many problems as I have with Season 3 as a whole and the mess Kara and Lee were already in at that point, I can't deny I love the ep). Let's say that BSG ended with UB and you've been asked to reboot the series from that point, with a focus on what, in hindsight, the studio thinks was one of the strongest relationships in the show--Kara and Lee. (I know, I know, not bloody likely--just go with it!) You have *zero* knowledge of future events in the show that actually aired from that point on. Blank canvas. Where do you go with it?

Some inspiration:

pilots moments by aynohyeb
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Ok, today's DPP is a bit of a "What If" question:

What non-Kara/Lee scenes or storylines from BSG would you have liked to see as K/L scenes? 

For me, the top contender is the Sine Qua Non declaration. It has always galled me that canon did not Lee have his own little epiphany about Kara being that for him, after Bill says it to him about Laura. 

And...on a more prurient note...I wouldn't have mind seeing them roll around in white paint half-naked. ;) (Terrible cracky manip alert!)



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