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Hello Shipper Nation and welcome to the DPP!  I’m [livejournal.com profile] kag523 , and I’ll be hosting this week’s discussions, games and pretty. 

Today’s Daily Pilot’s Post has two important activities for you to participate in...
The first is a twenty-four hour call for nominations
...for the first (annual?) Fandom Oscars.  We all know our tried and true favourites from years past, but for these...

Fandom Oscars are focused on fiction that has been authored within the last year. 

I’ve put together a survey (click on the link below to access it).  In it you will find ten categories of fiction.  Make your nominations by putting the name of the fiction AND the author in the space provided.  Feel free to nominate as many as you’d like for each category.  You may go back and change your answers at any time.

Here are the rules:

  1. All fiction must be BSG related
  2. All fiction must include Kara Thrace and / or Lee Adama.
  3. Works in progress MAY BE INCLUDED.  (Just categorize it based on length).
  4. With the exception of Category 10 (lifetime achievement), all fiction MUST be from the last year.  (In other words, at least one chapter of it must have been posted in October 2009 or sooner... Long fics that extend back years still fit within this rule.)
  5. You can nominate as many writers and stories as you wish. (You are welcome to put in more than one nomination per category). 
  6. Anonymous writing CAN be nominated, but please include a link to the work.
  7. The poll is anonymous so feel free to pimp your own work.  *winks*  No one will know!
  8. Fics can be included multiple categories as long as it fits the genre.
  9. The top five nominees in each category will make it through to the next round.  (In the case of ties for nominating votes, both fics will be included.)
  10. The only author whose fiction that MAY NOT be nominated is mine. :>)  I’m moderating after all!
  11. Nominations stay open until midnight MST, Monday, October 11th.
I will announce nominees and open voting for the winners on Tuesday.  You can vote for the winners in each category until midnight MST on Friday, October 15th  ... Saturday the red carpet is rolled out along with all the pretty Kara Lee manips.  Winners will be announced that afternoon and will have a chance to post their thanks / acceptance speeches as  they receive their (virtual) Oscars.

Click here to reach the nomination form:



Today’s second activity is entitled "Visiting the Oracle”

This game is based on a personality test developed by Dr. Tadahiko Nagao and Dr. Isamu Saito and published in their book Kokology.  In a fandom-focused (and completely non-scientific and unreliable manner), I’ve adapted the questions to fit BSG.  The purpose of the game is reveal parts of our own personalities.  Our responses – your choices based on the story – tell you something about who you are and what you believe in. 

To play you should:

  1. Read the scenario.
  2. Write down the first thing that pops into your head.  Be Kara Thrace here; just go with your gut. 
  3. The answers don’t need to be from canon – you might imagine, for instance, a good friend of yours.  Just answer whatever you want.
  4. Don’t try to predict your own answers and what they might reveal.  It works best if you are truthful.  Imagine Lee Adama is staring down at you on the stand and you HAVE TO tell the truth.
  5. Keep an open mind.  Does it always work?  Nah!  There are things that all of us have in our experiences that will skew results to mean something completely different than what it’s intended to.  You are entirely able to disagree! 
  6. Read the questions, post your answers (either anonymously or not – that’s up to you), and make guesses on what other people’s responses reveal about them by responding to their posts.  The answer keys will be revealed at four p.m. MST.

Since I obviously don’t have enough room to pack in everything in one post, I’ve separately posted the stories.  (C’mon... you knew I would be wordy).  Links are below.

Read Story 1

Read Story 2

Read Story 3

Don’t forget to come back and post your answers!  Have fun shippers!


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