Aug. 16th, 2011

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There was some awesome ranting yesterday which brought up some excellent points that I hadn't really considered much before, so if you're feeling a bit angry today, or just fancy catching up with what was said yesterday, go take a look :)

Today I was thinking it would be fun to speculate on Pilots in other sci-fi settings.

Some ideas for examples:

Doctor Who: What would they be like fighting alongside The Doctor? What would they make of Daleks? Would they find Cybermen similar enough to chromejobs to be just more of the same?

Star Wars: I've seen it said before that the raid on the Tylium facility in Hand of God was rather like some of the imagery of the Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star - what if they really were?

Farscape: In [ profile] pocochina's OMG me too post [ profile] deborah_judge mentioned she'd like to see Hybrid!Sam&Galactica meeting Pilot&Moya, which seems like a pretty awesome idea the more I think it over - how would Pilots do in such a scenario?

Star Trek: So many awesome franchises and ideas here. How would you see Pilots & Galactica coping in the federation?

These are obviously just examples, you can go for any scifi that you fancy. So go ahead and use today's DPP as space to write some fic (no word limits/restrictions), create some artwork if you're so inclined, or if you're not feeling creative but fancy speculating or have some awesome recs to do with scifi crossover then go ahead and include those :)

I used my dirty skills to create some examples to get your juices flowing. The joins are seamless, right? ;)

Kara and Lee are arguing, completely missing the fact that there's a bunch of Daleks closing in fast...

Kara pushes Lee home having completed their mission to destroy the death star


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