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But really, the best part of any con is the celebrity panels - getting to hear from the source.

What's your favorite bit of info that came out at con? Favorite fan question?

Take the rest of today and all of tomorrow and post any con vids you want!
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This is the day to go crazy with the vids.

Angsty ones that make you cry, crack vids that make you laugh, awesome AU's that make you want to hunt down the real writers and make them pay for ripping us off...

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Hey shipper fans, it's been a pretty good week at NT! To recap we've talked about the things we name after our fannish obsessionshow they met and what fics we want to read, but can't write, discussed Zak's influence on the pilots, and solicited curtain!fic. Please feel free to continue adding to those discussions throughout the weekend!

Today...something a little different. I was trolling YouTube for some promo vids and came across this interesting little amateur re-enactment of the scene in the ready room in Scar where Kara and Lee are drinking. It looks a college drama school project and...well, it gives you a real appreciation for how damn talented Katee and Jamie really are. (Esp. considering Katee was only what? 23 or 24 when she filmed this scene? So not much older than these kiddies. ;) The video has the amateur scene and then it plays alongside the show's scene. Kind of interesting...

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I love this scene, and wish they hadn't truncated it for broadcast. I think it's interesting that Kara calls herself a ghost. And I love the way Lee looks at her when she gives her speech about this being what she was meant to do: fight alongside the only people she ever cared about. 

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