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Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week has gone well, that you're well-rested, and have had some nice things to eat. That always puts you ahead of the game.

Y'all have been wonderfully enthusiastic in your responses to this week's posts. So far, we've had:

Got something you want to add? We'd love to hear from you! :D

Today I'd like us to think about the infamous show bible (link to pdf of show bible is here).

Below, I've copied and pasted what RDM said in his bible about Lee and Kara, how he envisioned their back stories and what he thought would play out for them in the show. Today's assorted DPP questions are:

*What differences do you see for Lee & Kara between the bible and canon?
*What would you have expected to see either in the bible, or in canon, that wasn't there? Or, a bit of a twist on the question: What would you have written into canon from the get-go?
*Does anything in the bible surprise you? If so, what is it, and why?
*What's your own personal head!canon?
(We touched on this a little bit on Wednesday in what we don't know about Kara and Lee, and some folks mentioned some head!canon items--now's your chance to list them out! Post early, post often!) Can you recommend some fics that suit your personal head!canon?

Captain Lee Adama )

Lieutenant Kara Thrace )
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Hello Pilots Shippers, and welcome to another week of me being in charge of your DPPs. The good news is that I've finished my marking and am no longer quite so obsessed with Pilots Histories.

In honour of the fact that it is Monday, and Mondays often bring out the grumpy in people I'm inviting you to share your grumpy.

This is your opportunity to bring your rants about the show, RDM, Pilots, the Plot - anything so long as it's related to the show. Just get it off your chest. But while you're sharing also feel free to leave the things that help you deal with your rage the most - fic recs, meta or just words of wisdom.

I'll leave you for now with the matra that helps me when I find RDM's extra statements about and meddling with pilots particularly frustrating. "None of what he says as extra information is canon because if it doesn't exist on film then it doesn't exist."

In today's picture, Kara is especially annoyed. Nice to see she's entering into the spirit of the thing.
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Reunited: Would it feel so good?

Hee. Okay so I'm being a little silly with the subject line, but all this flurry of casting news for Ron Moore's new TV pilot, The 17th Precinct, had to have struck some fear into the hearts of shippers everywhere. He cast Jamie, then James, then Tricia and there are plenty of folks wondering if there might be more battlestar vets he'll try to pick up. Katee is still out there, available, and someone on twitter pointed out that she and Tricia tweeted about seeing each other at an audition where they were up for different parts. Of course, it was probably not for 17P...but... the role of Jamie's character's wife is still open. And it calls for a somewhat snarky blonde in her 30s.

We've all said plenty of times that we would love to see them play a couple in something else...never ever thinking that was a real possibility. Which brings me to today's scenario: If Katee was cast as Susan (the wife of Jamie's character, Caolan), would you watch? Would you ship? Or do you need them to be Kara and Lee for you to ever feel that way again?

Also just a couple of reminders: The (Not Very) Porny Battle Rages On! Also, we need folks to steer the DPPs! Esp for the rest of this month. I've got a special project in mind for a few days next week, but the end of the month needs fearless shippers to volunteer! Oh and if anyone missed my meta article on why pilots are my OTP you can find it here. Please feel free to comment if you can! 


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