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Two Kara/Lee fics

Without a Net, an AU Kara and Lee love story. With art!! (approx. 9900 words)

Lessons in Nonverbal Commmunication, a post-Kobol Kara/Lee story, written to an old [ profile] no_takebacks prompt. (approx. 8500 words)
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Tenth Aniversary of BSG Miniseries - Rewatch Tonight

Tonight is the rewatch of the Miniseries, we'll start right around 9pm, so don't be late.

It's all about remembering when we first started falling in love with this great series and also Lee and Kara, Apollo and Starbuck.

We can chat right in this thread, or we can chat on Twitter, whatever everyone prefers.

Should be lots of fun haven't seen the miniseries in a few years.
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Scheduling Miniseries Rewatch

There is definitely some interest in the Mini Series rewatch. Now the trick is figure out when to have it. Also I'm wondering do we want to do a one night rewatch of entire Miniseries or do we want to break it in half, like it was done originally.

I want to do it on December 8th and maybe the 9th if we want to split the miniseries in half.  I've put up a couple of polls to get a feel for when people want to do it. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments section.

December 8th is next Sunday. So I put up times throughout prime time on Sunday night. Also post in comments to let me know if there is more than one time you'd want to watch it. Let's see if we can get some kind of consensus.

[Poll #1945918]
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Miniseries Rewatch

We are quickly coming up on the 10th Anniversary of the Mini Series (Can you believe it?). It originally aired on December 8th and 9th in 2003 on Syfy.

I was just thinking maybe we could do a rewatch of the Miniseries right on the day of the anniversary? Falls on a Sunday night, Monday night, so that may be feasible.

Just floating this out there to see if there is any interest on here, if so then we could nail down the details.

Minseries was awesome, and I think it's 10th anniversary should be remembered.
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Another pic from Fan Days

Here's one I particularly like.

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I love the way they're looking at each other.  :D

Jamie & Katee at Dallas ComicCon FanDays event next week

**blows dust off mic**

Hey y'all!

So, looks like our favorite pilots will both be attending (Katee confirmed it on Twitter, Jamie technically hasn't but he just got home from filming The Smoke in London, so I assume he has some downtime right now) Dallas ComicCon's Fan Days event next weekend October 4-6. On Saturday, they're doing a panel together at 3 pm and a photo session (together and separately from 4 - 4:30. (They seem to be the only BSG guests in attendance.) On Sunday, there's another photo session from 3:10 to 3:30.

Who's going? Who's bringing tequila? Who's gonna report back every little detail for us die-hards? ;)

(And you know, it's been awhile. Feel free to use the comments to just get your general pilots!squee on.)

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The Greatest TV Couple of All Time? EW thinks so...

If you haven't seen it yet, there is a lovely essay HERE at Entertainment Weekly's website talking about our pilots. Sarah Caldwell makes the case (with an awesomely impassioned shoutout by Darren Franich) for why Starbuck and Apollo are the best couple of all time.

It's hard not to copy and paste the whole damn glorious thing, but here are some choice excerpts:

Picking my favorite TV couple was a decision I took very seriously!... In the end, I had to go with my heart. So I picked the couple who constantly made me feel like someone was grabbing my heart tightly between their fingers and squeezing: Starbuck and Apollo (or Lee and Kara, played by Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber)...

On Battlestar Galactica, both Starbuck and Apollo are heroes. Both get amazing storylines. Both save the day multiple times. So maybe the fact that they don’t end up happily ever after is okay because what is intriguing, and devastating about them as a couple is that these two titans never really get to have a typical relationship. They’re too busy saving humanity. Battlestar Galactica forced its viewers to think about how people would need to adapt to the end of the world — politically, ideologically, spiritually — and maybe in this version of society, couples don’t get the luxury of living happily ever after. All they get is stolen moments on the beach and the profound knowledge that both have trusted each other with their lives. Maybe that’s enough. ...

Watching this scene [ED: the almost-sex scene in Scar] again, I remember how rough these two were with each other. As kind as some of their moments are, there are even more moments where they’re screaming in each other’s faces. Each holds the other to the highest standard. Still, there’s a level of vulnerability that each can have around the other that they can’t around anyone else. ...

In the end, the show didn’t know what to do with these two. I still wanted them to have a happy ending and I think most viewers would agree. Even though the show sets it up that they never really could end up together, hopeless romantics will not be detoured in their desires. Sackhoff
has said that Starbuck and Apollo were soul mates, but they weren’t meant to be together. Regardless if you buy that or think that love should conquer all, it’s hard to deny that their relationship was one of the most powerful and daring looks at human interaction ever seen on TV.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


[ profile] bsg_epics is having another SHIP WAR! Last year, Kara/Lee won the war, but were nearly defeated by the newly-minted Kara/Laura ship. That same ship and a few others are fueled by some VERY prolific writers and Kara/Lee could very well lose this year. It is only FOUR DAYS LONG so Please write a fic!!

There are currently 262 LJ users watching [ profile] no_takebacks and if we had even a quarter of you writing a SINGLE 100-word drabble, we could win this thing. I know many of you are not writers, but for those of you who are, PLEASE LEND A HAND.

Everyone else, please leave prompts for those who will be writing.

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DPP: Support Group

Hey, pilots folk! How are your submissions for the Holiday Fan Fest coming? I know mine is in the works, but it's nearly posting time! This post will be up for the rest of the weekend, so feel free to chat and brainstorm and leave some teasers for your works in progress!

Lee will be sad if you don't...

And stop by t leave some love or the things that are already posted!
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DPP: Truth or Dare?

Today: Truth, Dare, or Double Dog Dare?

Lee is in a daring mood! ;)

- If you want to play, say “Truth” or “Dare” below in the comments.
- If you choose truth, someone gets to ask you a BSG-related question about yourself (e.g. How would you feel if in Daybreak we found out Kara and Lee were secretly married that whole time?).
- If you choose dare, someone will give you a ficlet prompt (e.g. Secret marriage).
- Choosing “Double Dog Dare” will get you a prompt to write something R to NC-17 rated. Kara's a fan of these ;)

And leave questions/prompts for other players!

Also, a quick question to see if there's enough interest to make CAH work:
[Poll #1885880]

DPP: Magnetic Poetry!

Hopefully you're all still hard at work on your pilots holiday fest stories! Today, a game from something I found on etsy while searching for holiday gifts for, um, other people... ;) Using the words in the image below (and other connecting verbs and pronouns that you can imagine might be in that pile at the top) write us some poetry! Haiku or couplets or anything you like!

Apollo rebelled 
Frakking confusion on deck
Where are you Starbuck?

(see it here if you want to look closer or buy a set!)
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DPP: 20 Questions

Today, 20 questions! Just like when you were in the car as a little kid, I'm going to think of something and you get to guess what it is! Instead of animal/vegetable/mineral, we'll play object/scene/character.

If you didn't grow up with 20 Questions, it's pretty self-explanatory. You get to ask 20 yes/no questions and I'll answer them. You can guess what I'm thinking of at any point.

(Lee knows what you're thinking of!)

You can also (at any time, and not just if you've won!) think of something yourself and start a new comment thread that starts "See if you can guess what I'm thinking of..."

There may be prizes at the end of the week!

DPP: Reaction Shots

Welcome to the pre-holidays week of the DPP! Your primary charge this week is to head over to the Holiday Fan Fest and post some pictures or stories or songs or whatnot about happy, charming pilots. Or angsty, hurty pilots if you prefer. :) But over here, in the meantime, some games!

Today: If you haven't seen already, someone posted about a million pilots gifs over here. What you get to do is check out the prompts in the comments below and choose the gif that you think best captures the response to said prompt. For example:

Prompt: Lee vents about Colonial Day.


Leave lots of prompts for others, and feel free to leave more than one reply! Also, feel free to use your own pilots gifs if you have them. :)

(Note for the non-html folks: for posting pictures in comments, type in <img src="xxxxx"> where you replace xxxx with the image URL.)

Holiday Fanworks Fest: Check-in Post

Soooo it's December 15th, meaning the month is half over, and our fest is...not so festive just yet. :(  

Feel free to use this post as a brainstorming place, or just a thread to vent, whine, ask for help, talk things through, etc.
What will fill you with the spirit of Christmas Pilots?

Holiday Fanworks Fest: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!


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Please post your fan works below, or if they're too large/difficult to fit into a comment box, post a teaser than link back to your journal! Leave any questions in the first comment thread!

Holiday Fanworks Fest: Prompt List

glitter logo -
Thanks to one and all for contributing some fun prompts and premises. They're all collected below. Feel free to use one or more or none at all to generate your fan works and go ahead and discuss/brainstorm to your hearts' content in the comments below. Got a suggestion for a way to make one of the prompts even more amazing? Is one already singing to you but you just need a little help figuring out the details? Share with the class! The submission post will open tomorrow!


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Holiday Fanworks Fest!: Sign-ups

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'Tis the season to sign up! 

Official Sign-ups & Prompting: Nov 25 - Nov 29th
Master Prompt List Posted for Brainstorming & Discussion: Nov 30th
Submission Post Opens: Dec 1st
Check-in Post: Dec 15th
All fanworks should be posed by Dec 31st

+ Create and post brand-new pilots-centric fic, icons, graphics, fanmixes, videos, meta or any other fanwork!
+ No fanwork is too big or too small! All new pilots works are appreciated!
+ Feel free to take inspiration from the prompts post or just run with ideas of your own. Prompts do not have to be holiday-centric.
+ Everyone can post at their own leisure to the submission post once it opens on December 1st
+ The sign-ups and check-in are mainly to help keep us all on track to produce something. Obviously there's no real penalty if you don't follow through, but if you do signup, the lack of size restrictions should make it possible for everyone to submit at least one thing in the month of December. 

Please sign up in the sign-up thread and prompt in the prompt thread below!