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Hopefully you're all still hard at work on your pilots holiday fest stories! Today, a game from something I found on etsy while searching for holiday gifts for, um, other people... ;) Using the words in the image below (and other connecting verbs and pronouns that you can imagine might be in that pile at the top) write us some poetry! Haiku or couplets or anything you like!

Apollo rebelled 
Frakking confusion on deck
Where are you Starbuck?

(see it here if you want to look closer or buy a set!)
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Hey there, kids! My name is Heather, and I'll be your DPP host for this week. :D

I was musing the other day about how hard it is for me to put the whole of my love of pilots into words. I mean, I could go on for hours about the individual reasons I adore them, I'm sure, but no one thing seems to encompass all that I feel when I think about how beautiful their relationship is. But sometimes I find in the words of others bits and pieces of the whole of how I, personally, feel, if that makes any sense. In a line of dialogue or the description of a handshake and hug in a fic, in some new insight to an oft-discussed topic in a piece of meta, in the editing of a brilliant vid... In considering all of this, I have come to realize that I can't put my love of Kara/Lee into words because it's always changing, always expanding, and that this will always be true as long as I continue to think about them and to absorb others' thoughts on them.

With that in mind, today I propose that we share with each other some of the fic, music, poems, vids, art, etc. that has for some reason or another greatly touched on our love for Kara/Lee. You can elaborate on why you've chosen to share it, or not. You can quote a whole song, or just a few lines. Anything goes!

To start us off, I thought I'd post a poem by Pablo Neruda that some thoughtful shipper first introduced me to in a post on [livejournal.com profile] beyond_insane sometime around the finale. It's the second "Morning" sonnet (translated into English) in Neruda's 100 Love Sonnets. Though I'm not usually a big fan of poetry, this poem is definitely one of those works that touches on some aspect of my pilots love.

A love sonnet )

Wow, sorry that got so wordy! I promise to keep things short for the rest of the week. All right, y'all, now hit me up with your recs!

P.S.--Don't forget that there are still lots of open weeks for anyone interested in hosting the Daily Pilots Posts. We want YOU.

Also, have we decided when the next rewatch is going to take place yet? What say you, Bee?
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Let’s write pilots!poetry. No pressure though. This post is all about having fun playing with our wonder twins. I’ll probably just write haikus because, well, I’m not too much of a poet. Of course if you want to go for the sonnet or something, have at it!! Angst, crack, porn, sweet moments…whatever you wish to capture is fair game.

Some S1 to start us off…

There once was a dipstick named Lee
His pilot sent him up a tree
She was nothing but trouble
So they frakked on the double
And now they share moments of glee. 

Frak! I am stuck on this moon
O2 will be gone very soon.
I’ll fly this raider.
Don’t care who made her.
When I get home, Lee’s gonna swoon. 
And a side of angst…
Nothing but the rain
Can be a lonely journey
Fight ‘em til we can’t.                                                      


Okay, so more limericks than haiku but whatever…have fun, my dears!!  

(p.s.--Please comment on the post below if you have any thoughts on the International Rewatches.  Thanks!)


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