This one is simple. Bring me the photos that make you fall off your chair in a puddle of fannish goo.

Like this...

(I want to know how the person in the red shirt got the job of pouring water over Jamie and were do I apply)

Or this...

(this one reminds me of the last part of Spy!Pilots, with Kara's new interrogation method)

And finally...

He's wearing a cravat! Yup, that does it for me. It's all white and fluffy and you just want to rip it off with your teeth... (Why, yes, I AM a costume drama fan)

DPP: Pic Me Up!

It's Friday, and since weekends (especially Easter weekend) are lazy time for us, I'll keep the DPP short and simple - your task for today, should you choose to accept it, is simply this - share your favourite pic/s of pilots!

Screencaps, fanart, manips, icons are all welcome, and if anyone wants to bring some fresh squee or crack to an old pic by captioning it, that'd be even better! Like this:

Kara: What do you mean, I just gave birth to a PTERODACTYL???!!!??!?
Lee: I didn't know you had it in you either, but it's at least ten pounds.

DPP What are your favourite moments and POLL Time!

Yep, the insanity has hit the home stretch, and with this thought in mind I thought spare you any hard thinking.[Poll #1805537]

Thank you to all who took part!

See you tomorrow for your Christmas present!!!!
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DPP: Pilots picspam day

Some awesome prompts at yesterday's DPP on the theme of celebrations. Stop by and see if your muse is inspired by some of the ideas that are there :)

Today we're having a pilots picspam. I'm leaving some of my favourite caps below - please share yours (and your favourite gifs!) in the comments, and let us glory in the wonder of the lust, angst, excitement, desire, support and general amazingness of our pilots :)

Mmm, pilots - cut because this is extremely image heavy )
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DPP: Creativity Week Day 6 - Advice

Remember, the posts are still open. If you're at a loose end this weekend then please come and play :)

Previously on DPP:
Monday: Dialogue - The play's the thing. Prompts are open, but no takers
Tuesday: Icons - There are some gorgeous pilots icons there for us all to share in, so please leave some love for the creators, and possibly make some of your own
Wednesday: Inner thoughts - What were they thinking?. Still some prompts open. Feel free to leave more prompts - or fill some. [ profile] kdbleu has written a gorgeous ficlet here about Kara after EoJ/Rapture. Please stop by and leave her some love.
Thursday: Propaganda posters. There are some really brilliant ones, so please stop by and share in them. They're virtually guaranteed to make you smile :)
Friday: What's in the box? There are some absolutely fabulous drabbles here, so please stop by and read (and comment). There are also plenty of things still in the box, so dive in and play :D

Today is advice day. What advice can you offer to help others create?

Do you have an insight about the characters that you would like to share? A particular way of seeing Lee and Kara (either together, or separately) that you keep in mind when you're writing to keep the characters in character? Any other advice to keep in mind when writing? :) Mistakes that annoy you, or things you find that make you a better writer?

What about when you're making icons or manips? Are there techniques or programmes that you wish you'd discovered earlier, or wouldn't be without now? Particular styles your partial to? Any tips to give, or things to watch for?

Please comment and share your knowledge :)

Lee gives Kara some advice on drinking, which she then promptly ignores (*huggles the Kara in Scar*).
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DPP: Creativity Week Day 4 - Propaganda

Remember, all posts are open all week. Please stop by if your muse strikes you - it's never too late!

Previously on DPP:
Monday: Dialogue - The play's the thing. Prompts are open, but no takers
Tuesday: Icons - There are some gorgeous pilots icons there for us all to share in, so please leave some love for the creators, and possibly make some of your own
Wednesday: Inner thoughts - What were they thinking?. Still some prompts open. Feel free to leave more prompts - or fill some. [ profile] kdbleu has written a gorgeous ficlet here about Kara after EoJ/Rapture. Please stop by and leave her some love.

Today, it's another image challenge: we're doing Propaganda posters for the fleet. I freely admit to taking inspiration from this one from QMX Online's fabulous Battlestar Galactica Propaganda Posters.

Caps are available here:
Frak That

Free image editors:

Free hosting:

The HTML you will need to post an image:
<img src="Your link goes here" />

A couple I made to inspire you :) The second one was inspired by this icon by [ profile] medelia_fi (huge thanks to [ profile] sci_fi_shipper for helping me track down the icon in question).
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DPP: Confessional Friday

Yesterday's DPP brought some interesting surprising twists and traits into the light. It was interesting to see that lots of people seemed to pick similar moments. Do feel free to potter back along there and leave a comment if you think of anything else, or want to belatedly take part in the discussion.

Today is Confessional Friday. This is the space for you to feel free to share your piloty/bsg secrets and confessions in the manner of Post Secret or [ profile] fandomsecrets.

Some ground rules:

  1. You can post as yourself, or if you're a bit worried/embarrassed about what people will think you can post anonymously

  2. You can post an image that you've created, or you can just put it in the form of a normal comment if you can't/don't feel like creating an image

  3. If you're going to create an image, please re-size it so it has a width no larger than 350 pixels

  4. Your secret can be about fic, the portrayal of a character, the actor/actress, storylines/arcs, general fan conventions or your own interpretation of a character - anything really so long as it relates in some way to bsg/pilots

  5. Feel free to comment on other people's secrets and confessions but please be sensitive to how they may be feeling (I know you probably will be, cos this community is awesome, but I wanted it to be clear to start with)

Here's a couple of mine to show you what I mean:

(Ok, I know this one isn't strictly BSG, but it was writing for this fandom that caused me to realise it.)

Screencaps can be found here and Photobucket is a decent-ish free upload service.

I wonder what Kara just confessed to Lee...
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DPP: Sci-fi Tuesday

There was some awesome ranting yesterday which brought up some excellent points that I hadn't really considered much before, so if you're feeling a bit angry today, or just fancy catching up with what was said yesterday, go take a look :)

Today I was thinking it would be fun to speculate on Pilots in other sci-fi settings.

Some ideas for examples:

Doctor Who: What would they be like fighting alongside The Doctor? What would they make of Daleks? Would they find Cybermen similar enough to chromejobs to be just more of the same?

Star Wars: I've seen it said before that the raid on the Tylium facility in Hand of God was rather like some of the imagery of the Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star - what if they really were?

Farscape: In [ profile] pocochina's OMG me too post [ profile] deborah_judge mentioned she'd like to see Hybrid!Sam&Galactica meeting Pilot&Moya, which seems like a pretty awesome idea the more I think it over - how would Pilots do in such a scenario?

Star Trek: So many awesome franchises and ideas here. How would you see Pilots & Galactica coping in the federation?

These are obviously just examples, you can go for any scifi that you fancy. So go ahead and use today's DPP as space to write some fic (no word limits/restrictions), create some artwork if you're so inclined, or if you're not feeling creative but fancy speculating or have some awesome recs to do with scifi crossover then go ahead and include those :)

I used my dirty skills to create some examples to get your juices flowing. The joins are seamless, right? ;)

Kara and Lee are arguing, completely missing the fact that there's a bunch of Daleks closing in fast...

Kara pushes Lee home having completed their mission to destroy the death star
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DPP: Ranty Monday

Hello Pilots Shippers, and welcome to another week of me being in charge of your DPPs. The good news is that I've finished my marking and am no longer quite so obsessed with Pilots Histories.

In honour of the fact that it is Monday, and Mondays often bring out the grumpy in people I'm inviting you to share your grumpy.

This is your opportunity to bring your rants about the show, RDM, Pilots, the Plot - anything so long as it's related to the show. Just get it off your chest. But while you're sharing also feel free to leave the things that help you deal with your rage the most - fic recs, meta or just words of wisdom.

I'll leave you for now with the matra that helps me when I find RDM's extra statements about and meddling with pilots particularly frustrating. "None of what he says as extra information is canon because if it doesn't exist on film then it doesn't exist."

In today's picture, Kara is especially annoyed. Nice to see she's entering into the spirit of the thing.
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Words of Wisdom?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. You all made me so happy yesterday, thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you love. Feel free to keep adding on to that post if you like -- there can never be too much joy! For today, I'm looking for words of wisdom (and/or mockery!) Here are your options:


DPP: Lie to Me

A meme mash-up today. Here's a few different ideas, pick your poison. :)

1) Tell us how Kara and Lee met. Go into as much (or as little) detail as you like. Use plain description or write it as a fic. There's only one catch... it has to be a LIE. That's right it has to be totally made up by you. No dinner with Zak. No table scene. Maybe they meet in another time/place altogether. Maybe they're very different people. Go wild. Go crazy. 

2) Post one sentence about Kara/Lee. It could be something from a WIP or an abandoned work you've never posted. It could be something you make up on the spot. Maybe someone will finish it for you?

3) Post a literary/movie/etc. quote and tell us how you think it applies to pilots and/or how you would adapt it into a fic. (i.e. "Mess with the bull, and you're gonna get the horns." -- Starbuck gets into a bar fight and Lee "The Horns" Adama surprisingly comes to her rescue by pitching in. ;) 

4) If you're a fanfic writer, tell us the pilots fic idea you have that you think you couldn't write. If you're a reader, what's the pilots story you'd love to read that no one is writing?

Also: Today is Star Wars day! (May the 4th Be With You!) (Jedi Manip by our talented [ profile] kag523 )