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Remember, the posts are still open. If you're at a loose end this weekend then please come and play :)

Previously on DPP:
Monday: Dialogue - The play's the thing. Prompts are open, but no takers
Tuesday: Icons - There are some gorgeous pilots icons there for us all to share in, so please leave some love for the creators, and possibly make some of your own
Wednesday: Inner thoughts - What were they thinking?. Still some prompts open. Feel free to leave more prompts - or fill some. [ profile] kdbleu has written a gorgeous ficlet here about Kara after EoJ/Rapture. Please stop by and leave her some love.
Thursday: Propaganda posters. There are some really brilliant ones, so please stop by and share in them. They're virtually guaranteed to make you smile :)
Friday: What's in the box? There are some absolutely fabulous drabbles here, so please stop by and read (and comment). There are also plenty of things still in the box, so dive in and play :D

Today is advice day. What advice can you offer to help others create?

Do you have an insight about the characters that you would like to share? A particular way of seeing Lee and Kara (either together, or separately) that you keep in mind when you're writing to keep the characters in character? Any other advice to keep in mind when writing? :) Mistakes that annoy you, or things you find that make you a better writer?

What about when you're making icons or manips? Are there techniques or programmes that you wish you'd discovered earlier, or wouldn't be without now? Particular styles your partial to? Any tips to give, or things to watch for?

Please comment and share your knowledge :)

Lee gives Kara some advice on drinking, which she then promptly ignores (*huggles the Kara in Scar*).
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